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Yanks/Soxs, yet another classic that Nash even got excited about!

August 8, 2009

So, it’s the 15th inning of a 0-0 game between the Yanks, and the Soxs, a game that I have to walk Nash twice to go to the bathroom during, as it crossed the 5 hout and 45. It was funny, because several times during the game, Michael Kay, the Yankees announcer kept saying all the fans are sitting on the edge of their seats, and here I am laying on my couch thinking, well I am not sitting or laying on the edge of my couch, must be a you got to be there live thing. The Red Soxs used everyone of their pitchers, and in the bottom of the 15th with Jeter on first, Arod hit a bomb to left. I got pretty excited, as it has got to be one of the best pitched games I have ever seen, so when Arod hit the bomb, I started clapping, and Nash got up, so I got up and started hopping, and Nash started hopping, and running around wagging his tail, so I assume he was thrilled that Arod hit the home run, or he was just happy that is was over so we could go to bed!

Nash wants you to know that you can see him on The Today Show here…

August 6, 2009

Nash wanted me to let eveyone know that he was on the Today Show today. Wow, I think the only time I have ever used the word today that closely together is when I am telling someone so I was reading the USA Today today. Yeah, that is how my brain works. Nash was pretty happy with the segment we were in, and you can view it here   there is about a ten second commercial that you will have to tolerate to see the clip. I guess no tivo fast forwarding on the web. I also think my doorman that was seen on the Today Show is more excited and noticeable than Nash and me, as he is signing autographs, or maybe that’s just him signing for packages, I don’t really know, as we really keep to ourselves.

Just so you don’t think it’s all newspaper and rv interviews, I actually spent part of my day vacumming the apartment, and yes, once again, Nash has set a new record for hair shedded in my apartment. I think there was more Nash hair in the vacum filter than I have on my head! Then again, he is a lot younger than me, even in dog years. I really wanted to do a good job cleaning the apartment, so I was even kneeling down and reaching the tough to get to places around the computer and all the electronic wires, picking up the Nash hair, and Nash decided to start having a lick fest on my face. I’m like hey buddy, it’s not play time, I am cleaning so both of us can breathe. Nash just always wants to play. I am going to have to figure a way to get him to do some of the cleaning, then again, he already has a full time job, leading me around, and he gets great medical with that job, but low pay, though, a lot of fringe benefits!

Nash makes me want to be a better man!

August 5, 2009

A thought popped into my head from a few days ago. When I went to buy the copy of the NY Daily News. with the article about Nash and me, I actually went to a store, and paid for all the copies I bought. In the old days, I would have just gone to a newspaper vending machine, popped a quarter in, or in this case 3 quarters, and taken all the papers with only having to pay for one. I guess Nash makes me want to be a better man! Get the movie reference? And the winner gets, well, nothing, except having the memory like me of having a ton of useless movie information, and the pleasure of seeing too many movies.

Nash had a really nice visit with his Aunt Lona today. She came over this morning, and Nash gave her a tongue bath, and then came back over to me to rest on my feet. Nash really enjoys spending time with his Aunt Lona, and I think he got a kick out of shedding on her new pants. I guess Nash likes to give a piece of himself to everyone he comes into contact with. I am beginning to think that he has a very giving Mother Theresa complex. We all went out to lunch, and after the initial sniffing of the floor underneath the table, I think the people sitting at the booth before us, left a good portion of their food on the floor, Nash settled by my side, and even had the people at the next table comment how well behaved he was. With Lorraine and Richard, and the trainer’s at Guiding Eyes be so good at training and teaching obedience, maybe they should start training children? Being blind, it still amazed me in public how so many people’s kids act out. Send them to Guiding Eyes is my suggestion. And not knowing much about dogs, what age do they get to stop sitting at the kids tables during the holidays? Hey, I got to plan ahead with the holidays right around the corner, and i want to know what the proper protocol is?

Do Dogs Ever Step in Gum?

August 3, 2009

Being a blind, legally blind, visually impaired, sight challenged individual, I have become an expert in stepping in everything. You name it, I have stepped in it. Kind of a great excuse why I never buy expensive shoes. I’m not cheap or poor, I ruin things. I was walking around my apartment, and I did not realize that a napkin was stuck to my show, and it wouldn’t come off. Ends up, I had stepped in gum. I HATE GUM! How come their are laws about picking up after your dog, but spitting gum out on the sidewalks of NYC is ok? We need some legislation, and we need it now. Who wants to join me on a march up to Albany to out law gum? If second hand smoke is bad for ya, how bad is second hand gum? It has practically been injested, and who knows what other disgusting things have been in the person’s mouth who spit it out on the sidewalk, and then I end up bringing it into my apartment. We need all women to burn their bras to protest the gum chewers of the world. And what is most frightening, is you can get it on almost any street, and stores sell it right out in the open, where kids can grab it, and there’s no childproofing on the packages. We are dealing with a major epidemic here. They even advertise during our kids cartoons to try and turn them into gum chewers at a young age. Am I the only one who see’s a problem here?

