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Nash and my first Thanksgiving together and Siena’s First Birthday

November 29, 2009

Happy Belated Thanksgiving to all the regular blog readers. There’s something you don’t hear to often, a belated Thanksgiving wish. Our fun started on Weds. night, as I packed to head out to Jersey. This was the first time I had packed a full suitcase since Nash and I have been together. It was kind of strange, as I think Nash was a little confused. As I was packing the suitcase, Nash was a little depressed, as he was lying next to the suitcase, and I had to keep telling him not to worry, as he was coming with me.

Thursday morning, we began the fun trek of taking NJ Transit out to Summit, NJ. I always get lost in Penn Station when I am trying to find NJ Transit. Well, the fun began before we even got to NJ Transit, as this was the first time I had gone anywhere with Nash and a big suitcase, as I usually just pop on the subway when heading to Penn Station. Not so easy when you are walking with a guide dog, and pulling a suitcase in the other hand, and trying to give your dog hand signals. We decided the hell with it, lets pop in a cab. I was amazed that I wasd able to flag a cab down fairly quickly, as a lot of the streets were blocked off by my apartment as the parade was going on. I got a cab, but for some reason, Nash did not want to get in. Luckily, a very nice woman came over, and as I was sitting in the cab, she helped me get Nash all the way into the cab. I shortly figured out why it was so easy to get a cab, as we turned on to 9th Ave, instant gridlock. What normally takes a few minutes by subway and costs me only a buck, end up taking about forty minutes and cost me fourteen bucks. Ugh. Luckily, I caught my train just in time.

The train was absolutely packed, standing room only, but Nash and I had a real nice spot with a lot of room. My brother-in-law, Pete and my Dad Nick met me on the platform in Summit. Yes, if I am coming out to meet you somewhere, it is best to meet me on the platform, just some future advice.

This is the first Thanksgiving I can ever remember where I could care less if I watched any football, and it had nothing to do with me not being able to see like I used to. Are you kidding me NFL, do we still need to see Detroit every Thanksgiving, haven’t their fans suffered enough by missing enough Thanksgiving’s, and being tortured by that team, and are you serious, Oakland, really NFL, could you not have predicted that the Raiders would still suck.

Nash really loves going to Jersey and Tracey and Pete’s house, as he is not used to having that much space to roam around in. He was excited to see my niece Siena who turned one on Tuesday, but she was not so excited to see him , as she kept crying every time Nash got close to her. I had to keep Nash on the leash for awhile, as Siena was a little afraid of Nash, and now that she is a crawling machine, she loves to throw all of her toys all over the place, and Nash loves toys, and doesn’t like to share, so he would have scooped them up. Nash was also excited to see his grandparents, my Mom and Dad, and yes, it is still strange to me to refer to humans in a relationship to a dog. Overall, Thanksgiving was a lot of fun, getting to see family, and Nash getting to be around a lot of people who have met him before. He was very well behaved, and I felt bad not giving him any turkey, but hey, I didn’t eat any turkey, as I am not a big fan, so I didn’t feel that bad for him. Nash did love getting to go outside to the bathroom in Jersey, as he is not used to having that much space to relieve himself.

With the Giants sucking so bad, my Dad and I actually ended up watching more of the Texas-Texas A&M game. What a game that turned out to be. I was getting to sleep on a air mattress, but it is not as bad as it sounds, as it is huge and fairly comfortable. Well, after it was blown up, Nash went into it, and he had the time of his life, as he kept flipping over, and jumping up and down, it was really quite funny, and I think Nash thought the bed was a moon bounce, one of those big things I used to go on as a kid. Nash ended up sleeping on the air matress with me. It was funny, as he normally sleeps by my feet and inches up during the night, and we wake up back to back, but in the oversized air mattress, Nash slept right next to my head. He did wake me up a few times throughout the night, as he was bouncing around a little. I guess he was having fun.

