Nash cheats at tug!!

I never like to lose, and if I recall correctly when I wasn’t blind, and was able to play sports, I was very competitive, and hated to lose. So you can imagine, giving in to Nash when we are playing tug, and letting him win most of the time, was quite frustrating at first. Now, like any good guide dog handler, I let him win most of the time, and since we have been together awhile, I don’t mind  losing, but, I do like to win every now and then. Nash has a pretty strong grip, so a lot of the time, losing isn’t even by choice, but I could possibly hang on longer. Nash has a big toy ball that we play tug with, as it is easy for both of us to grip, and I don’t really need to worry about him chomping down on any fingers. Today, I seemed to be winning a lot, and I was sitting on the floor while we were playing, so Nash proved he was smarter than me, as I put the ball in front of him, he would chomp down on it, and at the same time, he would take his right front paw, and smack it over my hand, as if he was saying, I am getting a good grip on the ball before you even touch it. Hey, that’s not fair Nash! He did this a few times, and it was really cute. Once again, Nash proves that he was very well named for the Noble Price winning mathematician, John Nash portrayed in a Beautiful Mind by Russell Crowe, and like John Nash, Nash the guide dog all has multiple personalities, all of which I love. He has his silly side when he lies on his back and puts all of his paws up in the air, either scratching his back, or telling me he wants his tummy rubbed. He has his serious work side, when he is in his harness and leading me through all the obstacles of NYC. He has his moody side when he groans telling me he wants more attention, or has to go to the bathroom, he has his playful side which we see everyday in my apartment, and he has his sad side when he gives me what looks like the puppy eyes, usually telling me he wants more food. I think my dog Nash has a very beautiful mind.

4 Responses to “Nash cheats at tug!!”

  1. Lorraine Says:

    A-a-aw-w-w, that brought a tear to my eye. Nash DOES have a very beautiful mind. I miss him but am thrilled that he has such a great partner.

  2. blindgator Says:

    Yes. he is very properly named. He has gotten into a bad habit of groaning, as he is always seeking attention. I have been getting down on the floor with him a lot and playing with him. He seems to like to really sniff and lick my head. Still no barking though, which I do enjoy, and one of my doormen asked if Nash was going to have any puppies because he wants a good dog like Nash.

  3. Barbara Fischler Says:

    He is an incredible dog…can’t wait to see him in November….This blog also brought a tear to my eye…..Like Lorraine says you are great partners

  4. Rockwoman Says:

    That is so amazing. Rocko, (one of Nash’s classmates for those of you who read this who don’t know) does the exact same paw thing. We play wih a toy that looks like a big bowling pin and he tries to use his paw to push my arm down.

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