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2 Months to Laugh For Sight 4 w/Robert Klein, John Oliver, Colin Quinn, Rich Vos and much more!! Make sure to buy your tickets Now!

September 14, 2009
Buy your tickets at the "Friends & Family Rate" Now!

Buy your tickets at the "Friends & Family Rate" Now!

The countdown is on, Laugh For Sight 4 is two month’s from today on Monday, Nov 16, 2009. The silent auction and comedy benefit will be held at the World Famous Gotham Comedy Club in New York City, and the auction will begin at 7pm, comedy show at 830pm. Please join us for this amazing night of All Star Comedy with Legendary Comedian Robert Klein, Colin Quinn, John Oliver, Rich Vos, Bonnie McFarlane, and much more. This year’s benefit will be donating its proceeds to Guiding Eyes For the Blind and The Scheie Eye Institue at the Univ. of Penn. You can purchase your tickets at the current “Friends and Family Rate” $35 for general admin and $75 for VIP Reserved Seating, plus a 2 drink min. at, or For more information email us at

Since Nash had a pretty laid back weekend, we got him a lot of exercise today. I even was down on the floor playing with him, and what did I learn. Don’t lay in Nash’s bed, it is his bed. I was playing around with Nash, and he was laying in his bed, so I went to lay down with him, and he put his paw in my face, then sneezed at me. Luckily, the sneeze did not hit me. Can you catch a cold from a dog if he sneezes on you? Not that Nash has a cold, but I am always thinking ahead. I may have to get a sign that says, Nash’s Bed, and That Means Nash Only! What can I say, he’s not much for sharing.

Back to yesterdays blog about the NFL. I forgot to mention how much all the commercials really annoy me. It’s not that the commercials are all stupid, which they are, but do we really need a commercial break after every play? With the NFL it seems like they have an hour more of commercials than college football. They should change the names from the NFL (National Football League) to the more appropriate NAL (National Advertising League). During the Giants/Redskins game, the Giants went for it on 4th and one, and the Redskins best defensive player got hurt, and Fox cut to commercial. Yeah, I don’t know why the viewers of the game would want to see if the Giants got the first down, or what was going on with the injured player.

Another thing that perplexes me about the NFL, is how you can only get NFL Gameplan on DirecTV? Isn’t that considered a monoply, and/or violating some kind of anti-trust law? With cable, you can get every other sports gameplan, which is all of the games, except the NFL is exclusive to DirecTv.

And while I am on things that annoy me, the NFL is really showing its true colors and what it thinks about its fans by not lifting the blackout restrictions in this current economy. The NFL already screws its season ticket holders by forcing them to buy meaningless preseason tickets and the absurd seat licensing fees. It’s good to see that the NFL can screw the people that can’t afford season tickets just as much as they screw their loyal season ticket holders. I know, why do I keep watching if so much of this bothers me, hey, it is football afterall.

Heaven to Betsy, I got a dog that doesn’t like football!