Friday was sit on the couch and watch football all day with Dad. It was fun, but the games weren’t the greatest. Nash did enjoy going out and getting to roam around all over. I think he was confused as he is not used to having this much space. Friday night was Siena’s baby naming ceremony at Temple. I am not a partically religious fellow, but for little Siena, I broke my Templeless streak of eleven years. The service was pretty dull, and the best part was listening to Siena babble throughout the service, as Pete held her. I did not have to stand up when the rest of the congregation did, as I did not want to disturb Nash, as he was so well behaved. Although, the second time everyone stood up, Nash stood up, and I figured I better stand up, as it probably looks pretty bad when your guide dog is standing at a service and you are sitting. Thanks a lot Nash. After the service, we all went back to Tracey and Pete’s for a nice Jewish dinner, I mean Italian subs and pasta. Yes, this is more my thing. My Aunt Lona, Uncle Donny, and cousins Erica and Jessica all came over, and Nash was thrilled to see everyone. He was still on the leash, as Siena wasn’t really afraid of him anymore, but anytime, my Mom or someone would give Nash some attention when Siena was around, she would start crying. Then someone would pick her up and she would stop. It was pretty funny, because Nash would also get jelaous of all the attention Siena was getting. I guess the two of them have a little rivalry going.


Saturday morning, I was awoken to hearing my Mom upstairs say, “Nash, go wake Brian up” Well, I guess I do have that Superman heightened hearing afterall. Nash darted down the stairs, jumped into the bed, and started rolling all over me. I guess that is another command that he understands. Ends up Nash had gone upstairs pretty early, and was playing very nicely with Pete and Siena, as the two of them were crawling around together with no crying and no, Pete wasn’t doing any crawling. I guess it takes a little over two days for Siena to get used to Nash. Saturday was Siena’s first birthday party, and they were having it at a piece joint. Ah, pizza, even when it is bad, it is still pretty good. They were expecting close to 100 people, and some forty kids. This should be interesting with Nash there. Well, since this blog is getting especially long, and I have a lot to do today, I am going to wrap it up. I took Nash’s harness off for the birthday party, as I knew a lot of little kids were going to come up and pet him, and I didn’t think I would see a lot of it, and didn’t want to have to keep telling all the kids not to pet him. Nash was on his best behavior, although, he was sniffing all over the place, but hey, I got to think the kids were dropping food all over the place, so I still give Nashee a passing grade. Siena had a really nice birthday, and I think the grandparents and the rest of the family really enjoyed it. Sorry Nash, now we are back in the city, and you have to readjust to little bathroom space.


Do Dogs Sleepwalk?

November 25, 2009

Nash got to see his grandparents the last two days, and yes, it is still strange, calling my parents his grandparents, but they seem to like it, and Nash has become one of the family. In fact, Nash has probably bumped me down a level as far as family favorites go. Just kidding, or maybe not. We went out to dinner on Monday at Don’t Tell Mama’s. I had only been there for shows before, and qas quite surprised at how good the food was. Nash was on his best behavior which was nice, as my parents had not seen him since graduation at Guiding Eyes. My parents did notice that Nash does an awful lot of sniffing while we were walking, but they also did notice how much faster I walked with Nash then I did with my cane. I will probably have to have someone come out from Guiding Eyes for a refresher, and to see what else I can do to get Nash to stop all his sniffing.


Last night, I was laying on the couch, and Nash got into my bed for some early snooze time. He likes to sleep, and it is nice, because it allows me time to relaz and watch some tv. All of the sudden, I heard Nash get up and shake himself. He then did a few laps back and forth in my apartment, walked into the kitchen, turned around, and went back to my bed. It was like he was sleepwalking. It was cute, but a little strange, and it go me thinking, do dogs sleepwalk, and if so, can I teach Nash to cook in his sleep? Would be nice if he could make me a nice meal.


Tomorrow, it is off to New Jersey for Thanksgiving, and we will be having it at my sister’s, so I will get to see Siena. Should be fun, except for the dreaded experience of NJ Transit at Penn Station. It is the worst transit in the city, and finding the ticket booth, and customer service for a blind guy ain’t easy. Also, thanks a lot NFL. Could you have two less desirable foootball games on Thanksgiving, I mean come on, the Lions? And worst, the Raiders? What, they couldn’t get the Bucs or Rams to play? What does the NFL expect everyone to do on Thanksgiving, talk to family?

Turn About Is Not Fair Play!

November 20, 2009

A certain guide dog named Nash hogged my entire bed last night, and kept me up to 5 or 6 am. When it gets that late, I am afraid to look at the clock. Nash was hogging my entire bed. He usually lays by my feet, and I can sleep ok, but last night he decided to lay by my back, and instead of lying vertical like me, he was lying horizontal. Not fair. I would gently push him over, and it would give me a little room, and I thought I was eventually falling asleep, but then of course, I would have to get up to go to the bathroom, and I would get back into bed, and there was Nash hogging the entire bed again. Needless to say, I did not get a good night sleep. At least Nash does not wake me up in the morning, as he lets me sleep in, and today, we slept in pretty late, or at least I slept in pretty late. When I woke up, Nash was pretty much on top of me, saying feed me seymour. I guess he is a fan of Little Shop of Horrors.


