Bark damn you, Bark!

I decided to use my oven which I rarely use, as I don’t now how to cook, and every time I do, it is a disaster. I decided to reheat a sliee of pizza in the oven, as it tastes much better out of the oven as opposed to being nuked. The slice in there barely seven minutes on 350, and all of the sudden, the smoke detector in my apartment starts going off, and yelling, “fire, fire, fire” The first thought that came to my mind was Beavis and Butthead, hey I miss those guys, ok not really, as I was not a huge fan, as I had a buddy in college who walked around and constantly talked like those guys, and ruined the show for me. Of course, my first reaction should have been holy shite, no, not the Muslims, but my apartment is on fire. I did realize that there was no fire in the apartment, and that it was the oven causing the smoke detector to go off. I began waving a cloth in front of the smoke detector, but it would not stop saying “fire, fire, fire,” so I ran over and opened the windows and continued waving the cloth in front of the detector, eventually smacking it by mistake, and knocking it off the wall. I took the pizza out of the oven, and it wasn’t even burnt. Then it hit me. Nash didn’t make a sound during the whole fiasco. Not a bark, not a whimper, nothing. If a smoke detector doesn’t cause him to bark, I don’t know what will, so his barkless streak of never having barked in NYC is still intact.

I had some friends in the city from growing up in Florida, Evan and Dawn, and there kids. I had never met their kids, and had not seen them since before I had started walking with a cane. They came over to my apartment today so I could meet all three of their kids, they could meet Nash, and we could at least get to see each other and do a little catching up. There kids were very nice, Cameron, the oldest really loved Nash and the little one was a little aftaid of him. Hey, I can’t blame her, I think I might have been afraid of dogs when I was her age. Nash of course kept wanting to lick her. He was very behaved while they were over, and even played with his ball with them for a little. It was nice that they got to meet Nash at my apartment, so he was not working, and was just like a pet dog.

Since Nash was so well behaved while they were here, we played around a lot this evening, and I got him pretty riled up, a little too much so, as I was kneeling down over him, and he came straight up, and smashed me in the nose. It really hurt, and I was lucky that Nash did not break my nose. I guess Nash doesn’t know his own strength, and he almost caused me to bark from the pain.

2 Responses to “Bark damn you, Bark!”

  1. Nick Says:

    glad to be catching up on your blog while here in st. m. Nice that you, Evan and his family could get together.

  2. blindgator Says:

    Did you hear about Tebow? Also, your guy Pennington is out for the year. Vicious head shot to Tebow, clean hit though, the entire stadium was silent, and the entire team was on the field. Not sure if he will play in 2 weeks against LSU. Hope u are enjoying St. Martin, going to benefit tonight, so dont call too early if u call tomorrow morning.

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