Nash is causing me nightmares!

Now I know everyone dreams and has nightmares, but I very rarely remember mine. A few years ago, I even asked my doctor, do blind people dream? He says that they do, and I did read a long article about it, but probably did understand most of the scientific mumble jumble. So I rarely dream, and the only nightmare’s I remember is my living nightmare, Well, this morning, I was actually awoken by a nightmare, and Jessica Biel nor Anne Hathaway were in it, of course, that probably would have been a dream.

I know get to the nightmare. I was dreaming that I was back working down on Wall Street, no that’s not the nightmare. Nash was with me, as I was working away, and then I left work, and I was on the subway heading home, when all of the sudden, I realize that I had left Nash in the office, and I started to panick as somehow, I was able to see the cleaning crew cleaning the office, and they were stealing Nash before I could get back to the office to get him. No offense to cleaning crews anywhere, as I am sure you do not steal. What a nightmare though, I guess I do love the guy since he is causing me night terrors.

I would love to hear the pyscho babble behind this dream. Ok, so I have attachment issues, and maybe the dream is telling me that I miss working in an office, but I was working their late and alone, but how the hell does a blind guy leave without his guide dog? That part of the dream I don’t get.

I would like to express my thanks to all you bluetooth headset users for making us blind guys who talk to our guide dogs while walking not look so crazy. I mean if a guy can walk down the street talking out loud into his head, then either people assume I am talking on a blue tooth, or it probably looks much more natural talking to a dog rather than talking to no one. I also guess that homeless guy in a worn down suit on the corner talking out loud to himself doesn’t look so crazy anymore, afterall, in this economy, he was probably your stock broker a week ago, and he is just talking on his bluetooth!

3 Responses to “Nash is causing me nightmares!”

  1. Lorraine Says:

    I wonder if Nash ever dreams about being left behind?

  2. blindgator Says:

    I wondeer if he ever has any nightmares about leaving without me!

  3. Nick Says:

    First of all you are a chronic worry wart.
    Second of all, you have found true unrequited love.
    Third of all your firnd Nash never talks back or makes fun of you, yet.

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