It’s a hard knocked life for Nash and me and check out the audio clips of Alice Stockton-Rossini and me promoting Laugh For Sight 4 on 1010 WINS

For some reason, I have yet to figure out how to insert links here on my wordpress blog, so you will have to cut and paste the links to hear Alice Stockton-Rossini of 1010 WINS and the Laugh For Sight 4 emcee promoting Laugh For Sight and being heckled by a drunk at 11AM. Really there are drunks in NYC at 11AM. I wonder if he made it to the benefit. The clips are pretty funny, and Alice did a tremendous job promoting and emceeing Laugh For Sight 4.

So, as soon as Laugh For Sight 4 ended, the very next day, my building closed its lobby for the continuation of the lobby renovation. As I have said, I don’t get this project, as the lobby did not need renovating, and as a blind guy, I really could care less what my lobby looks like. Well, the project has made Nash and my life hell. Aside from the constant all day drilling which is so loud that sometimes people have trouble hearing me on the phone, you can not enter or exit the building through the lobby. Nash had finally learned exactly where the entrance to my building is, and what door to take, and to go exactly to the elevator button which had been moved since we first got home together. They never like to make things in life easy for me. Now who they is, I have yet to identify, but I really do hate they.

So now, we need to use the stairs to exit the building which is not a huge deal, as Nash and I are on the second floor, and we both need the exercise, only problem is Nash had been programmed to stop at the elevator button on my floor. So now, he stops at the elevator button, and I need to tell him forward, and the left to go around the corner to the stairs. We could use the service elevator, but that is in the trash room, and since Nash loves sticking his nose in everything, it really is not an ideal room for him to go into. He also does not like going into the trash room, as he does not seem to like the door to that room, and will struggle not to go in there, so I guess the good news is that I do not live on a higher floor.


The other problem is, everytime we pass the lobby entrance to my building, Nash goes to the door, and I have to tell him no, so I am breaking a behavior that was really good for him, and now we have to go around the corner and use the service entrance to the building which is a very tiny entrance that has no marking, so I walk past is half the time, and Nash is not use to that entrance yet. And the best past is this whole vanity project is going to take at least two months, so by the time that Nash is finally use to not going to the entrance of the building which I worked so hard to train him to get to, and he gets used to going around the corner, and using the service entrance, it will be time for him to start using the lobby. Poor fella.

5 Responses to “It’s a hard knocked life for Nash and me and check out the audio clips of Alice Stockton-Rossini and me promoting Laugh For Sight 4 on 1010 WINS”

  1. Barbara Fischler Says:

    When Nash signed up to be a guide dog, they never told him it would be so hard. Extra treats for the fella….please!!!

  2. blindgator Says:

    Nash does deserve treats, but unfortunately, he, I mean we are trying to lose weight.

  3. Barbara Fischler Says:

    you are a good dad!

  4. Lorraine Says:

    Hey Brian,
    Nash used to enjoy ice-cubes. We called them “scoobies.” It’s a morph of ice cube that we picked up from a friend. That could be a no calorie treat for him.

  5. blindgator Says:

    Was there a special tray that you used for the scoobies, or did you just call the cubes that?

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