My Emmy Diary

Neil Patrick Harris’s opening song was pretty good, who knew Doogie could sing a litte.

Why do they always have to pick on the blind though? He did in his song, but I already forgot what he said. At least he followed it with a little self deprecating humor about him being gay.

A woman from Pushing Daisies won Supporting Actress, she was pretty funny, how come the Emmy’s always go to people’s whose show’s are canceled? Never saw Pushing Daisies, but heard good things. Her speach was really funny when she mentioned her favorite shows, and that she was unemployed.

The writing category was a joke, 4 nominations to 30 Rock? That show just isn’t funny. I just don’t get it.

Jon Cryer won for supporting actor, it’s about time, as Two and A Half Men has been the funniest show on tv for the past several years.

Justin Timberlake, someone explain this one to me, how is he famous? He is presenting, and seems like the male version of Britney Spears. If only Justin could pop out a kid, and keep the baby weight, then we would never hear from him again.

Again, are you kidding me? Toni Collette for that Tara show? I barely made it through one episode.

A very strange interaction between Neil Patrick and Cryer, asking Cryer if he can confirm the award says, Cryer. Why do they always do stupid stuff like this. We all know how massive these people’s ego ares, so yes, we get it you are pissed you lost, and it is not funny. You would think the Producer’s of the Emmy show would know that less is more.

Another thing I don’t get do we really need to feed the stars ego’s that were already presented with an award?

I do love the John Hodgeman voice overs, as he is hysterical. What a dream, to be able to make up crap about each person as they are walking up to accept the award, now that would be a dream job.

Rob Lowe is presenting for best actor in a comedy series, strange choice to present, I guess Sir Laurence Olivier wasn’t available, as Lowe is about as funny as Olivier was. Also, about Lowe, how has he not aged? No man, should be that good looking.

DAMN Jim Parsons from The Big Bang Theory did not win. He has some of the best comedic timing I have ever seen. Alec Baldwin won, he is the best part of 30 Rock, so can’t really be to upset, but Parsons is best, and Emmy never gets it right, so why should I expect them to tonight.

Not meant for anyone over 45, but the Family Guy clip was epic. It actually was from the episdoe when Stewie was a bookie, and Brian owed him money, and instead of Stewie saying, You Got My Money, he said You Got My Emmy. My parents hated it, but I loved it. Stewie is a God, not the God, but a God, and Nash had a good chance of being named Stewie, if I would have gotten to name him. LONG LIVE STEWIE and THE FAMILY GUY!

Well, they are now giving awards for reality shows, I don’ t understand how you can give an award for crap? I will have to wait for my parents to call me that the crap segment is over, as I am going to watch the football game, as I don’t need to see them giving out awards for crap and programing that makes people stupider. Are you smarter than a 5th grader? If you’re not, please stop reading my blog, and why would you want to advertise that on tv?

Just flipped back over to the Emmy’s, they are doing the miniseries awards, and I don’t care what people say, but Jennifer Love Hewitt still looks great. Jenny, if you’re reading, I’m still single, so ditch that idiot Jamie Kennedy, and come to NYC. I actually met Jamie at the Improv one night, he is actually a pretty nice guy, but he does travel with an Entourage, which I don’t get. Maybe if I get four or five more guide dogs, I can travel with an entourage. Anyway, a bunch of the guys in his entourage were kind of dicks, which did not reflect well on him, but he is nice. Hey, when you accept an award on someone’s behalf, do you get to keep it? Do you get to present yourself as a acceptor of an Emmy award winner?

They seem to be doing something stupid again which I have not been paying attention to. I don’t think the producer’s of the year’s Emmy’s are smarter than a fifth grader. In the production meeting, they must have said, how can we dumb this year’s program down so that a fourth grader could understand.

Hey, no fair, Alec Baldwin gets to win and present, dude, let someone else get some stage time. They are still doing the miniseries awards, and I didn’t even know that they still made miniseries. I think the last one that I saw was Roots.

At least they finally combined variety, musical, and late night into one category, as I always felt bad for the one late night out there that wasn’t nominated. You have like five nominees and six late night shows, so that was always strange, I mean, how bad did you have to be not to be nominated.

If Steven Colbert doesn’t finally win, I am going on a 51 state killing spree. What about that sentence doesn’t make sense? Am I smarter than a fifth grader?

Hey, Jim Parsons is on stage, quick someone hit Alec Baldwin the head with their Emmy and take his, and give it to Jim.

Ok, if all the writing noms in variety are going to the late night shows, quick who got left out this year? Ok, so there are more than five noms, and more than six late night shows, but there shouldn’t be.

Ok, so The Daily Show won, can’t really argue with that, but come on John bow out on eyear, so Colbert can win. Wait, we now have another Emmy winner performing at Laugh For Sight, Congratulations to John Oliver. Yippee!!