Sorry, I went off on a little tangent there, but this is an issue that really stirs me up, and hits close to home. I lost a cousin due to bubble blowing. They made her an outcast at her school, and by the time we tried an intervention, she was up to seven packs a day, and it was just too late. So, as a guide dog handler, of a young pup like Nash, you can imagine my concern, what if Nash steps in gum? What do I do? How do I get it off him? Being visually impaired, will I even know if Nash steps in gum, or will it take me a few days to realize it? I am a concerned guide dog handler, and like a responsible guide dog handler, I want to plan ahead, in case that day ever comes where Nash steps in gum. Maybe I should try a piece, so I will know what it is like, in case Nash steps in it! I just hope that trying it once doesn’t get me addicted!

Important Week Coming Up!

August 2, 2009

So you are asking, why is this week so important, is it because we will finally get confirmation that Obama was born in this country? No. Is it because your segment is supposed to air on The Today Show on 8/6? No. Is it because you need to update your website, and book some comedy shows? No. Is it because you will be signing with a PR Firm, and getting work done for LAugh For Sight to be held at Gotham Comedy Club on 11/16/09 with John Oliver from The Daily Show, and legendary comedian Robert Klein attached so far? No. Is it something with Nash? No. It is because I need to begin preparing for fantasy football! Are you ready for some football? Only a month away, and time to start putting those rankings together. Hey, I got my priorities in line! HA.

Yesterday Nash and I walked around the city, and you will be happy to know, that I will not have to spend more time looking into those sunglasses for Nash, as after our article appeared in the New York Daily News, only a few people recognized us. Whew, I thought that Nash might have to become like one of those celebs that wears sunglasses all the time. I never understood how they could see anything while wearing those sunglasses in doors. It almost seems like by them doing that, they were taunting us folks with limited vision. I smell a class action lawsuit by the blind and visually impaired against all celebs who wear their shades in doors and in dark enviroments for emotional damages. Trust  me, I have plenty of ideas for frivolous lawsuits. Hey, if that guy was able to sue Starbucks for him being an idiot and spilling hot coffee on himself, or the fat guy suing McDonald’s, one of my ideas has got to work.

Last night, Nash and I were standing outside of Matt’s Grill, our neighborhood bar, and as we entered, and the hostess was kind enough to clear a spot at the bar for us, John, the bartender says to me, “so, I’m reading a story in the Daily News about an ugly guy and a cute dog, and I look up, and he is standing right outside the bar.” I said, “yeah, how come those kinds of powers don’t work when you are reading the gossip stories about Jessica Biel or Anne Hathaway!” That would be great if they would magically appear outside Matt’s Grill after reading about them.

Thanks to all the friends and family who sent nice notes about the article in the Daily News. I also want to say thanks to all the people who reached out to me via the blog, facebook, and my website. It was great to hear how many people that Nash and my story has touched, and about a lot of people who are in a similar visual situation. Trust me, we all have our good days and our bad days, so I am able to relate to a lot of what you are going through.

Check out the article of Nash and me in today’s NY Daily News

August 1, 2009

The New York Daily News ran a great article today written by Amy Sacks about Nash, Guiding Eyes for the Blind, the Animal Meical Center, stand up comedy, and me. You can read the article here

Nash teaching me about "sit down comedy"

Nash teaching me about "sit down comedy"

Last night was another sleepless night where I was up late watching tv. Since Nash likes to go to bed at a certain time, and be near me, I finally took Lorraine, Nash’s puppy raiser’s advice, and brought Nash’s bed right next to the couch, where I sit and watch tv. Nash did a circle around his bed, and then plopped down like an old man getting into a hot tub. He was quickly out like a light, and I was able to catch up on some old episodes of Rescue Me, one of my favorite shows. As I was watching Rescue Me, with Adam Ferrara, a previous performer on Laugh For Sight, I feel the couch begin to shake. Nash must have been having one hell of a dream or a nightmare, but hopefully it was a dream, because his head was bumping up against the couch, and he was kicking his front paws out. I couldn’t see it, but I imagine it was adorable. I patted Nash gently to calm him, as I did not want to wake him, and he did stop smacking his head and kicking his paws, so hopefully I didn’t interrupt him dreaming about chasing a steak!

Nash was pretty excited about his article in the NY Daily News today, and I thought he deserved a nice reward for being such a great Guide Dog, and not getting a sweld head, so I gave him one of his bones that was filled with bacon and cheese. Um, sounds good, he is lucky that I didn’t eat it. Nash loved it, and played with it all morning. He seems to like putting it under my desk chair and playing with it. Amazing how far he has come in a short time. Those original fears of the rolling desk chair have now become one of his favorite comfort zones, snoozing away on my feet, and under the chair. Well, I got to take Nash for a walk, and go and pick up a hard copy of the NY Daily News. This should be interesting, a blind guy buying a newspaper!