How’s a Blind Guy Supposed to Send Registered Mail?

Nash and I had to go to the Post Office today to send a document registered mail for Laugh For Sight. I guess I must have been the first blind guy to ever send anything by registered mail because the post office was at a loss. The employee who helped me was so confused. First off, she didn’t know how to spell Revenue. I guess she doesn’t pay taxes. Then, after filling out the label, she tells me, “well, I can’t fill out the registered mail form, you have to.” So, I say to her, “if you can tell me how a blind guy is going to address a registered mail form, then I will do it.” She says, “well, I guess another teller can do it.” I’m like, “that doesn’t mean that I have to wait in line again?” Nash and I had stood in line for an hour, and I wasn’t about to do that again. If this is how the government runs the mail, I can’t wait to see how they would run healthcare. Forget that whole argument about death panels, and the government deciding if Grandma was worth saving, how many people would die while waiting in tline? And if a postal employee does not know what the Internal Revenue Service is, or how to spell it, what would government doctor’s be like? Is that Cancer with an S? Just put some ddirt on it, you will be fine. Wow, the future is scary.

Getting back to standing in line at the Post Office, I was actually patient, but not very many other people in line were. There was a lot of groaning going on, and some yelling, which I am sure would not happen in a government run healthcare line, because we know how much more urgent people’s needs at the post office are, then they would be at a government doctor’s office. The funny thing was, Nash was better behaved than almost everyone else in line, then again, he was getting treats, and of course, he already has free healthcare.

6 Responses to “How’s a Blind Guy Supposed to Send Registered Mail?”

  1. Brenda Says:

    I am a certified O&M instructor with a true heart for bozo education for the blind! Some people’s kids!! Maybe if we feed the Postal employees the treats, they would be more helpful!!! That goes for bank and store and restaurant help as well. Carry a tootsie roll and maybe they will help you!!!I wrote a nifty flyer on Etiquette on Blindness and I would be happy to include it for you to copy and leave on your next visit to your local uniformed place of business. I live near Fresno and I enjoy your adventures when I get a chance to check in. Not sure if I can cut and paste or transfer it over without losing what I have written but I can send it to your email address if you want to read it or even add to it. Give Nash a pat for me.

  2. Lorraine Says:

    So our NYS school kids are tested by the government starting at age 8 – in the third grade, maybe they aught to be looking at the Civil Service tests to make sure that postal workers know how to fill out a form for a blind customer. I wonder what this person will do for a living when the USPS is completely replaced by the Internet. Maybe she can get a job helping the elderly and people with disabilities fill out their medical forms before receiving emergency treatment.

  3. blindgator Says:

    Yes, you would think in its dying days, the Post Office would want to go out with a bang, pardon the pun. I wonder if Governor Patterson has to deal with the same issues that the rest of us “Blindees” have to deal with.

  4. blindgator Says:

    You mean the Gov doesn’t like to be independent and doing everything for himself like me? Yes, I know he has a staff, but where would be the humor in that.

  5. Lona Says:

    so who filled out the form?

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