Took Nash for a walk by the Daily Show today

Nash is completely crashed out on feet as I took him for a nice long walk for our 6th month anniversary today. Since we always seem to walk by the Letterman Show, as Nash poops right down the block from them, and he seems to like weaving in and out of the crowd waiting to see the show, I took Nash all the way out to the Daily Show today. I am not real big into sight seeing, go figure, a blind guy that doesn’t like sight seeing, but Nash is such a curious fella, that he seems to love sight seeing. Every time we are on the bus, in a cab, or in a car, Nash looks out the window at all the sights. He didn’t have the smoothest of walks at all times today, as he had a few real bad streches where his sniffing was out of control, and he lost focus. He did though have some real nice long stretches where he wasn’t sniffing and was walking at a real fast pace, and he didn’t walk me into anything all the way out to the Daily Show and back. He did get kind of crazy in Duane Reade, as I had to stop there on the way back. Ends up there was another dog in the store. I am not sure why when we were in training, Nash did not have a dog distraction, but since we have gotten back to the city, he does have a fairly strong dog distraction, as he wants to say hi to every dog. Amazing that when they bark at him, Nash doesn’t bark back, but does pull me torwards them, and will try and drag me at times. I may have to have someone come out from Guiding Eyes, as a 6 month refresher might be beneficial to Nash and me. Hopefully the Yanks will actually show up tonight.


Eddie Brill who has performed at all four Laugh For Sight’s, tours all around the world, and is the audience warm up for the Late Show with David Letterman, and I will be on the Dr. Blogstein Radio Happy Hour on Tuesday, November 3 at 905pm. I will post a link to the show in the next few days, as you can listen to it over the internet, and we will be promoting Laugh For Sight 4 at Gotham Comedy Club, NYC, Monday, Nov. 16th. If you haven’t gotten your tickets yet, what are you waiting for? You can get them at, or by calling Gotham Comedy Club at 212-367-9000.

One Response to “Took Nash for a walk by the Daily Show today”

  1. Rockwoman Says:

    Hey I am so glad things are going well for the two of you. Yeah, things do change; Rocko has always loved people; give him attention once and he looks for it like I never give him any; but he has smoothed out amazingly. Has it been the same for you the last month or so?
    Have you heard from any of our classmates?

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