What’s in a name?

I am constantly asked, “where did you come up with the name Nash?” It does get old, boring, and stale telling people, well actually, I did not get to name him, and neither did his puppy raisers, and that his name was chosen from a central databank of na,es. Then there are the guessers. “Did you name him for Nashville?” No, what about me says country, and I hate Tennessee, as I relate it to the Volunteers, and being a Gator, I really hate them. “Did you name him for the show Nash Bridges?” Sorry, never saw it, and if I was going to name him after a Don Johnson character, it sure as hell wouldn’t be for Nash Bridges, it would have been Sonny or Crockett from Miami Vice. “Did you name him after Steve Nash the basketball player?” Sorry, I hate basketball, and if he were to be named after an athlete, his name would be Jeter, or Tebow, or Winfield.

Now that Nash and I have been together for over four months, and I have gotten to know him, and see how smart and obedient he is, and how silly he can also be, I realize that Nash has multtple personalities, but in a good way. I finally realized where I got the name Nash from. He is named after the mathematician John Forbes Nash who Russell Crowe portrayed so brilliantly in one of my favorite movies, A Beautiful Mind. John Nash won the Noble Prize for his work in Game Theory which is still used today by scientists, computer techies, and the military, and he also suffered from and overcame multiple personality disorder. Hey, naming him after John Forbes Nash almost makes me sound smart. So that is the story I am now going with.

We did our old route today, up to 57th street and then back down Broadway, and Nash was outstanding with his route work. He always avoids all the obstacles, but usually I have to give him several leash corrections to get him to stop sniffing. Today his sniffing was very minimal, if any at all.  So Nash got lots of food reward on his route today, hopefully he will keep up the good work.

Here are some more pics of Nash and Siena from our trip to NJ a few weeks ago.

Nash don't be jealous

Nash don't be jealous

It's A Doggie Siena

It's A Doggie Siena

My favorite Little Monkey

My favorite Little Monkey

One Response to “What’s in a name?”

  1. Barbara Fischler Says:

    perhaps Nash did less sniffings because he craves those country-like scents of Yorktown Heights This weekend brought back the memories. Love the pixs. She’s our favorite little Monkey too.

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