Nash’s first gang fight!

Nash and I were out for his evening walk on Sunday a little later than we usually go out, and as we were coming back to my building on 8th Ave., it sounded like there were a bunch of drunk guys in their 20’s milling around. I couldn’t tell if they were fighting or just horsing around, hey, I was in my 20’s at one time, and we had a lot of fun that I am sure came off as loud and annoying to other people. Well, I just spoke to the doorman who was here, and sure enough they were actually fighting. I guess there was a big Indian parade in the city that day, and as usual some people had a little to much celebrating, which I have been known to do before, and no, I am not picking on people from India, just two experiences with people from India in the last few days. So they are fighting on 8th Ave, right in front of my building, actually throwing punches and stuff, and Nash weaved in and out of all of it. Which I imagine had to be a pretty funny visual. I guess Nash has nerves of steel, and nothing seems to faze him. Not sure if it really is a good thing that he walked through all of this, but I guess the good thing is that he did not freak out, and was not distracted. The funny thing about the entire situation, as we walked through all of the craziness, one of the guys actually yelled out, “watch it, service dog coming through.” Not sure if he was one of the guys fighting, but no matter what, it is pretty funny. I got into my building, and wasn’t going to wait around to find out what was going on outside, as I figured it would be best to just get up to my apartment. That is the delay for this, as I just got confirmation about what happened last night.  It really wasn’t a gang fight, just some rough housing.

To bark or not to bark, that is the question!

Nash and I have been back in the city for 3 month’s, and he has yet to bark. I am not complaining, as this is a good thing. He is so quiet, that a lot of the time, you do not even know he is there. He snores ten times more than he barks, and puckers while dreaming five times more then he snores. Yesterday, I was reheating some Ray’s Pizza, and decided to use the over, as it tastes much better than it does coming out of the microwave .I only use the oven like once every four months, and as usual, I set the smoke detector off in the apartment. Not sure why this happens, as the food was not burning, and was ready to eat as soon as it came out of the oven. So the smoke detector is going off with a loud beeping, and saying fire, fire, fire, and Nash just sits at attention and does not even bark once. This was a little surprising, as you would think this would have caused a bark. Nope, nothing, quiet as a mouse. There I am waving a towel in front of the annoying smoke detector, which did nothing, and I eventually ended up knocking the damn thing off the wall, and still no bark. I guess or not to bark is Nash’s answer.


3 Responses to “Nash’s first gang fight!”

  1. Lorraine Says:

    I don’t think we ever heard him bark either. We have a fenced in backyard. The neighbor to the left has two hotdogs, one of which yaps her head off. As you know, Nash has a great sense of fun and used to run the fence line to antagonize the barker. Pretty funny to watch as the hotdogs would get scolded by their owner who used to ask me how I trained him not to bark. I confessed that we hadn’t trained him, that he just came to us like that.
    Just when you start to think that the human race is going to hell in a handbasket someone you would least expect to, stops to tell others that there is a service dog coming through. There’s hope..

  2. Lona Says:

    well brinkely started barking when he was around 2 1/2 so you never know. and he does sort of laugh at dogs when they bark and ignors them so we shall see with Nash. I miss him and you of course but you know your aunt crazy dog lover. glad the fighters knew a service dog when they see him. Imagine what would have happened if u still used walking stick.

  3. blindgator Says:

    Will be interesting to see if Nash ever starts barking regularly, but I do enjoy how quite he is. He is 2 years and five months today I just realized. Hopefully if someone ever threatens me Nash will bark at them, but knowing Nash, he will just lick them, so hopefully if someone threatens me, they will be afraid of dogs, as that is the only way Nash is capable of scaring someone.

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