September 13, 2009

First off, I am amazed that I was able to use the phrase “heaven to Betsy.” Second, I really have no idea what it means, but it sounded appropiate. Nash and I have pretty much spent the entire past two days camped out on sofa city watching football. Well, I have been a stationary object on the couch, and Nash’s bed has been next to me on the floor. Saturday is a very religious day for my people, as it is all about college football, and more specifically, the Florida Gators. Hence the gator part of blindgator. Yesterday, the Gators played at noon, and Nash wanted to have play time, but I am the alpha male in our house, and sorry buddy, but Gator football wins out over play time. I did get a bunch of peanut butter and put it in a bone for Nash to play with. Nash was much more interested in the peanut butter bone than the Florida Gators game. I guess he has never watched Tim Tebow before. Once I gave Nash the bone, he was pretty happy, and even though  Gator football wins out over play time, I was happy to see that Nash was enjoying himself, and he let me watch the game. Of course, after the Gator game, we had to watch the Michigan/Notre Dame game. I really dislike both teams, but knew it would be a great game, and wow was it. Michigan won on the last drive of the game with I think about eleven seconds left. While this game was going, we also had to watch the Tennessee/UCLA game, as the Gators play Tenn next weekend, and we are looking to destroy them after their new coach took a lot of shots at Florida in the offseason. I can’t believe all the talking Tenn did in the offseason, and then they lose at home to a bad UCLA team, and embarass the SEC. I guess if you can talk a good game, but can’t play football, you should go to Tennessee. Then after these games, we had to watch the USC/Ohio State game. Now talk about two teams that I really hate, but they were billing this game as this week’s game of the century. Also, I really dislike both announcers of the game, Kirk Herbstreet who is a huge Ohio St. homer since he played there, at Brent Musberger, who I actually despise, and I still wonder how he has a job, as I do not know anyone who likes listening to him. I was actually rooting for a nuclear bomb to go off in the stadium, or at least someone to fire a scud missile at the announcer’s booth! It was another great game, and not to worry, Nash and I did get out between games, and we kept his schedule for his regular bathroom times, we just didn’t get a lot of other exercise in, and of course today, is another religios day for my people, pro football. I grew up a Redskins fan somehow, but being back in NYC for nine years, and Eli Manning being a donor to Laugh For Sight, and the spokesperson for Guiding Eyes for the Blind, I really have become a Giants fan. This is why I would have assumed that Nash would be a football fan. His training school’s spokesperson is a Giant, but Nash is napping now, and not paying attention to the game, not even when Eli is on the field. Well, tomorrow, we will have to get Nash a lot of exercise to make up for the last two days. We have had some playtime in the apartment today. GO GIANTS!

Do Dogs Get Cold?

September 10, 2009

It feels like Fall is here in NYC. Yippee, and if it is, that means we didn’t have a Summer, as we only had a handful of really hot humid days. I know that dogs can get really hot, but do they get cold? I was real comfortable curled up on the couch in sweatpants and tucked away in a blankee, and it made me think, do I need to get Nash a blankee for winter? Seeing how he likes to curl up in my blanket overhang, and that he is a total blanket hog, maybe I need to get him his own blanket for the winter. I also think I need to get him a pillow for his bed, as he loves to use my foot as a pillow, so I think he would like a pillow for his bed.  Do they make dog pillow and blankets, or am I overanalyzing this?

During the day, Nash’s bed is mostly next to the couch, and at night until I go to bed. It is flush against the ottoman, and Nash must not have liked the Ottoman Empire becuase he is always kicking the ottoman like it did something to him. Not sure what his problem is with the ottoman, as I like it, and think I would have liked an Empire that was all about putting your feet up.

This past weekend we were at Nash and my cousin Erica’s dog Brinkley’s three year old birthday party. Yes, a dog birthday party would have seemed silly to me before I got Nash, but now I totally understand it. It amazes me how quickly one can become a dog lover. I did blog about the party a few days ago, but I think I left out that Brinkley started barking at something, and Nash actually let out a bark! It was his first bark since we have left Guiding Eyes. I don’t know, maybe Brinkley is a bad influence on Nash. He still has yet to bark in the city, so that streak is still intact. Since it was Brinkley’s birthday, I will let you get away with influencing Nash. Here are a few pics from the party.

Nash relaxing at Brinkley's 3rd Bday party in Yorktown Heights

Nash relaxing at Brinkley's 3rd Bday party in Yorktown Heights

Do you have any food for me?

Do you have any food for me?

Hey, why's it always about the baby, I'm here too!

Hey, why's it always about the baby, I'm here too!

You mean there are still A-Holes in NYC!

September 10, 2009

I should have known it was going to be a bad day when first thing this morning, I smacked my head against the wall. A real great way to start the day. And people wonder why I always where hats. If I am wearing a hat, and I bump into something, or smack my head, the brim of the cap hits the wall or object, and not my head. So that is why I always where hats.

