Today Show Segment postponed! When it rains it pours

The Today Show Segment about Guiding Eyes for the Blind set to air 7/30 has been postponed, and I do not know why, not sure if some celeb died or another Governor has gone missing, but when it rains it pours. I should have known better, as I have worked in several different capacities of the entertainment biz for years, and have always told everyone, with the entertainment biz, don’t get excited until it is over, as I have spent a lifetime of getting excited about things, only to be disappointed, as they have either been canceled, postponed, or fallen through. Now, I am not even a hundred percent sure that I was even in the segment, and if I am/was if it would even help my stand up career, but any kind of publicity helps, and I am still trying to get my career to the next level. I had a ton of close but no cigar with my screenwriting, a ton of we love it, but… A documentary that was being made about my blindness and the stand up comedy that ran out of funding, only to have a ton of people say they loved the idea, and want to finance the rest of it, and guess what. No one came through. One can only take so much, and I am beginning to think the hell with this whole entertainment biz. One can only take so much rejection and disappointment in one lifetime. I am telling myself to just have the pity party today, and get back to the grind tomorrow, but it is a pain in the ass how many people I had to email about the postponement, and I know the friends and family understand, but it annoys me about the industry people. This was obviously completely out of my hands, but it will be interesting to see what airs on The Today Show in the 830 to 9am time slot, as that is where the segment was supposed to air.

Maybe Nash knew something was up because he was coughing this morning, which he never does. He seems to have stopped, but it is something I need to keep an eye on, and of course, this afternoon when we went out for his walk, it was monsooning. The worst rain storm I have had to walk him in yet, so if he is getting sick, I am sure that did not help. Like I said, when it rains, it pours. Well, tomorrow is a new day, and hopefully we will find out the segment is rescheduled for next week.

One Response to “Today Show Segment postponed! When it rains it pours”

  1. lona Says:

    Hey I had to scan thed wholde today show that I taped while away tghen did itg a second time thinking I missed it. News articled was great

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