The continuing saga of the blind guy who let his guide dog sleep in his bed one night!

First let me say, LETS GO YANKEES! It’s nice to see that the universe is back in alignment now that the Yanks are world champs again.  I wish I could say that Nash has become a die hard Yanks fan like me, but unfortunately, he was snoring away for most of game six. Then in the 8th inning, he decided he wanted to play. Some nerve. I was trying to explain to him what was going on, but I don’t think he got it. I even opened the window as the helicopters went up in the air over my apartment in the 8th inning. One of the problems with living so close to Times Square. When the Yanks did close the game out, I let out a yes, way to go Yanks. Nash was staring at me, so I looked at him and said, we won, we won, and I began hopping for some reason. Nash began hopping to, so I think he realized it was a good thing the Yanks won. I of course, had to watch the entire post game on the Yes netowrk, so I was up pretty late, and Nash went to bed in his bed, so my one night of letting him sleep in my bed a few night’s earlier did not seem to become a regular occurence.

Then there was last night.

I was up late watching tv, Nash was laying in his bed next to my couch. He was asleep and woke up, he shook himself like he normally does. He then normally turns around and readjusts himself in his bed to get more comfortable. This time though, when he got up, he went for a walk around the apartment. A few minutes later, I realized Nash had not come back, Now, I don’t live in a mansion, its a studio apartment, but I couldn’t find Nash, and there are only so many places he can hide. I couldn’t find him, so I said “Nash where are you?” I heard his chains jingle, and from the sound of them, it sounded like he was levitating in the air. Of course not, ends up Nash was laying in my bed! I guess he realized that I would be going to sleep soon, and since I had not invited him to sleep in my bed with me the previous two nights, that he would beat me to the punch. He was lying at the foot of my bed. I do not want him to get into a habit of sleeping in my bed, so I went back to watching tv hoping that he would just be in my bed for a few minutes. Then I was finally ready to go to bed, and sure enough, Nash was still in my bed. I had to put my blankie back on the bed, as it was on the couch with me. With Nash already in the bed this was going to be interesting. I told him to get up, but of course he didn’t, so I threw the comferter over the bed, and Nash just laid there underneath it. He didn’t budge. My bed looked like it had a big lump in it. I straightened the comferter out over my bed, then picked up the bottom, and said, “come on Nash, off” he just looked at me. I put the blankie back down, and went and brushed my teeth, came back, and of course, Nash was still playing hide and seek underneath the blankie. I finally got him to come out, and of course, he immediately jumped back into the bed. I said to myself, ok, lets see what happens when I get into the bed, as Nash was taking up the entire foot of the bed. I got into bed, and Nash was kind enough to move and let me get comfy. He laid up against me, and it was apparent to me, that Nash was not going to be sleeping in his bed. What was strange to me about all of this was for the last two nights, Nash slept in his own bed. All of the sudden last night, he wanted to be in my bed. Amazing that we have been together for six month’s, and he sleeps in my bed one night, and now it looks like he wants to be in my bed every night, or I guess, every few night’s. Will be interesting to see what happens tonight.

2 Responses to “The continuing saga of the blind guy who let his guide dog sleep in his bed one night!”

  1. Barbara Fischler Says:

    I bet that Nash will be back in your bed…or as he now calls it “our bed!”
    Nash wins another round….

  2. blindgator Says:

    Yes. he was, and he got an early start getting into my bed hours before I did almost like he was trying to get a good position.

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