After Nash ate his morning meal, we headed out for him to go to the bathroom, and they must be shooting a movie on 53rd street, as a bunch of those huge trailers which are bigger than my aparment were taking up the entire street, and Nash and I had to keep heading further and further down 53rd for him to find a spot. He finally finds a spot and goes into the street. Down on 53rd close to Broadway, they must shoot a lot of music videos or something, as there is a club of some kind, and there always seems to be grips coming in and out, so you have a bunch of wanna be actors and dancers hanging around. Well, Nash was in the street doing his business, and I hear a bunch of people behind me chanting, “Go, Go, Go,” then Nash pops back on to the sidewalk, and some guy cracks, “come on you got more in you.” I turned around, and sarcastically said, “that’s real funny.” As I was picking up Nash’s poop, I hear another guy say, “that is why I have a cat.” Trust me, there were about a hundred things I wanted to say to these assholes, but I don’t think that I would have been able to express myself monosylabically enough for these morons to understand. So I just bit my tongue and went on my way.

We didn’t get much done today, as for some reason, I had a ringing headache. I did get some bills paid, and some work for Laugh For Sight 4 done, but it wasn’t a great day. After Nash ate dinner, we went back out for him to go to the bathroom, and the same thing happened, the entire street was blocked off by those damn trailers, so we headed down 53rd, almost to the same spot. Now instead of the unemployed actors, the place is a club. It is real strange, as it is not always opened, and when I have my windows open and it is open, I can hear that annoying bass music booming away to 4 in the morning. I guess people rent it out and throw club parties there, but I am not really sure what goes on. So, Nash goes off the curb and starts doing his business, and the bouncer, in not the most polite of tones says, “You’re going to pick that up!” I said, “You’re going to turn the music down so I can sleep!” Anyway, I did pick up the poop, I just didn’t like the way the guy talked to me, and he said it as Nash was doing it, so it wasn’t like I was walking away or anything. Well, with everyone being so nice to Nash and me, we were due for a day full of assholes. Maybe the assholes are coming back for winter.

What’s in a name?

September 8, 2009

I am constantly asked, “where did you come up with the name Nash?” It does get old, boring, and stale telling people, well actually, I did not get to name him, and neither did his puppy raisers, and that his name was chosen from a central databank of na,es. Then there are the guessers. “Did you name him for Nashville?” No, what about me says country, and I hate Tennessee, as I relate it to the Volunteers, and being a Gator, I really hate them. “Did you name him for the show Nash Bridges?” Sorry, never saw it, and if I was going to name him after a Don Johnson character, it sure as hell wouldn’t be for Nash Bridges, it would have been Sonny or Crockett from Miami Vice. “Did you name him after Steve Nash the basketball player?” Sorry, I hate basketball, and if he were to be named after an athlete, his name would be Jeter, or Tebow, or Winfield.

Now that Nash and I have been together for over four months, and I have gotten to know him, and see how smart and obedient he is, and how silly he can also be, I realize that Nash has multtple personalities, but in a good way. I finally realized where I got the name Nash from. He is named after the mathematician John Forbes Nash who Russell Crowe portrayed so brilliantly in one of my favorite movies, A Beautiful Mind. John Nash won the Noble Prize for his work in Game Theory which is still used today by scientists, computer techies, and the military, and he also suffered from and overcame multiple personality disorder. Hey, naming him after John Forbes Nash almost makes me sound smart. So that is the story I am now going with.

We did our old route today, up to 57th street and then back down Broadway, and Nash was outstanding with his route work. He always avoids all the obstacles, but usually I have to give him several leash corrections to get him to stop sniffing. Today his sniffing was very minimal, if any at all.  So Nash got lots of food reward on his route today, hopefully he will keep up the good work.

Here are some more pics of Nash and Siena from our trip to NJ a few weeks ago.

Nash don't be jealous

Nash don't be jealous

It's A Doggie Siena

It's A Doggie Siena

My favorite Little Monkey

My favorite Little Monkey

Nash’s first birthday party.

