Nash, did you eat the remote control? Oh yeah, and GO GATORS!!

I am a die hard college football fan, and like to watch all the games, so I am constantly going back and forth between the couch where I watch the games, and the computer, where I am following multiple scores on the computer. I have noticed that since last season my vision has gotten a lot worst, as I am having a lot of trouble watching the games on tv, and following the action, so even though kickoff Saturday is one of my favorite days of the year, only beaten by the opening Monday of the baseball season, it has been a little depressing with the vision loss. Being a typical himan being, and also being visually impaired, I seem to constantly be misplacing the remote control as I move between the couch and the computer, and of course, each time I do that, I seem to say, “Nash, did you eat the remote control?” I have actually blamed him so much, I am now saying, “Nash, did you eat the remote control again?”  Every time I am on the couch the remote is at the computer, and every time, I am at the computer, the remote is on the couch.  Amazing how Murphy’s Law can apply to watching football. Needless to say, Nash has yet to eat the remote control.

Nash is not a big football fan, I have come to realize that he is indiffirent when it comes to my sports watching. It is funny that every time I say, “damn it,” at a play, Nash jumps up and comes over to me if he is not near me, and if he is at my feet, he pops up. Nash, wait til the Gators start playing, and playing some of their tougher games, then you will hear some loud groans and screaming at the tv. That should be interesting. Nash has been pretty bored through the morning and early afternoon games, constantly wanting to play. Luckily, I just finished vaccuming and I finally found his nila bone which has been missing for a week. Somehow, Nash got it wedged pretty far underneath the couch. Not sure how he did that one. Pretty impressive, as it took some real good tugging to get it from underneath the couch.

What we have learned so far on the first day of college football, and we are only half way through the games, the Big Ten still sucks, but Michigan is vastly improved. Oklahoma State’s offense is not as explosive as we thought it would be, so they shouldn’t even factor in to the Big 1 title. USC versus Ohio State next weekend is not going to be as good of a game as everyone expected it to be. Notre Dame should win ten with a cake schedule. Ron Zook still can’t coach, and Missouri and Georgia will be better than people expected them to be.

Nash is off to his first birthday party tomorrow, so hopefully he will be on his best behavior, as it is not his party, and he is a guest. Will be back up in Yorktown Heights for the first time since Nash and I left Guiding Eyes for the Blind. Should be a fun day for Nash tomorrow, and can’t wait for the Gators game to start in a little, even if we are a 72 point favorite, which I don’t expect us to cover, will be intersting to see how we look.

5 Responses to “Nash, did you eat the remote control? Oh yeah, and GO GATORS!!”

  1. Lorraine Says:

    Whose birthday is it? Nash is a Giants fan. He tries to get interested in Syracuse football, but can’t last the season. Same with college basketball unless SU is winning of course. Have a great time in Yorktown Heights. I’m jealous.

  2. Barbara Fischler Says:

    It is Nash’s cousin Brinkley’s third birthday. (That is Brian’s cousin Erica’s golden retriever)!! It should be a fun party. I won’t be there either since I am In Florida…Oh well. I am jealous b/c everyone else in the family will be there including Siena with Nash!!! I think Brian will get Nash to be a U of F football fan by season’s end (or at least U Of Wisconsin). Go Gators (come on Badgers).

    • Lorraine Says:

      Have you all ever used Skype? Richard’s daughter and her family are currently living in Austrailia so the only way we get to see them and chat with them is by using Skype. It’s free and not too bad to set up. Happy Birthday, Brinkly!

  3. blindgator Says:

    Yes, it was Brinkley’s Birthday, and I am not sure if I already wrote about this, but when Nash and I went to pick out a gift for Brinkley, I uttered words to the clerk at the store that I never thought I would say, “what do you sugggest for a three year old golden retriever?”

  4. Barbara Fischler Says:

    Lorraine: We have skyped with Tracey to see Siena. Unfortunately they do not do it too often..It really is terrific. You need a web cam and Brian got one for us to give to Tracey and Pete.

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