Late this afternoon, Nash was lying down in his bed for a nap, so I figured I would get him back. I went over to him in his bed, and I got into it with him and decided to take up half of his bed, which I did, and then I was gently laying on top of him. HOW DO LIKE IT? Well, Nash did like it, as he put his front paw on my chest and began licking my face, and rolled over for a belly rub. NOT FAIR! How do you get a dog back for hogging your bed when he likes it when you hog his bed? I tried to sink to his level, but he is obviously smarter than me, so I am open to suggestions.

It’s a hard knocked life for Nash and me and check out the audio clips of Alice Stockton-Rossini and me promoting Laugh For Sight 4 on 1010 WINS

November 19, 2009

For some reason, I have yet to figure out how to insert links here on my wordpress blog, so you will have to cut and paste the links to hear Alice Stockton-Rossini of 1010 WINS and the Laugh For Sight 4 emcee promoting Laugh For Sight and being heckled by a drunk at 11AM. Really there are drunks in NYC at 11AM. I wonder if he made it to the benefit. The clips are pretty funny, and Alice did a tremendous job promoting and emceeing Laugh For Sight 4.

So, as soon as Laugh For Sight 4 ended, the very next day, my building closed its lobby for the continuation of the lobby renovation. As I have said, I don’t get this project, as the lobby did not need renovating, and as a blind guy, I really could care less what my lobby looks like. Well, the project has made Nash and my life hell. Aside from the constant all day drilling which is so loud that sometimes people have trouble hearing me on the phone, you can not enter or exit the building through the lobby. Nash had finally learned exactly where the entrance to my building is, and what door to take, and to go exactly to the elevator button which had been moved since we first got home together. They never like to make things in life easy for me. Now who they is, I have yet to identify, but I really do hate they.

So now, we need to use the stairs to exit the building which is not a huge deal, as Nash and I are on the second floor, and we both need the exercise, only problem is Nash had been programmed to stop at the elevator button on my floor. So now, he stops at the elevator button, and I need to tell him forward, and the left to go around the corner to the stairs. We could use the service elevator, but that is in the trash room, and since Nash loves sticking his nose in everything, it really is not an ideal room for him to go into. He also does not like going into the trash room, as he does not seem to like the door to that room, and will struggle not to go in there, so I guess the good news is that I do not live on a higher floor.


The other problem is, everytime we pass the lobby entrance to my building, Nash goes to the door, and I have to tell him no, so I am breaking a behavior that was really good for him, and now we have to go around the corner and use the service entrance to the building which is a very tiny entrance that has no marking, so I walk past is half the time, and Nash is not use to that entrance yet. And the best past is this whole vanity project is going to take at least two months, so by the time that Nash is finally use to not going to the entrance of the building which I worked so hard to train him to get to, and he gets used to going around the corner, and using the service entrance, it will be time for him to start using the lobby. Poor fella.

Laugh For Sight 4 is over!

