How to walk a dog in the country in NYC

Yes, the simple answer is just take your dog to Central Park, but not when you are blind, as when Nash and I went to Central Park, he was off like a bat out of hell, and we got pretty deep into the park, and it hit me, I have no idea where the hell I am! So, if you are blind and walk with a guide dog, and plan on going to Central Park, I suggest also going with a sighted person, or you will end up lost. Since I know that I plan on sitting on my ass all day tomorrow and watching college football from the kick off show to the 8pm game, I wanted to get Nash a good amount of exercise today. We headed out to 11th Ave, yes, the country of NYC, nice wide sidewalks, little people traffic, and your dog can really walk fairly quickly with little stress. Funny thing is we got passed by two horst and buggies, I thought we were in Amish country. Not so sure what they were doing all the way over there, as they normally stick pretty close to Central Park. Maybe they were blind horse and buggys, and they had the same thought process as me. I didn’t even take my cell phone on the walk, as I hear cell phones don’t get the best reception in the country. Strange though in the NYC country, there was still a lot of construction going on. Nash did have a really nice walk, and I would have liked to have done it later at night, but going to the country late at night, scares me, so hopefully I can get up early tomorrow morning, and we can do it again, as Nash really enjoyed himself.

Yesterday, Nash and I went to the Lite Expo at the Lighthouse, it was a technology seminar, and on the bus ride over, Nash kept wanting to say hello to every passengar that would walk by him, so that is something we will have to work on. People were commenting how well behaved he was, but I know better, and expect better out of Nash, as not everyone loves dogs, and he needs to be more focused on me, and less of a social bee. Although Nash did do a little pulling at the Lighthouse, as there were other guide dogs around, overall, he was very good. I primarily went to the expo to hear the seminar’s being put on by Apple and Google, and was very impressed with what both company’s are doing to improve their technology for visually impaired people. The new Iphone was very impressive with all of its speech functions, and I will have to look into getting it, only problem, is I am on Verizon, and the phone is exclusive to AT&T. Google is also doing a lot of impressive things to improve accessibility for the blind and visually impaired people. Nash and I were sitting in the front row for both seminars, and during the second one, the Google seminar, Nash let out a big groan in the middle of the seminar. I guess Nash is a yahoo dog.

My college football picks this weekend, look for my Gators to roll big, and get even with Tennessee for their idiot coach Kiffin’s offseason comments. I have been waiting for this one for six month’s. Look for BYU to win by two touchdown’s over BYU, for Texas to pummel Texas Tech, for Notre Dame to struggle a little against Michigan State, but pull it out, and for the Washington/USC game to be closer than people think.

3 Responses to “How to walk a dog in the country in NYC”

  1. Barbara Fischler Says:

    Go Gators!! What is your pick for the
    Wisconsin game?? Nash says they will win!!

  2. Barbara Fischler Says:

    and they did…great day of college football

  3. blindgator Says:

    Actually the Gator game was a major disappointment, as we did not look very good, and did not get to run it up. Wisconsin was playing a division 2 school, so had theur easiest game of the year. It will be a long year for Wisconsin once they get into Big Ten play, sorry.

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