Don’t feed your dog coffee!

Late this morning, I was drinking some coffee, and rushing around my apartment, as I was meeting my Uncle Donny for an early lunch. I spilled some coffee on the floor, and of course, Nash licked it up before I could clean it up. I was very thankful to Nash for cleaning up my little mess, but I left shortly there after to meet my Uncle, and when we got to the diner, Nash would not sit down. I think he was wired on coffee, as it was the diner in my neighborhood that we have been to several times, and Nash and I pretty much have our own table. Nash kept going back and forth underneath the table, and wouldn’t listen to any of the sit commands. There was also a french fry on the floor that he was trying to get at, but I prefer to think that he was having a coffee buzz. Nash did sit down shortly, and then was his typical well behaved dog. It was pretty funny thought. Uncle D and I both had a very nice lunch, and you can’t beat chicken parmesean panini. Why don’t they have that on nutrisystem?

Going back to yesterday’s blog about Proper Guide Dog Etiquette, we added a new category in the comments section which we are calling  Stupid Attempted Helpness/When Good Intentions Go Bad. I like that new category, and today, I had an experience which I am not sure falls into any of the categorys we established. I took Nash out to go to the bathroom, had his harness off, and he was out in the street doing his business, and some woman comes up to me, and says, “can I pet your dog?” I kind of froze up, and didn’t know what to day. What kind of person wants to pet a dog while it is going to the bathroom? His harness wasn’t on, so he technically wasn’t working, but he was going to the bathroom, so he was working, but not in the way that the Guide Dog School trained us with working. This was real confusing, so I politely lied, and said, “I’m sorry, but he is working.” Geez, what did somebody read my blog, stalk Nash and me out, and say, hey here is something that he didn’t write about in Guide Dog Etiquette? Always something new and strange going on in NYC.

Before we walked out for Nash to do his business, I had Nash sitting in the lobby, as I had to switch from my regular glasses to my sunglasses. Nash always seems to stray over to left whenever I switch glasses, and now I know why. A woman says to me, “I guess he is expecting something in the mail.” The mailman always has the mail and packages sitting there to the left, and curious Nash is trying to sniff, or maybe making sure there are no letter bombs. Hey, he’s an importnat guy, so maybe he expects a package every day. I thought her comment was pretty funny.

On a final note, I sometimes use a prong collar to try and control Nash’s excessive sniffing, and over the last two days, I thought Nash had been gaining weight, as the prong collar was a little more snug than usual. I kept thinking, what the hell else has he been eating? Well, today in Nash’s closet, I found something, and was thinking what the hell is this? Ends up it was a single link of the prong collar. Not sure how it got loose like that, but now I am worried that he is losing too much weight. I will have to take him somewhere to get him weighed, but not to worry, as he is still his happy tail wagging self.

5 Responses to “Don’t feed your dog coffee!”

  1. Barbara Fischler Says:

    Nash needs a treat….just thought of something….as the Grandma do I have to buy him “doggie cookies” get the reference?????

  2. blindgator Says:

    Of course I get the reference, but they can’t be chocolate, and like me, he would probably eat Siena’s. Get the reference?

  3. Barbara Fischler Says:


  4. lona Says:

    That is so funny about his collar. We always worry. He looks great.

  5. blindgator Says:

    Yes, Nash like to Nosh!

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