A Night of Really Nice People, and A Few Assholes!

Spent most of yesterday watching college football. Hopefully Tim Tebow will be fine, but ouch, that was scary while Superman was lied motionless on the turf. About ten minutes before Tebow got hurt, I had left a message for a friend screaming about how the Gators offensive line cannot pass block, and that Tebow gets hit every time he drops back to pass, and that he is going to get killed. I hate it when I am right. How does Florida State go on the road and destroy BYU, and then lose at home the following week to South Florida? I guess that is why they play the games. Another week of upsets and down to the wire games, Penn State goes down, and Michigan wins again on their last drive of the game. There is nothing like college football, and that is why every Saturday during the season is a holiday to me.

Nash and I went a party for Exhale Spa at the Gansevoort Hotel last night. The party was in the spa, and the layout reminded me of a Russian Bath House. I have never been in a Russian Bath House, but have seen them in the movies, and the Spa was like the upscale version as there were little hacuzzi’s and pools all over the place. Before getting there, I was a little concerned that Nash might try and cannonball into one of the pools. I even checked with Nash’s puppy raisers and his trainer to get there opinion, as I knew it would be cute if he did cannonball into a pool, but I knew it wouldn’t be too much fun for me. Well, Nash didn’t even get a chance to attempt a cannonball, as the spa had little gates up blocking access to the pools. Which did make sense considering I am sure it would be an insurance liability. Exhale Spa is donating to the silent auction at Laugh For Sight, so my friend Meredith who also has RP, and is a member of the spa got them involved with Laugh For Sight, and thought it would be a good idea for Nash and me to meet some of the staff. It was a fun party, and even though I really couldn’t see the layout of the spa, I liked it, as they were playing new age music, and the sounds of all the water was very relaxing. Oh yeah, and the vodka helped too. The Vodka was for me, not Nash. I met some really nice people, and so did Nash, as he got to lick some new people. At first, Nash was being a social butterfly, trying to check everything out, and meet everyone, but then he eventually settled in, as it was pretty late for him.

Meredith and I left the hotel, and planned to get a cab to head up to my neighborhood to meet a friend of mine that was in from L.A. Well, it was raining pretty hard, so good luck getting a cab, as it was around midnight, and everybody and their cousin were flagging cabs down. We decided to go into an establishment around the corner to wait out the rain and grab a drink and then grab a cab. We had an incident at the establishment, which will remain nameless for their benefit. As soon as we walked, me with Nash, and Meredith with her cane, a bouncer came up to us, and started saying, “no, no, no, not in here with the dog. We don’t allow pets.” I calmly explained to him that Nash is not a pet, and that he is a guide dog, and the guy said, “I don’t care, we don’t allow dogs.” I sensed that the bouncer was not an employee of the club, and I told him that he better get the manager. He started going into this is a private event at the club, and was being a real dick, and if not for Meredith insisting, as she is an attorney, I would have left. As I did have to meet my friend up town, and did not want to deal with this asshole, and make a bug scene. I told him, I would just call the owner tomorrow, and he would be hearing from him. But Meredith who was right, kept insisting to speak with the manager, as I headed outside to flag a cab down. The manager, who was very nice came outside to get me, and walked me back in the club, and was very apologetic for the bouncer, and insisted that we stay for a drink, and the club even bought us the drink. That was very nice of them, and I guess in the future when I run into something like this, I should be more persistent in asking for the manager, as you can’t refuse service to somebody with a guide dog, and it is a pretty serious fine. I did not want the club to be fined as I know the owner, and knew this bouncer was not an employee of the club.

Of course, after the drink, when we left, it was still raining, and the bouncer of the club who I think felt bad for not knowing the law, helped us flag down a cab. The cab driver of course was an asshole, which I why I rarely take cabs. He charged us a flat rate for where we were going, which I am pretty sure is illegal, but on a Saturday night in the pouring rain, I think cabbies go by their own rules because they can get away with it. I ended up going over to the East side to meet my friend who was in from L.A. as he was out with some other friend’s of his. Of course, the cab driver refused to drop me off where I had asked him to, and I had to ask some stranger to show me where the bar was which was about two blocks and on the other side of the street from where the cab dropped me off. It was a night of really nice people and a few assholes, which I guess is what you get every day.

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