Do dogs get splinters?

I have a habit of walking around in my socks in my apartment, and I have hard wood floors. Every now and then, I will step on a splinter, like I did today. What is weird is the splinter was where Nash had brrn laying, so I am surprised that he didn”t get the splinter. Luckily for me, it just pricked me in the foot, and then  I found it in the floor sticking up. Not sure how it did not end up in Nash, as he was laying right on top of it, and he is back in the same spot on my feet as I write this, snoring away like he always does. He sure does snore a lot. He doesn’t have the best manners as he snoars when I try and watch tv, and burps after most meals and water feedings. He also will sneeze and not cover his mouth with a paw. Not sure how Lorraine and Richard who did such a great job raising him didn’t teach him to cover his mout with a paw when he sneezes.

Had a nice relaxing weekend as the week was so crazy. Nash and I went to our regular bar, Matt’s Grill on Friday night to watch that great Yanks pounding of Boston. I used to be able to see the tv’s in bars fine, but now I usually have to have someone tell me what happened, which can be quite frustrating. Luckily the entire staff is fantastic, and they really like Nash. Saturday was spent relaxing, and with the Yanks getting pounded by Boston, I was able to turn the game off early, and finish the first season of Mad Men. I thought it was ok, but not as great as everyone else seems to think it is. I plan to start on the second season which I have on tivo, so we shall see if I get more into it. And if you do watch the show, didn’t they have hangovers in the 1950’s? Not sure how they can constantly drink all day everyday, and then function the following day. I guess our grandparents didn’t let us in on that secret.

Today, Nash met my friend Jewel. He seemed to like, but he does seem to like everyone. Not sure if I will ever know if Nash doesn’t like someone, as he doesn’t bark, and really only makes sounds when he is sleeping, or we are playing, and he will playfully growl when we are playing tug. Went for a walk with Nash and Jewel, and had her tell me when Nash was sniffing, as this is something that I am still struggling with, and trying to get Nash to break the habit of sniffing everything. He was doing a lot of sniffing today. I guess Nash would have made a good bomb sniffing dog, as he loves to sniff.

4 Responses to “Do dogs get splinters?”

  1. Lorraine Says:

    Sorry we let you down with Nash’s sneeze training:). It’s funny because I am always telling my students to cough and sneeze into their elbows to keep their hands from being bigger germ spreaders than they already are. Will try to do better with Abner.

    BTW, it was our parents (your grandparents) who invented the Bloody Mary. Perhaps they’re not hungover because they are never sober. I don’t really know; my parents didn’t drink.

  2. blindgator Says:

    I guess my issue is that I HATE tomatoes, so I have never had a Bloody Mary. I am not allergic, but if I even take a bite out of a tomatoe, I get violently sick. Long story.

  3. Lona Says:

    dogs love to sneeze and they seem to make sure they are near your leg so that you get wet. Just in case you did not realize they were sneezing. Guess you wil have ot teach him to cover nose with his paw. Love to see that.

  4. blindgator Says:

    Funny that you made this comment today as Nash and I were playing and he had a sneezing fit, and sneezed all over me. Yuck.

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