Laugh For Sight 4 Tickets on Sale!!

I wanted to let all friends and family know that Laugh For Sight 4 tickets are now on sale, and you will want to buy them early at the “Friends and Family Rate.” You see cell phone company’s are not the only ones who can advertise like that. You can purchase tickets on Gotham Comedy Club’s website by going to the date 11/16/09, or buy clicking Buy My Laugh For Sight tickets. For more information about Laugh For Sight, getting involved, corporate tables and sponsorships, email us at



3 Responses to “Laugh For Sight 4 Tickets on Sale!!”

  1. Barbara Fischler Says:

    As much as I enjoyed being on vacation, I missed reading your daily blog. I have become a blog-a-holic!! Enjoy those daily blogs. Seems like you and Nash had an interesting week. Wonder how he would do on a cruise??? Definitely more polite than a few of the people. Glad to see that Laugh for Sight is coming along so nicely… the new web page

  2. blindgator Says:

    Yes, we had a slow comment week on the blog, as most of my regular commenter’s were gone, but we sure do seem to have a lot of reader’s.

  3. Barbara Fischler Says:

    I’m sure you’ll get more. Your writing is so interesting and funny…and helpful to many, I am sure.

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