Nash of Greenwich Village

Nash and I are heading down to Greenwich Village tonight to meet with a few people. It will be his first trip there, as I have not been down to Greenwich Village since before I got Nash. I guess, as long as they don’t take his paws, we will be fine. For those of you who don’t get the reference, see Eric Roberts, Pope of Greenwich Village. It is thundering again. Yesterday we had a lot of thunder, and it amazes me that none of it fazes Nash, he is sleeping below me right now, and yesterday, he slept thorough most of it, and his bed is pretty close to the window. Some of it even scared me a little. Hey, it is loud, and startling. Hopefully it will not rain too much tonight, as I have yet to go somewhere with Nash in the pouring rain. We have had so much rain, but so far we have only been drenched on either walks to get Nash exercise or his bathroom runs. Nash loves to try and shake himself dry, which does not work, as I have to run a towel over him, which of course, he thinks is playtime, and he acts like a bull running through the towel. I am not sure how cute Nash would come across if we are in a comedy club, and he shakes himself dry getting everyone around him wet. I don’t know how to control it either, as I have tried. Hey New York City, enough with the rain already.

On a non-Nash note, I have been trying to figure out why it is ok for ABC to produce a crappy reality showed called Blind Date. I don’t hear of any shows called Deaf Date or Paralyzed Date? I am not politically correct, in fact, I am the farthest thing from it, but it does piss me off, that blindness is the one disease that it seems to be ok to constantly poke fun at. Name one rock band that does not have a lyric involving blindness, or one tv show where they haven’t said, what are you blind, or even a blind man could see that.  I could go on, but you get my point. Considering blindness is the number fear in the world, more than getting cancer or aids, which I never understood, you would think that we would have a stronger lobby.

2 Responses to “Nash of Greenwich Village”

  1. lona Says:

    Can I scream now this is my third attempt at wring this keep hitting wrong button and losing itall. So if u enbd up with 3 messages all starting the same u know why. Ok aga-n hate to tell u this but all dogs love too shake off the wet. I think it is their way of getting. Back at us. As far as the blinbd okes go I agree we r more aware and woner why others r not. I no longer think any joke or comment of that nature for any group is funny. But thgen again there r some about women that I have to la_gh about as some r so true. Guess we have to takje good with bad but itis not easy.

  2. blindgator Says:

    And I’m sure my blind jokes don’t help my cause any. Then again, that is self deprecating humor, and I like to think I do it in a smart creative way.

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