This Shit Just Can’t Happen To Me!

Nash and I have been in NYC for about 5 months now, and for the most part he does a fantastic job, as he does have to deal with a lot living in NYC. It amazes me that he has only lived in my building for five months, and I have lived here for over six years, and he knows where the building is, and more amazingly, which apartment door is mine. He does occasionally pass the building, but I think that is when he is distracted, and wants to go for a longer walk. I finally had Nash pretty well trained to come in my building, make a right, go down the now narrow hallway thanks to the vanity construction project in the lobby, and once he gets past the construction, immediately make a left, and walk right up to the elevator button for me to press it. Hey, I got to do something, as Nash does most of the walk. So, this afternoon, Nash and I get home, we get around the construction, Nash stolls up perfectly to the elevator button, like he is trainined, and I reach out to touch it, and NO BUTTON! I’m thinking, ok, Nash did you go between the wrong bank of elevetaors? Am I in the wrong building? Nope, unbelievable, my building move the elevator button! Forget the reason why, as I have never even heard of anybody having their elevator button moved, let alone a blind guy who has perfectly trained his guide dog to go to the button. Does this stuff just happen to me, because stuff like this keeps happening? Unreal. I thought I was on candid camera. I guess I have some re-training to do.

2 Responses to “This Shit Just Can’t Happen To Me!”

  1. Barbara Fischler Says:

    funny as always. glad to be back home and reading your blogs. I caught up on all of them for the past two weeks, tonight.
    Can’t believe they moved the elevator button…unreal
    Congrats to the Yankees!!!! Great week of sports for our teams.

  2. lona Says:

    Lol well guess u needed to keep nash active and retrain him. Ugh

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