September 7, 2009

Nash and I headed back to Yorktown Heights today for my cousin Erica’s golden retriever’s three year old birthday party. First off, five month’s ago, I would have found the idea of a birthday party for a dog silly, but since Nash and I have come together, it totally makes sense now. Amazing how quickly you can become a dog lover after not having a dog your entire life. Uncle D was kind enough to come into the city and pick me up, as there was some big parade today, and the city was a zoo. I have not been to a parade since I was a kid, so I am not really sure why NYC finds it necessary to have a parade for every group in NYC. Aunt Lona and Uncle D were also kind enough to pick Nash up a 35 pound bag of his lamb and rice, and a couple of cases of Diet Dr. Pepper for me, as both of those things are much cheaper outside the city, so he brought those up with him on his way into the city, and we got everything put away before we headed out.

Nash enjoyed the ride up to Yorktown Heights. He sat in the front with me on the floor, and looked out the window most of the way, resting his head on my knee. It didn’t look to comfortable, but it amazes me how many positions Nash can be comfortable in. When we arrived at Aunt Lona and Uncle D’s house, Nash got very excited like he does whenever we arrive anywhere, and like the last time he was in a car with me, he found it necessary to put his paw up on the seat, and kick me in the balls. That’s three for three on the ball kicking the last few times we have been in a car, so that is something we will have to work on. I am not sure if he thinks I am going to leave him in the car, so this is his way of reminding me that he is there, but we are going to have to come up with a new system.

When we got to the front door, Aunt Lona opened it, and Nash saw Brinkley, and got pretty excited. Not sure if he recognizes Brinkley yet, but they have been together three times now. Nash actually darted forward and through the door, running my head into the door frame, so for the first time in awhile, he got a left handed leash correction. Luckily, it didn’t hurt that much, but he needs to stay focused since he was still in the harness and working. It was good to get the only low point of the day out of the way right away.

Once we got into the house, Nash was very excited, and I took his harness and leash off, and he darted straight for Brinkley’s bed. Most of this was being told to me, as I could not see it, but it sounds very cute, and everyone was laughing. So Nash went to Brinkley’s bed, and took three, yes three of Brinkley’s toys in his mouth. Hey, I have told everyone that Nash is a toy hog. Nash and Brinkley began running laps around the house. They were playfully chasing each other, and would start off in the living room, run through the kitchen and hallways and circle back around. Noe the really funny thing is, we were all standing in the entry way of the house, and Nash would leave the entry way with a toy in his mouth, they would pass each other in the kitchen and Brinkley would come out with the toy in his mouth. This went on for several minutes, and it was like the two of them were running a relay race and passing the baton to each other. It was great for Nash to get to do all this running around, as it was the most space that he has gotten to run around freely since we left Guiding Eyes for the Blind. After playing with each other for a bit in the house, Nash gulped a lot of Brinkley’s water. Everyone thought that it was real cute that instead of just sticking his tongue into the water bowl, Nash sticks his entire head into the bowl.

We then went out back, and Erica lent Nash a thirty foot leash, so that he could run around with Brinkley. They let Brinkley off his leash out back, but it is not fenced in, and I doubt that Nash would run off, but I did not want to take the chance. They had a few frisbee’s and balls, and the dogs both played with them together, and of course Nash did a lot of sniffing, as being in the grass, and three flowers and trees were all new to him. The funny thing is Brinkley kind of realized that Nash was on a leash, and could not go as far as him, so I think he was teasing Nash a little, but it was Brinkley’s birthday, so we let him get away with it, and it was really just playful teasing. Maybe Brinkley didn’t realize that Nash couldn’t come that far, and was like come on lets go over here now. They both play really well together, and I think that Nash and Brinkley like each other a lot.

