Don’t ya just love things that are supposed to make your life easier!

Don’t cha just love stuff that is supposed to make life easier, like being able to order gorcery’s online? Over the last year, I have lost a good amount of vision, and it has become extremely difficult to grocery shop, as I can’t see a lot of what I am looking for, and when I do find it, forget about reading the price or the expiration date. So then there’s online grocery shopping from D’Agostino’s, which sounded like a good way to go, although they do charge a service fee of 6.99, and I am not sure if that is meant to be a tip for the poor guy who has to drag all of your groceries over to your apartment, and of course, I fall into that “N” word category, you know Nice, so I at least have to tip him a few bucks. So, I plcaed a big order back on August 21st, and of course, when I look at my bank statement, D’Agostino’s has charged me twice. Easy, just call your bak, and have them remove it. Well, I tried that, and in order for them to do that, they would have to cancel my card, which would be a huge pain in the ass, because when you are blind, you need to memorize the number, trust it makes life a lot easier. So, I go back to D’Agostino’s website over a week ago, and I don’t know why this trend started, but why do companies love to hide their phone numbers on their websites? They love to make it really difficult for you to be able to contact them by phone, and when you are visually impaired, you can imagine the hours of fun it can be searching a website for a phone number, and when you finally do find it, and call, don’t you just get the greatest people in the world to deal with. Well, at least D’Agostino’s has someone answering the phone that speaks English. I don’t mean to come off like a hater here, but why in the world would you have someone answering your phones that doesn’t speak English? I mean, I can’t see me moving to Mexico, or Peru, or Italy, or Africa, and landing a job at a company answering phones, and I only speak English? Ok, so back to D’Agostino’s, they do look into it, and I got to give them credit, they call me back pretty quickly, and tell me they are going to credit my account back the money. Well, this was over a week ago, and guess what, my bank account still hasn’t received the money, so I just got to begin the process all over again. Luckily, I was smart, and wrote their phone number down, and the name of the guy I spoke to at D’agostino’s, hey I wasn’t going to begin the entire process over again. So, they are looking into it. Who knew order grocery’s from D’Agostino’s would turn into a Ponzi scheme, and Nash wonders why I don’t order his dog food online. Don’t cha just love things that are supposed to make your life easier!

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