Nash does New Jersey, 48 state to go!

Nash and I left the state of New York for the first time today. LEt me clarify, we left the state of NY together for the first time. I have lived all over. and I think Nash may have been born in NJ, as that is where his Dad, Alfie lives, he is from a broken home, as his parents are not together anymore. I am not sure where his Mom, Moon lives, as we haven’t heard from her in awhile, so this is a sore subject. Together, Nash and I have only been in NY, so it was exciting to cross state lines, even if it was New Jersey. We took NJ Transit out of Penn Station, and for those of you who have not had the pleasure of riding NJ Transit, it sucks, possibly the worst transportation I have ever taken, and their customer service is also the worst of any transportation line I have ever experienced, although today, on our way there, their customer service was shockingly good. I guess it’s Nash, he brings out the best in people. Previously when I walked with a cane, no one would ever help me find my train, it was like I was a leper, I guess they thought if they helped me, they would catch blindness. We got off the subway at Penn Station, and were really lucky, as the woman I asked to direct me to the ticket counter, happened to be going there, so I grabbed on and we got there, and once customer service helped us onto the train, it was a pleasant ride.

We were going to NJ to see my sister Tracey, and my niece Siena, sorry Tracey, we were really coming to see Siena, hey, the truth hurts, just like everyone is coming to see Nash, and not me. Mash briefly met Siena at the Guide Dog school graduation, which seems like years ago. Siena has gotten a lot bigger, and she is now a crawling machine, as she was crawling all over the place. I think Siena may have a future as a Nascar driver or track runner, as she kept crawling laps around the coffee table. I got to feed Siena her bottle, and she has the cutest little hands and feet, and kept grabbing my finger, and then she grabbed my beard. I guess the beard needs a trim, because she got in a few good tugs. Great, I was getting picked on by an 8 month old, what’s next. While I was feeding Siena, Nash was off his leash, and was very good, he was definitely curious, and then I think he gave me a “hey, remember me, I get all the attention” look. After feeding Siena, I put Nash back on his leash, and we let Siena crawl up to him, she and he were definitely curious about each other. Sieane was touching Nash’s nose, and Tracey asked, “if she touches him, he won’t bite her?” I said, “no he won’t bite her, but if she grabs his wiener, I can’t promise anything.” I think Nash is really good with babys, actually really good with all people. I think Nash even licked Siena’s bottom, hey that is illegal in some states. I had told Tracey when I got to her house that if Siena has any toys on the floor, she should pick them up because Nash is a toy hog. Well, while Siena was crawling around she took a plush toy off the table, and must have left it on the floor, and sure enough, Nash had a toy in his mouth. Hey, I warned you, he loves toys. Amazing that when ever I drop something, Nash leaves it alone, and lets me find it, but if a toy is on the floor, it is his. I don’t know how he is able to differeniate, but he does. Siena went down for a nap, and I think this made Nash happy, because he was able to get everyone’s full attention.

It was the first timeNash has had a meal somewhere else other than home, so that was interesting, as I brought his food with me, and we put it in a tupperware bowl for him to eat. I don’t think he liked drinking his water out of the tuperware, as he did not drink that much water. Overall, I was very happy with how Nash behaved around Siena, and on his trip to NJ, and considering the nickname of the state, The Garden State, I mean the Garbage State, it is amazing to me that we were there all day, and Nash did not leave a land mind behind!

One Response to “Nash does New Jersey, 48 state to go!”

  1. Barbara Fischler Says:

    Glad my two grandchildren got on well together!!! I didn’t realize that Nash’s mom was a hippie….Moon? Anyway, come to Florida and that will make only 47 to go and also first plane ride together. Sorry Nash,. Siena is going to make it here first!!!

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