November 18, 2009

I had to take a day to just relax and veg with no email, blog, facebook, or twitter, and while I am thrilled that Laugh For Sight 4 is over, it is also a little depressing, as so much goes into it, that when it is done, there are a lot of mixed emotions. For those of you who could not make it, I think you missed a fantastic evening, as the silent auction was a lot of fun, and the show was fantastic. I think the highlight for me was accidentatly hitting on my cousin during my set, as Nash had sniffed her out in the crowd. Wow that was weird, but very funny. I was pretty happy with my set, Nash was a little curious during my set, as he did a little walk around the stage. Sometimes he is great and just sits there, and other times he is all curious, and I think having so many people that he knew at Laugh For Sight was a little much for him. The entire lineup of comedians was tremendous, and I would like to start by thanking Eddie Brill, Robert Klein, Bonnie McFarlane, John Morrison, Colin Quinn, Rich Vos, and Tim Younger, without your generosity and donating your time, there would not be a Laugh For Sight. You were all tremendous. I want to thank Alice Stockton-Rossini of 1010 WINS for emceeing LFS, she did a tremendous job, and she was a blast to be around. You have a great energy. I want to thank Guiding Eyes For the Blind, their puppies being at the show was a huge hit, and your voluteers were fantastic. You really added a lot to Laugh For Sight 4. I especially want to thank Michelle Brier for all of her contributions. I want to thank Justin Loeber and all of the people from Mouth Public Relations, as you did a tremendous job with bringing new sponsors to LFS, and getting the word out there about this year’s show. Thanks fo James and Jillian Kauffman, you came in the furthest for the show, and your help with setting up, and your friendship and support of LFS I can’t put into words. With out your dedication, there wouldn’t be a LFS. Thanks to Alix and Susan Michel as usual you did a smsashing job with the silent auction. I look forward to helping out with your jewlery event in December. Your entire family and friends support of LFS is greatly appreciated. A special thanks to our photographer, Mark Lillfander, I can’t wait to see the pictures, and I hope that you remembered to take the lens cap off! Thanks to Lis Perry for all her hard work in getting donations for the silent auction. I look forward to working with you moving forward. Thanks to Lorraine and Richard and the Finger Lakes puppy raiser for making it down for the benefit. I know Nash and I enjoyed seeing you, and meeting those of you who we had not met before. Thanks to Eddie Russnow and his company Max Products, their continuous support of Laugh For Sight is tremendous. Thanks to Tag Communications. Thanks to Chis Mazzilli and Laura Townell, and the entire staff at Gotham Comedy Club. Without your continuous support, there wouldn’t be a Laugh For Sight. I want to thank all of the donors to the silent auction and I apologize if I forget somebody, Comedy Central, Diageo, Patron, NY Yankees, NJ Devils, Kramer Portraits, Mandarin Oriental, Hilton Hotels, Brooklyn Brewery, Prada, Robert Marc, The Daily Show, Carlos Falchi, Second Stage, Exhale Spa, “Rock of Ages”, Vinyl, Susan Michel, Eli Manning, Finger Lakes Region, and thank you to everyone who attended Laugh For Sight 4, with your continuous support, a cure is in sight, and we will try and keep em’ laughing til there’s a cure!

Come to Laugh For Sight 4 tonight 11/16 at Gotham Comedy Club with Colin Quinn, John Oliver, Eddie Brill, Rich Vos, Bonnie McFarlane and more!!

November 16, 2009

Alice Stockton-Rossini of 1010 WINS radio will emcee this year’s Laugh For Sight 4, and will be joined by some of the biggest names in comedy; Robert Klein, Colin Quinn, John Oliver of the Daily Show, Rich Vos, Eddie Brill, Bonnie McFarlane, John Morrison, and Brian Fischler and Nash.

Guiding Eyes For the Blind will be greeting guests with some of their adorable puppies.!

Free cocktails during the silent auction provided by Diageo, Patron, and the Brooklyn Brewery!

Donors to the silent auction include Comedy Central, the Mandarin Ortiental Hotel, Eli Manning, NY Yankees, NJ Devils Tickets, “Rock of Ages” the hit Broadway Show, Second Stage, Exhale Spa, Hilton Hotels, Circle Cruise, Prada, Patron, Kramer Portraits, Robert Marc, Felix Rey, Vinyl, Grannine Cashmere, several items of fine jewlery, and much more!

Proceeds will benefit Guiding Eyes For the Blind and The Scheie Eye Institute at the Univ. of Pennsylvania. Tickets can be purchased at,, or by calling 212-367-9000.

Tickets will be available at the door! For more information, please visit, and for questions, corporate tables, donations, or ads, please contact


Laugh For Sight 4

Nash and I are on “Getting Late” on XM this weekend promoting Laugh For Sight 4

November 13, 2009

Sorry the blogs have not been coming daily, but Nash and I have been a little busy with the final preps for Laugh For Sight 4 on Monday, November 16th in NYC, at Gotham Comedy Club. Yesterday, Nash and I headed over to XM studios to record an interview to air on “Getting Late” this weekend for those of you with XM subscriptions. What was real funny, was the host of the show used to work at Gotham, and was actually at the first Laugh For Sight benefit which was the very first show at the new Gotham, well, it’s not really new anymore, but at the time of the first Laugh For Sight, it was the new Gotham flagship location. For those of you who have not been reading the blog regularly, Laugh For Sight 4 will be an amazing night of stand up comedy preceeded by a silent auction which will start at 7pm. The silent auction is sponsored by Diageo, Patron, and The Brooklyn Brewery and has donations from Comedy Central, the New York Yankees, Eli Manning, NJ Devils, Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Hilton Hotel, Prada, Felix Rey, Vinyl, Kramer Portraits, Exhale Spa, Patron, Second Stage, Grainne Cashmere, Carlos Falchi, fine designer jewlery, and much more. The lineup for the All Star night of comedy includes Colin Quinn, John Oliver, Rich Vos, Eddie Brill, Bonnie McFarlane, John Morrison, a very special legend of comedy, and Brian and Nash. Proceeds from the benefit will be going to Guiding Eyes For the Blind and the Scheie Eye Institute. Guiding Eyes will also be on hand with puppies for show, sorry not for sale. For tickets, please visit,, or call 212-367-9000. It will be an amazing night for a great cause that you will not want to miss if you are in the NYC area.


