Alice Stockton-Rossini of 1010 WINS radio to emcee Laugh For Sight 4!

Alice Stockton-Rossini of 1010 WINS radio will emcee this year’s Laugh For Sight 4, and will be joined by some of the biggest names in comedy; Robert Klein, Colin Quinn, John Oliver of the Daily Show, Rich Vos, Eddie Brill, Bonnie McFarlane, John Morrison, and Brian Fischler and Nash.

Donors to the silent auction include Comedy Central, the Mandarin Ortiental Hotel, Hilton Hotels, Circle Cruise Lines, Prada, Patron, Kramer Portraits, Robert Marc, several items of fine jewlery, and much more!

Proceeds will benefit Guiding Eyes For the Blind and The Scheie Eye Institute at the Univ. of Pennsylvania. Tickets can be purchased at,, or by calling 212-367-9000.

Now for your Nashdate.

Nash and I went for a nice walk to the country yesterday, out to 11th Ave. Nash must have really enjoyed the cold weather and the fresh air, as he had a real nice quick pace. There were not many obstacles for him to maneuver me around, so it was a nice leisure walk for him. Nash definitely likes it out in the country of NYC.

Nash has definitely grown real comfortable with me, as he likes to get a daily belly rub, and he will lie on his back with all four paws up in the air. I seem to have a paw fetish, as I like to shake his front paw and say, “nice to meet you Mr. Nashee.” He now allows me to shake his hind paw when he is on his back. It is really cute, and he has really soft paws, although he does need to get his nails clipped, as they are getting a little long. I now know what John Candy meant in Spaceballs when he said, “give me paw!”

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