Power to the People, the Garbage Can is Back!

I know that I bitch and moan about a lot, so I just wanted to say, power to the people, the garbage can is back! Now what should I call the Mayor’s office for? I’m on a hot streak. Like I have said, I know this would be something that most people would never even think about, but believe me, it makes my life a lot easier having a garbage can right where I take Nash for a walk, and I even got a phone call from the Department of Sanitation telling me that they also put a garbage can on the Northeast corner, and in the future if I have any problems, I can call the local office directly. I really hope the Dept. of Sanitation did not get scolded, as it was the Secret Service that moved everything, but at least it is finally back to normal.

I couldn’t sleep the other night, and no, it was not from garbage can stress, I had fallen asleep at 12:30, and woke up at 3:45. I figured I would watch some tv since I couldn’t sleep. Why do the batteries to your tv’s remote always die after midnight? I do not recall them ever dying during the day or early evening. Of course, I did not have any backups in the apartment, so I had to run across the street to Duane Reade. You have got to love 24 hour stores right across the street. So of course, I was up to about 730 in the morning, and I started to fall back asleep on the couch, when Nash woke up, and decided it was play time. I kept saying, no Nash, sleepy, go back to sleep. I rolled over on the couch, and threw my blanket over my head, but it did not work, as Nash stuck his head underneath the blanket, and began licking the back of my head. Hey Nah, how would you like it if I started licking you during one of your several naps during the day?

Since my vision has been getting worst, I finally got around to playing around with the Zoomtext tutorial more. That is the software that I use to magnify the screen and talk to me, and wow, does it have some amazing features that I did not know about. Since I have such bag glare issues, the reason I always have a hat on, I was having trouble viewing high resolution screens of sites that used all different kinds of fonts, including this one that uses a very faint text font while typing, well, not anymore. My screen now has a black background and yellow type which is much easier for me to see, and I have even been able to set the magnification level down a bit on some sites which allows me to see more of the screen. I also learned a few more keyboard shortcuts which makes using Zoomtext a lot easier than having to go to the control panel every time you want to change something, so just like a guy not wanting to ask for directions, I never fully used the tutorial. I am going to learn some more tips today, and going blind, I have actually become a woman, and learned to ask for directions, and ask for help when trying to find where I am going.

2 Responses to “Power to the People, the Garbage Can is Back!”

  1. Susa Says:

    Congrats on getting your can back, Brian and Nash. The suspense was killing me, I was ready to drive one down myself!

  2. blindgator Says:

    Do I detect sarcasm? The only bad thing about getting it back, is other people are using it! What’s that all about?

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