Nash gets the VIP treatment from Letterman security!

It has been awhile since Nash and I did some basic route work, as Laugh For Sight has kept us plenty busy, so with the Yanks losing to Texas, Nash and I went out for a nice walk to get both of us some exercise, and really focus on our curb approaches, and his sniffing distractions. Nash would have made a helluva bomb sniffing dog, except he might stay put once he found the bomb. The llittle guy sure does like to sniff everything, and I mean everything. On the final stretch of our walk, I decided to pop into Duane Reade, we walked past the Letterman Show, and made a right onto 53rd street, we get a little way down the street, and Nash stops. Ends up that Letterman guy had the street blocked off again. Security said hold on, and they opened one of the gates for Nash and me to go through. The security guard was really nice as he took me by the arm, as I guess there were a lot of barricades, and as he did some moron actually yelled out, “why does he get to go through?” Thank you very much sir, I think you just completed your IQ test with that one question. Please don’t operate any heavy machinery. People will nevcr cease to amaze me. I wish I could have gone back, and said to the guy who asked that, ok, I will take your sight, and then you can walk through the street in exchange, and I’ll walk around the next block, deal? The security at the show was very nice to let us walk down the block, and what is amazing is that when I walked with a cane, and the street would be blocked off, they would make me cut through another street, so I guess Nash gets us the VIP treatment. Letterman will be playing Andy Roddick  in tennis on 53rd street. I don’t know much about tennis, but my money is on Roddick.

This morning, Nash and I went out for his bathroom stop, some guy says to me, “I really admire what you do.” I had no clue what he was talking about, so I just said, “thanks.” Nash was doing his business, and the guy then says, “Is he beginning or finishing?” I said, “going to the bathroom?” He says, “no, training?” I said, “oh, actually he is always in training.” I guess the guy thought that I was a guide dog trainer, and not blind. I have been mistaken for a lot in life, but never for a guide dog trainer. Hey, the blind guy takes offense to that, what we don’t fit the look of the sterotypical blind guy? Kidding, so to all you puppy raisers and guide dog trainers, you got a nice compliment for me to start my day off today.

A couple of photo’s of Nash at 9 months that were passed on to me.

Nash's first & so far only airplane ride.

Nash's first & so far only airplane ride.

Why do people keep taking pictures of me?

Why do people keep taking pictures of me?

I see a blind guy in my future!

I see a blind guy in my future!

5 Responses to “Nash gets the VIP treatment from Letterman security!”

  1. Barbara Fischler Says:

    Lorraine: I have even more admiration for what you and Richard do. How could you ever give up that adorable puppy!!! Nash is gorgeous now but wow at 9 months…I have never seen a cuter pup!! Kudos to you guys..again and again.

  2. Lorraine Says:

    Thanks Barbara. Nash was actually about 16 months in the airplane picture and only 9 weeks in the rest of them. The puppy pictures were taken on his first day home with us. He really was a cute pup.
    It may sound funny, but when it was getting to be time for Nash to go ‘in,’ it was like he was telling us he was bored. Like he knew he had learned all that we could teach him and given him all the exposures, but he was ready to move on. Richard and I both sensed it and when I described it to other raisers, some of them said they knew exactly what I was talking about. Nash must have sensed that he was bound for stardom as a guide and a media magnet and best of all, that Brian was waiting for him:).
    Thanks again for the kudos. It was nothing but a pleasure; so much so that we are raising again and are very involved in our Finger Lakes Region.

  3. blindgator Says:

    Yes, Nash is quite the popular fella. When he gets bored, he will stare at me. Funny thing is he seems to like playing with his nila bone more than his toys

  4. Barbara Fischler Says:

    Lorraine..that is incredible…these dogs are so very special…Brian for once got the good jackpot…in getting Nash and having you guys in his life. I guess Nick and I are pretty lucky too.

  5. Lona Says:

    oh my I want some of nash’s baby photos he is and was so cute. I am definitely a proud aunt!!!! So now you can get a job as a trainer for guiding eyes!

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