His name isn’t Buddy, it’s Nash!

Nash and I were at the bank today, and the teller came out from behind the counter, as she said they were under some construction, and she would walk us out. I always call Nash, Buddy, just as a verbal reflex, and I said, “let’s go Buddy,” and the teller started calling him Buddy. I wasn’t going to go into, well, actually his name is Nash, but I guess his nickname is Buddy. As she was leading me out, she actually grabbed Nash’s harness to direct him. This is the first time someone has touched his harness handle, and I thought I reacted very well, as I calmly said, “Please don’t touch his harness.” I didn’t even raise my tone. Well, the teller must not have liked that because as of that comment Nash and I were on our own to the door, which wasn’t a problem, as we have been in that Citibank several times. It was just strange to me that she stopped helping us. I mean would you grab a woman’s baby stroller handle if you were helping them? It just seemed like a very odd response.

Nash has had a pretty tame week, as I have been swampped with stuff for Laugh For Sight. Just because most of the comedians are booked, doesn’t mean we are close to finished. There has been a basic website design, and now we have someone who is redesigning all the work I did, as I am not a webdesigner, oh yeah, and I am blind. There has been getting the PR and Media campaign underway, ad design, legal paperwork, contracts, corporate sponsor and donation request proposals, etc. etc. Yes, it’s a full time job and more putting a benefit like Laugh For Sight together with little budget and few bodies. I have my hands in every part of the show, so you can imagine how crazed I have been. Nash has been getting regular walks and exercise, but when we are in the apartment, it is pretty much an all day, all night thing on Laugh For Sight, and of course, Nash always wants to pop his head in to see what I am doing, and wants to play with everything. He has been great in letting me get work done when I am really flowing, and tickets will go on sale in the next few days, and we will be offering a friends and family rate, so you will want to purchase your tickets sooner rather than later. I will be posting up here when tickets go on sale, and you will be purchasing them through Gotham Comedy Club’s website, or you can call them, as that is one less thing for me to handle.

Not much of a Nashdate for ya, but you can see we have been keeping pretty busy, and Nash is pretty happy as we got his food today. He really loves his la,b and rice.


One Response to “His name isn’t Buddy, it’s Nash!”

  1. Lona Says:

    sorry have not written in a while but catchingup now. cna’t wait for laugh for sight. yeah no one should grab his harness weird

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