So Nash and I went to XM studios yesterday, and from what I could tell, their offices are gorgeous, and if you are a disgruntled listener, sorry, you have no shot of getting into the building, as the security was intense. Nash is getting frustrated with me, as he doesn’t do radio, just tv and still pics. It was pretty funny as Mark the hose of “Getting Late” used to work at Gotham Comedy Club and recalls hanging up flyers for the very first Laugh For Sight. Small world. Nash and I actually got a little lost on our way home. Not sure how someone gets lost in their own neighborhood, but I did it. I didn’t realize that I was on 8th ave, and we were walking downtown, instead of uptown, I guess I wasn’t paying attention. Then last night, we did another interview on Westchester radio to promote Laugh For Sight. Again, Nash was like dude, where is the tv coverage so I can be seen. Sorry buddy, I guess we’re not ready for prime time just yet.

Nash wanted to know where Brinkley was?

November 8, 2009

Nash and I went out to meet my cousin’s Erica and Jessica at the bar Social yesterday. Nash was really curious when we first got there, as I had been to the bar several times, but it had been a year or two. I think Nash wanted to know where their dog Brinkley was? Sorry buddy, but you are special and get to go to bars because you are a guide dog. Brinkley is special too, but must be a recovering alcoholic because he doesn’t go to bars. We will have to schedule a play date for them to see each other, but not at a bar. Jess was a little upset because Penn St. lost. It was not a good week for my other cousins at they are also big Penn State fans and alumni, but also Phillies fans. Of course, it was a good week for me, as the Yanks won the series and the Gators won again, but looked terrible doing it. They say its better to win ugly, then to lose pretty, and it got me thinking, I can’t think of one example of one of my teams ever losing pretty. Where the hell did they come up with that expressio?


We got a big week ahead as Laugh For Sight 4 is a week from tomorrow, and we still need to promote, promote, and promote so we can sell as many tickets as possible. Everything for Laugh For Sight 4 is pretty much set, the only thing left to do is get people in the doors and get as much media coverage for the benefit that we can, so help spread the word, and pass along our site where people can buy tickets.

I’ve created a monster and get your Laugh For Sight 4 tickets 11/16/09!

November 7, 2009

Nash sleeps in my bed one night in six month’s, and now he thinks it is his bed. Last night he got into my bed hours before I was going to sleep, it was like he was positioning himself, and saying hey buddy, first come first position. At about 9pm he got into the bed, and spread out all over the bed. He did get out of the bed later, and we played for a little, then went for his late evening walk, but as soon as we got back to the apartment, he darted back into the bed, and I know I am blind, but I could swear he had an evil smirk on his face. I was still up for a bit, and Nash was camped out in my bed. Finally I was ready to go to bed, and as usual, I was afraid to look at the clock, because if I don’t know what time it is, then I am really not up that late. I had to put my comferter back on my bed, and I flung it all over the bed, and over Nash, and he didn’t budge. I decided to sit on the couch, and watch a little more tv, and Nash just camped out underneath the blankie. It was like he was in a cool little fort, or camping out in a tent. Finally, I wanted to get into bed, and I didn’t want Nash to get all fidgety while I was asleep so I got him to come out from underneath the blanket, and he repositioned himself on top of it. He was kind enough to move over when I got into bed, but then he started running all around me, and was standing over me, and I’m like, sorry dude this isn’t going to work. He was then standing on my right, and was standing on the cliff of the bed, and I’m trying to tell him to go to the other side. I even tried picking him up to move him to my left with no luck. Eventually, he understood, and crashed out on top of me a little on my left. I thought when I got a guide dog that I would tell him what to do, but I think even after six month’s we are still trying to determine who the boss is. Even though it is only three in the afternoon, I am thinking about getting into bed, hey, I got to get my spot for tongith before Nash gets his!


