Nash, it’s not polite to stare even if it’s just the microwave.

I noticed the other day that Nash likes to stare at people. I guess growing up with an absentee mother, he never learned that it is not polite to stare. On the subway, he will pick out someone and just stare at them, same on the bus, or whenever we are sitting in one place for a bit. Today, I caught him staring at the microwave as I was nuking some lunch. He was enthralled with the microwave. Now, I don’t know if he has always done this, and I just noticed, but he was really fascinated with the microwave today. Maybe its because I just had a cleaning woman here, and now you can actually see the microwave.

I got really depressed the other night because it finally hit me what really sucks about being blind, I’m never going to get to see a ghost! Unlike the kid in the Sixth Sense, I don’t see dead people, hell, most of the time, I don’t even see living people.

Here’s a little advice for ya, if you ever think you are having a really bad day, go to the ATM, close your eyes and try and use it. Not a lot of fun. Glad to see they are cutting back costs by not putting braille on the numbers anymore, not that that helps, as you still have to use the on-screen commands for your transaction. And why the hell do they have braille on the drive through ATM’s? Someone explain that one to me?

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