It’s time for the United Nations to move out of New York City

Day two of garbage can watch, and it has not been returned. The secret service did such an amazing job of removing everything from my neighborhood for Obama’s appearance on Letterman, but returning everything to the right place, not so good. I know, some of you are saying, well, just find another garsame placerbage can to throw Nash’s withdrawl’s away. Well, when you’re blind, it ain’t so easy. Being blind is kind of like Rainman, it’s all about comfortable routines, and everything being in the same place every day. That is why out of town guests is such a pain in the ass, as you can tell them to put things in a place, but if they don’t do it exactly as you tell them, something is getting broken. If I had to come up with a phrase to describe Obama’s secret service not putting our garbage can back, I would have to say, it is a “jackass move.” And if Obama really did say that about Kanye West, than that should go down with, “I cannot tell a lie,” and “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.” At least Kanye West could take comfort in that he would go down in the annals of history.

Since I have gotten so far off topic, let me continue. I am still getting around to catching up for bad shows that I watch from last season, and one of them is the Dollhouse. Now I love Eliza Dusku, which is the only reason I watched the show, in fact, I like her so much, that if I wasn’t blind, I would probably be her stalker. How in the world was the Dollhouse not canceled? The show is so bad, that it makes 90210 look like classic tv drama. I do at least watch the show while I am doing stuff on the computer, as I keep thinking, it can’t be this bad. It is so bad, that it may ruin my Eliza Dushku fantasy, just like how Ghost Whisper ruined Jennifer Love Hewitt for me.

Nash and I had to go all the way across the city today to the Lighthouse, as I have been having a lot of trouble seeing lately, and my doctor in Philly wanted me to see a low vision specialist in NYC. I have been going to the lighthouse to get my prescriptions filled for year’s, and I used to get my canes and some other low vision tools there for years. It normally takes me 15 to 20 minutes to get all the way across the city to the Lighthouse, well with the U.N. in session, and Obama being there, the city was in total gridlock, it happens every time the U.N. is in session. It took me over an hour to take the bus to the Lighthouse today, and I almost missed my appointment.  I was not thrilled, and neither was anyone else on the street today, except for maybe Nash, as the gridlock caused by the U.N. doesn’t seem to face him. I guess Nash has more patience than New Yorkers.

Nash was really well behaved while I underwent all my eye tests. I had to focus on the eye charts and flashing lights that I could see, and he got to nap by my feet. Lucky guy. A funny thing happened at the Lighthouse, as they wanted to do a visual field test on me, and they were so excited as they have a brand new machine to do the test. I got a good laugh when they sat me at the machine, as I have been using this machine at Bacan Palmer and Scheie Eye since I was 12 years old. They have upgraded the machine to a few new versions, but it is still the same old visual field test. The staff at the Lighthouse is great, but it is kind of a sad statement on technology advancements in visual research that they are still using the same technology from when I was 12, only newer versions, and even sadder that the Lighthouse just got it a few months ago. I guess that machine is damn expensive, the good news is I have dibs to take a baseball bat to the machine at my doctor in Philly when they cure eye disease and no longer need it. After going through everything, it ends up that my old eye glass presription seems to be better for me than the new one I got a few month’s ago, so basically a lot of wasted time to go backwards.

When Nash and I left my tiring day at the Lighthouse, where I was once again disappointed that I do not have cataract’s, as that would at least explain the severe glare issues I have, the city was in even worst gridlock. This time I said screw the bus, as Nash and more importantly I could both use the exercise. Because of all the traffic at a dead stand still, I think we passed three cross town buses while walking that were sitting still, there was also people gridlock. I heard they were doing a lot of searches on the subway, so hoofing it all the way across the city was our best bet. Remind me to never leave the apartment again when the U.N. is in session. Nash did a pretty good job weaving in and out of all the obstacles and people, but he did guide me into my first pole. Luckily I had a hat on, so the brim of the hat hit the pole, and he did slow down, so we weren’t going that fast. I wasn’t thrilled, and Nash got his first left handed leash correction in a very long time. A woman was very nice to pick my hat up for me, as I could not find it.  My conclusion about the whole U.N. thing, is haven’t New Yorkers suffered long enough, isn’t it time to move the U.N.? I don’t think it even brings any money to the city, as I am sure these diplomats don’t have to pay for much, and I bet my tax dollars go to paying for all the police escorts for foreign dignitaries from countries that most of us have never even heard of. By the way, I have Dollhouse on in the background, and just listening to it makes me really queasy. I don’t know if the writing for the show is just that bad, or if Eliza Dushku is that bad of an acrtress, but she sure looks good doing it, even to a blind guy. Oh and my solution for the U.N., lets move it to down town Baghdad, and let their taxpayers have the honor of paying for them to be there. Hey, you think the turnout at the U.N. would be as good if it was in Baghdad compared to NYC?

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