Laugh For Sight 4

Alice Stockton-Rossini of 1010 WINS radio will emcee this year’s Laugh For Sight 4, and will be joined by some of the biggest names in comedy; Robert Klein, Colin Quinn, John Oliver of the Daily Show, Rich Vos, Eddie Brill, Bonnie McFarlane, John Morrison, and Brian Fischler and Nash.

New York City’s Pulse 87.7 will be at the benefit and handing out gifts to guests as they arrive!

Free cocktails during the silent auction provided by Diageo, Patron, and the Brooklyn Brewery!

Donors to the silent auction include Comedy Central, the Mandarin Ortiental Hotel, Eli Manning, Hilton Hotels, Circle Cruise, Prada, Patron, Kramer Portraits, Robert Marc, Felix Rey, NJ Devils tickets, Second Stage, Broadway Show “Rock of Ages”, Dramatics NYC, Grannine Cashmere, several items of fine jewlery, and much more!

Proceeds will benefit Guiding Eyes For the Blind and The Scheie Eye Institute at the Univ. of Pennsylvania. Tickets can be purchased at,, or by calling 212-367-9000.

For more information, please visit, and for questions, corporate tables, donations, or ads, please contact

The continuing saga of the blind guy who let his guide dog sleep in his bed one night!

November 6, 2009

First let me say, LETS GO YANKEES! It’s nice to see that the universe is back in alignment now that the Yanks are world champs again.  I wish I could say that Nash has become a die hard Yanks fan like me, but unfortunately, he was snoring away for most of game six. Then in the 8th inning, he decided he wanted to play. Some nerve. I was trying to explain to him what was going on, but I don’t think he got it. I even opened the window as the helicopters went up in the air over my apartment in the 8th inning. One of the problems with living so close to Times Square. When the Yanks did close the game out, I let out a yes, way to go Yanks. Nash was staring at me, so I looked at him and said, we won, we won, and I began hopping for some reason. Nash began hopping to, so I think he realized it was a good thing the Yanks won. I of course, had to watch the entire post game on the Yes netowrk, so I was up pretty late, and Nash went to bed in his bed, so my one night of letting him sleep in my bed a few night’s earlier did not seem to become a regular occurence.

Then there was last night.

I was up late watching tv, Nash was laying in his bed next to my couch. He was asleep and woke up, he shook himself like he normally does. He then normally turns around and readjusts himself in his bed to get more comfortable. This time though, when he got up, he went for a walk around the apartment. A few minutes later, I realized Nash had not come back, Now, I don’t live in a mansion, its a studio apartment, but I couldn’t find Nash, and there are only so many places he can hide. I couldn’t find him, so I said “Nash where are you?” I heard his chains jingle, and from the sound of them, it sounded like he was levitating in the air. Of course not, ends up Nash was laying in my bed! I guess he realized that I would be going to sleep soon, and since I had not invited him to sleep in my bed with me the previous two nights, that he would beat me to the punch. He was lying at the foot of my bed. I do not want him to get into a habit of sleeping in my bed, so I went back to watching tv hoping that he would just be in my bed for a few minutes. Then I was finally ready to go to bed, and sure enough, Nash was still in my bed. I had to put my blankie back on the bed, as it was on the couch with me. With Nash already in the bed this was going to be interesting. I told him to get up, but of course he didn’t, so I threw the comferter over the bed, and Nash just laid there underneath it. He didn’t budge. My bed looked like it had a big lump in it. I straightened the comferter out over my bed, then picked up the bottom, and said, “come on Nash, off” he just looked at me. I put the blankie back down, and went and brushed my teeth, came back, and of course, Nash was still playing hide and seek underneath the blankie. I finally got him to come out, and of course, he immediately jumped back into the bed. I said to myself, ok, lets see what happens when I get into the bed, as Nash was taking up the entire foot of the bed. I got into bed, and Nash was kind enough to move and let me get comfy. He laid up against me, and it was apparent to me, that Nash was not going to be sleeping in his bed. What was strange to me about all of this was for the last two nights, Nash slept in his own bed. All of the sudden last night, he wanted to be in my bed. Amazing that we have been together for six month’s, and he sleeps in my bed one night, and now it looks like he wants to be in my bed every night, or I guess, every few night’s. Will be interesting to see what happens tonight.