“I’m A Dog Lover,” Yeah, what about people?

Nash and I just got back from his early evening bathroom run. I had Nash out on 53rd street, horns are honking, and of course Nash is oblivious to it, as he is doing his business, and although I am not doing my business, I am pretty oblivious to it, because I can’t see it. Then some woman in a car says to me, “Can you move your dog, I’m trying to park, and I’m a dog lover, and wouldn’t want to run him over.” I said to her, “Can he finish doing his buisness,” and she says, “I’m trying to get to a show.” Of course, even though I was there first, and Nash was in the middle of doing his business, I have him get back on the curb, put his harness back on, and we go further down the street to find another place for him to finish doing his business. Now, if Nash is anything like me, he can’t be too happy, as I know when I am going to the bathroom, and someone interrupts me, I am none to happy. So, Nash did get to finish his business further down the street, and as we were heading back, this woman, who must be the world’s worst car parker was getting out of her car, seems like it took her awhile, and she says to me, “oh sorry, I wouldn’t have asked you to move if I knew you couldn’t see.” I said, “why, I wasn’t the one trying to go to the bathroom,” and just kept on walking.

Nash was invited to his first dog birthday party this Sunday, his cousin Brinkley. We went to the pet store today so Nash could get Brinkley a gift, and I had to explain to him the toy was not for him. Nash plays very well with other dogs, but is a total toy hog, so I have had to hide these gift toys from him. We did pick up some more food and treats for him, so the store run was for him, and he is always very happy to go to the pet store. I know I complain a lot about customer service, but I believe the name of this store is Petland Discount, it is on 9th Avenue, and the customer service is fantastic. Since my vision has gotten worst, going into a store that I am not familiar with is a nightmare, and at Petland, they always have someone come out and get Nash’s food and treats for me and bring it up to the counter for me, and then they put it all in my backpack, so kudos to Petland Discount for their great customer service.

3 Responses to ““I’m A Dog Lover,” Yeah, what about people?”

  1. Lorraine Says:

    I’m really impressed that Nash can go to bathroom without having anything to read. Kudos to Nash!

  2. Barbara Fischler Says:

    You did it again Brian. I laughed out loud at your response to that woman!!! Way to go Fischler

  3. blindgator Says:

    Maybe he reads the marquee’s on the passing cabs?

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