Sleepless in the City

I haven’t had more than 3 1/2 to 4 hours sleep at a time since Saturday night, so I have felt like a walking zombie all this week. I wish I could sleep like Nash, he just plops down, and is out like a light, and snoring away. Dogs are so cute when they sleep, well, when they are sleeping and not snoring. Nash snores like a drunken sailor. I did notice last night as his bed was next to the couch that while he is sleeping, he will get up, and turn around in his sleep. Its pretty funny. I guess he is looking for the cold side of his bed.

Last night I finally had to take an ambien even though it was pretty late or early, I was afraid to look at the clock, but I figured I would sleep to about ten or eleven, as I had just walked Nash. Then at about 8 this morning, I thought someone was in my apartment, as I was awaken by that horrific sound of when a fat guys pants are rubbing together, you know the sound. It freaked me out, and I even asked, “Is somebody in here?!” I then said back to sleep Nash, back to sleep. Of course, I couldn’t go back to sleep, so I went to get out of bed, and to my surprise the fat man pant sound had been Nash moving his bed to the end of my bed. His bed is on the floor, but it is by the head of my bed next to the windown, and since this is the first time Nash has done this my only guess is that his bed was to close to the radiator and he was hot. I do not have the heat on, but some heat does seem to come out of it. All I know, is his bed was not where I put it when I went to sleep last night. So either Nash moved his bed, or we had a failed alien abduction, or the monster that lives underneath my bed was after Nash. Pretty strange stuff causing Nash to almost get stepped on.

For some odd reason, there is a large piece of cardboard in the hallway right outside my apartment. The width goes almost all the way across the hall, and it is about four feet long. Not sure what it is there for, but Nash hates it. He really hates cardboard, and will not walk on it. He stops, and will not lead me over it, and I have to work him on the leash as his paws seem to fit in the little space between the wall and the cardboard. Every time we go out it is the same thing, he really hates the cardboard. This does not bode well for us if we end up homeless living in a cardboard box.

I got the Iphone 3GS last week, and I must say it is the phone for all blind or visually impaired people. While it does take a lot of getting used to and patience to fully understand how it works, the screen reader technology makes it easy to use all of the applications on the phone, read emails and texts, type, get weather, play music, and browse the web. The screen reader is just like the screen reader in zoomtext, in fact, it is a little better. I am still going through the manual which I had to find online to read, but I am getting there, and would reccomend it to anyone with a visual impairement.

3 Responses to “Sleepless in the City”

  1. Barbara Fischler Says:

    can the doorman or anyone who works in your building explain the necessity for the cardboard??? It seems like a hazard. Got to love the I phone. I may even get one as I need a new phone…but perhaps the level down from yours.

  2. blindgator Says:

    I highly doubt the cardboard is a hazard, considering all the construction going on in the lobby. I doubt the doorman know, but plan to ask. Yes, the iphone is fantastic, but takes a lot of learning

  3. lona Says:

    I lo when reading about homeless and afraid of cardboard. U r too much

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