Nash got acclimated to his surroundings pretty quickly, and other people started arriving, so went on to the deck, and shut the gate so Nash could walk around off the leash, because he loves to say hello to everyone. The amazing thing was someone showed up with a baby, and for the first time all day, Nash layed down by my feet as the baby was near me. I am not sure if he knows to be gentle when a baby is around because he does the same thing with Siena. Nash got lots of treats today, as he was really a good dog, and he had a lot of fun being around all of the people, as he is a social butterfly. One time I had Jessica, my other cousin watch Nash, as I had him on the leash, and I had to go inside to use the bathroom, and then had gone out front for a few minutes, and was only gone for about ten minutes, and when I came back, Nash was sitting by the screen door, looking into the house. Aunt Lona and Jessica said Nash was looking all around for me. It is so amazing that after only four months Nash is that attached to me. Nasg was really pretty good at not trying to jump on any of the tables and stick his nose into any of the food, as he really did have free reign on the deck, and could have tried to get into trouble, but he knows better than that.

Pete, Tracey, and my niece little Siena were also there, and it was a very nice day. Funny thing is, everyone said that with all the running around Nash got to do, that he would come home and crash out and sleep like a champy. Unfortunately, I got home around 8pm, crashed out watching some tv, slept like a champy, and now will be up all night. Ugh, not again. Nash is sleeping on my feet as I have been writing this. Overall, a very fun day for Nash and me, and Nash and wish Brinkley a very happy birthday. Who knew a dog’s birthday could be so much fun. We will have to have a birthday party for Nash, but don’t count on a Bark Mitzvah happening.

Here is a picture of Nash and Siena from our trip out to NJ a few weeks away. I have a few more, and will get them up when I get the time, as they are real cute together, and when I get some of the pics from today, I will get them up as well.

Siena meet Nash

Siena meet Nash

Nash, did you eat the remote control? Oh yeah, and GO GATORS!!

September 5, 2009

I am a die hard college football fan, and like to watch all the games, so I am constantly going back and forth between the couch where I watch the games, and the computer, where I am following multiple scores on the computer. I have noticed that since last season my vision has gotten a lot worst, as I am having a lot of trouble watching the games on tv, and following the action, so even though kickoff Saturday is one of my favorite days of the year, only beaten by the opening Monday of the baseball season, it has been a little depressing with the vision loss. Being a typical himan being, and also being visually impaired, I seem to constantly be misplacing the remote control as I move between the couch and the computer, and of course, each time I do that, I seem to say, “Nash, did you eat the remote control?” I have actually blamed him so much, I am now saying, “Nash, did you eat the remote control again?”  Every time I am on the couch the remote is at the computer, and every time, I am at the computer, the remote is on the couch.  Amazing how Murphy’s Law can apply to watching football. Needless to say, Nash has yet to eat the remote control.

Nash is not a big football fan, I have come to realize that he is indiffirent when it comes to my sports watching. It is funny that every time I say, “damn it,” at a play, Nash jumps up and comes over to me if he is not near me, and if he is at my feet, he pops up. Nash, wait til the Gators start playing, and playing some of their tougher games, then you will hear some loud groans and screaming at the tv. That should be interesting. Nash has been pretty bored through the morning and early afternoon games, constantly wanting to play. Luckily, I just finished vaccuming and I finally found his nila bone which has been missing for a week. Somehow, Nash got it wedged pretty far underneath the couch. Not sure how he did that one. Pretty impressive, as it took some real good tugging to get it from underneath the couch.

What we have learned so far on the first day of college football, and we are only half way through the games, the Big Ten still sucks, but Michigan is vastly improved. Oklahoma State’s offense is not as explosive as we thought it would be, so they shouldn’t even factor in to the Big 1 title. USC versus Ohio State next weekend is not going to be as good of a game as everyone expected it to be. Notre Dame should win ten with a cake schedule. Ron Zook still can’t coach, and Missouri and Georgia will be better than people expected them to be.

Nash is off to his first birthday party tomorrow, so hopefully he will be on his best behavior, as it is not his party, and he is a guest. Will be back up in Yorktown Heights for the first time since Nash and I left Guiding Eyes for the Blind. Should be a fun day for Nash tomorrow, and can’t wait for the Gators game to start in a little, even if we are a 72 point favorite, which I don’t expect us to cover, will be intersting to see how we look.

“I’m A Dog Lover,” Yeah, what about people?

