What to do when the President of the of the United States blocks off your dog’s batrhroom spot!

I don’t recall them covering in guide dog training school what to do when the President of the United States causes your guide dogs bathroom area to be blocked off. So, I thought yesterday’s 8th Avenue street fair was a distraction for Nash. Hey, he’s not used to get to walk down the street as there is usually traffic, well, Sunday, it was people traffic. We walked down 8th Avenue for a little, but I think a lot of people were dropping food on the ground, as Nash was in a sniffing frenzy, and people kept trying to pet him. Some people kept following me down the street asking, “can we pet him, can we pet him, can we pet him,” and I had to politely say over and over, “I’m sorry, but he is working, I’m sorry, but he is working.” It was actually the same two people that kept asking to pet him. Some people just don’t get it.

With the street fair last all day, I was really looking forward to getting outside this morning with Nash. We got outside, and went around the corner on to 53rd this morning, and there was a long metal barrier blocking access to the street, and I’m thinking, hey Letterman, it’s a little early in the morning to be blocking the street off. I went around the barrier, and got Nash into the street, and as I am standing there waiting for Nash to do his thing, it hits me, there are no cars coming down the street, then it really hits me, wait, Obama is going to be on Letterman tonight. Oh, that’s why they have the street blocked off, and here I am standing in it. I had the feeling that some sniper somewhere definitely was checking me out, and probably had me in his scope. I think I even felt a bunch of those red target laser dots on my chest. Well, Nash did his thing, and I cleaned up, and we got around the corner, and Nash led me to where the garbage pale is, and guess, what no, garbage pale. The garbage vanished, I guess secret service moved it, as we had to go all the way down the street to throw it out. Great, and I thought yesterday was a rough day.

Nash and I went out for our afternoon walk, and is was like I walked into 1940’s Poland.  By early this afternoon, my block had become a military state. Not only were there cops all over the street, we actually had secret service in my apartment building. I tried to get on to 53rd, but now it was completely blocked off with a concrete barrier and a cop car, so we doubled back, and went to Nash’s old spot on 52nd street. Nash was not happy, as he really has gotten used to his spot on 53rd. Obama is lucky dogs can’t vote, because Nash was upset. Then we went for our walk, and it was Nash’s worst walk in awhile, but I am giving him a pass today, as he must have been really confused between the street fair yesterday where he could actually walk anywhere on 8th avenue, as it was completely shut down to today, where he couldn’t go anywehre, as there are cops, secret service, metal and concrete barriers, police cars, and other stuff that I am sure I can’t see all over the place. Just getting up the block to run the errands we had to do was a major task. On the way back, we walked down Broadway, and more of the same stuff. We were heading back home, and got to 54th and it was completely blocked off. I thought I was going to have to double back, but a cop let me through, but she did grab Nash’s leash, and I was like, “whoa, please don’t grab his leash!” I had to be real careful, as I was annoyed, but did not want to verbally scold the policewoman, as I am not sure of all the laws. She was the first person who has tried to grab Nash’s leash. The bank teller grabbed the handle of his harness, so this was a first. We got back over to 8th, and then had the fun of going through everything to get back home. Hey, Obama, no matter how well you do on Letterman tonight, lets not make a habit of doing the show, and no guest hosting either. I am really going to have to have a talk with this Letterman guy, as he keeps causing Nash disturbances. I just hope everything is gone for our 7 pm walk.

Update to earlier post

Nash and I went out for his walk after dinner, and you would have never known the President was here, and everything was blocked off all day. That was until I went to deposit Nash’s withdrawl. While the secret service and NYPD took everything away, they forgot to put one thing back, Nash’s garbage can. Nash led me to the spot that it was, but nope, it wasn’t there, we went up and down the block, and it was nowhere to be found. I am not sure if I will have to call the Mayor’s office, or the White House switchboard, but we want our garbage can back. More tomorrow on this latest crisis for the Obama Presidency, as if the garbage can is not back, Nash and I will be taking to the streets!

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