You mean there are still A-Holes in NYC!

I should have known it was going to be a bad day when first thing this morning, I smacked my head against the wall. A real great way to start the day. And people wonder why I always where hats. If I am wearing a hat, and I bump into something, or smack my head, the brim of the cap hits the wall or object, and not my head. So that is why I always where hats.

After Nash ate his morning meal, we headed out for him to go to the bathroom, and they must be shooting a movie on 53rd street, as a bunch of those huge trailers which are bigger than my aparment were taking up the entire street, and Nash and I had to keep heading further and further down 53rd for him to find a spot. He finally finds a spot and goes into the street. Down on 53rd close to Broadway, they must shoot a lot of music videos or something, as there is a club of some kind, and there always seems to be grips coming in and out, so you have a bunch of wanna be actors and dancers hanging around. Well, Nash was in the street doing his business, and I hear a bunch of people behind me chanting, “Go, Go, Go,” then Nash pops back on to the sidewalk, and some guy cracks, “come on you got more in you.” I turned around, and sarcastically said, “that’s real funny.” As I was picking up Nash’s poop, I hear another guy say, “that is why I have a cat.” Trust me, there were about a hundred things I wanted to say to these assholes, but I don’t think that I would have been able to express myself monosylabically enough for these morons to understand. So I just bit my tongue and went on my way.

We didn’t get much done today, as for some reason, I had a ringing headache. I did get some bills paid, and some work for Laugh For Sight 4 done, but it wasn’t a great day. After Nash ate dinner, we went back out for him to go to the bathroom, and the same thing happened, the entire street was blocked off by those damn trailers, so we headed down 53rd, almost to the same spot. Now instead of the unemployed actors, the place is a club. It is real strange, as it is not always opened, and when I have my windows open and it is open, I can hear that annoying bass music booming away to 4 in the morning. I guess people rent it out and throw club parties there, but I am not really sure what goes on. So, Nash goes off the curb and starts doing his business, and the bouncer, in not the most polite of tones says, “You’re going to pick that up!” I said, “You’re going to turn the music down so I can sleep!” Anyway, I did pick up the poop, I just didn’t like the way the guy talked to me, and he said it as Nash was doing it, so it wasn’t like I was walking away or anything. Well, with everyone being so nice to Nash and me, we were due for a day full of assholes. Maybe the assholes are coming back for winter.

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