September 3, 2009

Nash and I just got back from his early evening bathroom run. I had Nash out on 53rd street, horns are honking, and of course Nash is oblivious to it, as he is doing his business, and although I am not doing my business, I am pretty oblivious to it, because I can’t see it. Then some woman in a car says to me, “Can you move your dog, I’m trying to park, and I’m a dog lover, and wouldn’t want to run him over.” I said to her, “Can he finish doing his buisness,” and she says, “I’m trying to get to a show.” Of course, even though I was there first, and Nash was in the middle of doing his business, I have him get back on the curb, put his harness back on, and we go further down the street to find another place for him to finish doing his business. Now, if Nash is anything like me, he can’t be too happy, as I know when I am going to the bathroom, and someone interrupts me, I am none to happy. So, Nash did get to finish his business further down the street, and as we were heading back, this woman, who must be the world’s worst car parker was getting out of her car, seems like it took her awhile, and she says to me, “oh sorry, I wouldn’t have asked you to move if I knew you couldn’t see.” I said, “why, I wasn’t the one trying to go to the bathroom,” and just kept on walking.

Nash was invited to his first dog birthday party this Sunday, his cousin Brinkley. We went to the pet store today so Nash could get Brinkley a gift, and I had to explain to him the toy was not for him. Nash plays very well with other dogs, but is a total toy hog, so I have had to hide these gift toys from him. We did pick up some more food and treats for him, so the store run was for him, and he is always very happy to go to the pet store. I know I complain a lot about customer service, but I believe the name of this store is Petland Discount, it is on 9th Avenue, and the customer service is fantastic. Since my vision has gotten worst, going into a store that I am not familiar with is a nightmare, and at Petland, they always have someone come out and get Nash’s food and treats for me and bring it up to the counter for me, and then they put it all in my backpack, so kudos to Petland Discount for their great customer service.

Don’t ya just love things that are supposed to make your life easier!

September 2, 2009

Don’t cha just love stuff that is supposed to make life easier, like being able to order gorcery’s online? Over the last year, I have lost a good amount of vision, and it has become extremely difficult to grocery shop, as I can’t see a lot of what I am looking for, and when I do find it, forget about reading the price or the expiration date. So then there’s online grocery shopping from D’Agostino’s, which sounded like a good way to go, although they do charge a service fee of 6.99, and I am not sure if that is meant to be a tip for the poor guy who has to drag all of your groceries over to your apartment, and of course, I fall into that “N” word category, you know Nice, so I at least have to tip him a few bucks. So, I plcaed a big order back on August 21st, and of course, when I look at my bank statement, D’Agostino’s has charged me twice. Easy, just call your bak, and have them remove it. Well, I tried that, and in order for them to do that, they would have to cancel my card, which would be a huge pain in the ass, because when you are blind, you need to memorize the number, trust it makes life a lot easier. So, I go back to D’Agostino’s website over a week ago, and I don’t know why this trend started, but why do companies love to hide their phone numbers on their websites? They love to make it really difficult for you to be able to contact them by phone, and when you are visually impaired, you can imagine the hours of fun it can be searching a website for a phone number, and when you finally do find it, and call, don’t you just get the greatest people in the world to deal with. Well, at least D’Agostino’s has someone answering the phone that speaks English. I don’t mean to come off like a hater here, but why in the world would you have someone answering your phones that doesn’t speak English? I mean, I can’t see me moving to Mexico, or Peru, or Italy, or Africa, and landing a job at a company answering phones, and I only speak English? Ok, so back to D’Agostino’s, they do look into it, and I got to give them credit, they call me back pretty quickly, and tell me they are going to credit my account back the money. Well, this was over a week ago, and guess what, my bank account still hasn’t received the money, so I just got to begin the process all over again. Luckily, I was smart, and wrote their phone number down, and the name of the guy I spoke to at D’agostino’s, hey I wasn’t going to begin the entire process over again. So, they are looking into it. Who knew order grocery’s from D’Agostino’s would turn into a Ponzi scheme, and Nash wonders why I don’t order his dog food online. Don’t cha just love things that are supposed to make your life easier!