Ok, Jimmy Fallon making fun of Kanye West was the funniest thing yet.

What a shocker, Jon Stewart with the funniest line of the night, “thank you for giving me a chance to go backstage and watch a football game,” while accepting his Emmy. Sorry, Jon, the game is at halftime, GO GIANTS!!

Does CBS have any drama’s without the letters CSI or NCIS in them?

Yes, Yes, and Yes, finally Emmy gets it right, best supporting in a drama for Michael Emerson of Lost. Lost is the best drama on tv, and Michael Emerson could be the best part. The show never gets its proper due.

Wow, a win for 24. Was the worst season of 24, but still better than most shows out there. Win for supporting actress for the woman who plays the Prez, and John Hodgeman with his best line of the night, “after playing the President on 24, she is now the front runner for the Republican nomination in 2012.” Now, I know funny, and that was damn funny.

Damn a lot of people died last year. I can’t really see this part of the show, as it moves to fast, so I will have to go back and watch it later pretty much on slow mo, as I always like to see who passed away. I hope that is not strange.

I like David Boreanz as he lent his name to the event I put on in Beverly Hills in 2000, the Blind Man’s Bluff. Maybe I should start watching his show, Bones.

Yes, Michael J. Fox won for guest appearance in a drama on Rescue Me. He was great on Resue Me, and I have loved almost everything he has ever done. He is doing a lot of good raising awareness for Parkinson’s. It’s a shame it takes being affected by something, to really put yourself out there for it, but he is an amazing person, and I think I have become a bigger fan of his in life than on tv.

Best writing to ER, never saw an episode, as I got a phobia about doctor’s and hospitals. Best Directing to Mad Men, a great show. I may have gotten those awards reversed, as I really haven’t been paying attention, but they both won something. I am still a season and a half behind on Mad Men, so don’t give anything away in your speech. Ok, it looks like Mad Men got the award for writing.

Even though I have never seen American Idol, I always confuse Simon Baker when I hear his name as that idiot on American Idol. Best Actress in a Drama goes to, wow, the name Mariska Hargitay, just sounds really sexy, and the winner is damn, they just spoled Mad Men for me with the clip of the actress from the show, thanks for ruining the episodes I am behind on, and the winner is Glen Close for Damages. Are you kidding me, that show sucked this season, although, the other actress on the show is really really hot. How funny, Glen Close just just used the word affair in her speach, was that a throw back to Fatal Attraction?

Thank God a commercial, Diet Dr. Pepper really goes through you.

I am not even going to acknowledge Best Actor in a Drama, as the noms are so off, it is ridiculous. I never evcn heard of the show that won or the actor, ever hear of a show called Lost? Ok, so Breaking Bad actually sounds like a good concept, but I still never heard of it.

How can they give an award for Best Comedy when the Best Comedy is not even nominated. Come on Nerhart, just give the awrd to 30 Rock already, I want to watch the end of the football game. Is Newhart accepting a lifetime achievement award, or presenting best comedy? And the winner is 30 Rock, what a shocker, I still don’t get it, as it’s not that funny, but Tina Fey is very funny, and sexy. How’s Big Bang Theory and Two and a Half Men not even nominated?

It was great to see that Family Guy was nominated, but again I don’t think anyone over 45 gets that show, so that rules out most of the Emmy voters.

Damn it, Lost didn’t win. At least it was nominated. Mad Men won, I admit the show is good, but it’s not Lost. I think the reason it wins is because it takes place in the 1950’s when most of the Emmy voters were in their prime. Mad Men is good, but not great, and here’s who the inners should have been…


Best Supporting Actor Jim Parsons The Big Bang Theory

Best Supporting Actress the maid on Two and A Half Men

Best Actor Charlie Sheen Two and A Half Men

Best Actress Tina Fey 30 Rock

Best Comedy The Big Bang Theory


Best Supporting Actor Michael Emerson Lost, they got one right

Best Supporting Actress, the pyscho woman on Rescue Me

Best Actor Matthew Fox Lost

Best Actress

Best Drama Lost

If you have read all of this, and want to know, here are the shows that I feel  are worth watching, some are seasonal, some have ended or recently been canceled, and some are actually still on

Lost, The Big Bang Theory, Rescue Me, Pysch, Two and A Half Men, The Shield, The Unit, Boston Legal, Curb Your Enthusiasm, The Family Guy, 24, Mad Men, Prison Break, Californication, Castle, Eli Stone, Monk, Gary Unmarried, Numbers, and that’s all for now.

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  1. Barbara Fischler Says:

    Hated the Emmys this year!! (& I usually like that stuff) Best line– yours: “Do you get to present yourself as an accepter of an Emmy award winner)!

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