Happy Six Month Anniversary Nash

I had to wait until midnight to post this, as today, October 29th marks Nash and my six month Anniversary together, as we were introduced on April 29th. Do you get you guide dog a 6th month Anniversary gift? It’s kind of weird as around midnight, Nash started licking me, and I am trying to tell him that it is late, and to lay down. I guess he reakuzed it before I did. We are going out tonight to watch game two of the World Series with some friends, and go to our favorite bar, Matt’s Grill. Hopefully the Yankees will actually show up. The only thing worst then the way the entire Yankee team played in game one, is I could have actually paid to have been there. Sitting in that cold and rain watching that game live would have really sucked. I wonder if any fans will ask for a refund, as I thought the customer was always right. The game was so bad that the Yankees gave Nash gas.


I plan to take Nash out for a nice long walk this afternoon, and maybe go by the pet store to get him a little gift, but what do you get for the dog that has plenty of toys that we already don’t always play with, and he loves the bones that he already has, but does like to hide them, as one is always missing somewhere in the apartment. I actually think two of his bones are currently in the witness protection program in my apartment. Amazingly, when I vacum, I don’t even find his bones. Nash is that good of a hider, and there is no one here who can see to seek. So happy six month Anniversary Nash, and if we’re lucky, maybe the Yankees will give us a gift, and actually show up for game two of the World Series, as a win would be a sweet gift.

9 Responses to “Happy Six Month Anniversary Nash”

  1. Lorraine Says:

    Happy Anniversary you two! Maybe you could get him a new stuffed bone. I wonder what he has planned for you.
    Hey, Abner won “Best Halloween Costume at this year’s GEB Finger Lakes Region Halloween Party. He went dressed as Captain Candy Corn. He had a cape with candy corns on it, an orange mask that he wasn’t too crazy about wearing, and a ribbon on his tail. Very cute.
    I hope you have a nice day for your long walk. Good luck to the Yankees – boy, that got caught in my throat. See you soon.

  2. blindgator Says:

    Nash seems to be pretty happy today, so that is a gift from him. Congrats to Abner on winning the Halloween contest. Does he know it isn’t Halloween yet? Does he have to keep his costume on til 10/31?

    • Lorraine Says:

      Thanks for the kudos. Unfortunately, Abner is at the whim of his human’s and their friends. I’m sure he knew it wasn’t Halloween, but us stupid humans were pretending it was even though we knew better. I wonder what it would be like if dogs ruled the world.

  3. Barbara Fischler Says:

    Happy Anniversary to both of you!!! Have a great day and go Yankees.
    Congrats to Abner and his costumer designer…very creative Lorraine.

  4. blindgator Says:

    Lorraine, if dogs ruled the world, then they would be picking up our poop. Unfortunately, the folks can’t make it up for LFS, as they already had plane reservations to come up here for Thanksgiving. Nov. 16th was just the most ideal date for this year’s benefit.

    • Lorraine Says:

      Rats. Your folks are great (as you know). I was looking forward to seeing them again. Are you and Nash cooking the Thanksgiving dinner?

  5. Barbara Fischler Says:

    thanks Lorraine. Nick and I are very disappointed too. We would really love to be at LFS. It would be nic e to see you again also. Perhaps some other time. Want to meet Abner too. How long will you have him???

    • Lorraine Says:

      Abner will be 12 months on 11/11. The pups are usually with the raisers until they are around 18 months old. Just guessing he will be going in sometime in May.

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