Does Your Dog Suffer From Erectile Dysfunction?

No, this is not a question that I have about Nash or dogs, but this is what pops into your head after three days of only non-stop football watching, dog walking, and lack of sleep. Everything just kind of blends together. It’s a good thing they invented Viagra and Cialis or they would have nothing to advertise during football games. I miss the days of clever beer commercials and cigarette ads. I couldn’t imagine what is worst, being a kid and watching a football game with my Dad, or being a Dad and having a little kid watching football with me now a days. “Daddy, what’s erectile dysfunction?” “Ah, son, that’s ah when your erector set doesn’t work properly.” “Oh, ok Daddy, I can talk about that during show in tell at school.” Or even worst, your kid asking, “Daddy, do you have erectile dysfunction?” Of course, with all the parents that don’t pay attention to their kids, the response would be, “I don’t know, ask your mother?”

Did you hear the one about the blind guy who dropped his viagra pill, and his guide dog ate it? Me neither, but I am hoping somebody has, or I might have to write one.

On another healthcare note, has anyone ever bought a medical supply from a late night infomercial? And if so, did it work? Seriously, who are these people that actually buy products that they advertise on late night tv? I happened to catch a commercial as I was fast forwarding on my tivo for something called Miracle Ear. I know if I had a hearing problem, I would buy my hearing aid from late night tv. Miracle Ear is a real miracle product as they say, noirmally Miracle Ear would cost you a hundred bucks, but if you order right now, it will only cost you 19.99! What is it about right now that causes such an incredible savings, and does it count as right now if you are watching a program you tivoed six months ago, because it is right now for me, and they don’t specify in the ad whether the right now is in real time, or when I am watching the program. Also, how come on all these infomercials, they are always willing to throw in a second one of the product for free? Is it because the product is so crappy that it doesn’t last very long? And most importantly, if they can invent a Miracle Ear for $19.99, how come no Miracle or Bionic Eye? I may be willing to spend over 20 bucks for that product!

2 Responses to “Does Your Dog Suffer From Erectile Dysfunction?”

  1. Nick Says:

    I thought you loved watching football with your dad because he imparted such wisdom to you during those games. Look how much you enjoy the games now.

  2. blindgator Says:

    Yes, like any good Dad, you taught me to yell at my team on tv, and Nash does not like that, as he always jumps up when I make the slightest sound while watching the Yankees, and they are aggravating me.

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