Nash is a blanket hog!

With the weather being so fantastic this summer, my apartment has not been the typical summer inferno. I like it nice and cool, and have had the windows open a lot, and got two new fans to keep Nash and me nice and cool. So much so, that I have been able to lay on the couch with my blanket, and be nice and comfortable. Well, my big blanket seems to rest over the side of the couch, and Nash has grown accustomed to curling up in the part of the blanket that hangs over the side of the couch. Certain times, I try and adjust the blanket, but cannot move it because Nash is laying on it. I have thought about trying the old kitchen table cloth and dishes magic trick where you pull the table cloth out from underneath the dishes without the dishes crashing to the floor. I have thought about trying this with the dog, but Nash just looks too cute and comfy, so I have yet to try it, as I am not sure he would like it. I guess Nash does not know that you should never mess with another man’s woobie!

Nash and I went to our new neighborhood bar last night, Matt’s Grill to watch the Yanks game. I really like Matt’s Grill, as the entire staff loves Nash, and tolerates me. Kidding, they like me, but really love Nash, and they always make room for him at the bar. We went there to watch the Yanks game, and the only problem is everyone wants to pet Nash, and Nash loves it, so as long as I am not walking around with him and working him in the harness, I let them pet him. Nash loves all the attention he gets. One thing I did notice is I used to be able to see the tv fine and follow the game, but last night, even with my glasses on, I had a lot of difficulty seeing the game. Someone had to tell me what was happening, so it was quite frustrating, as I am not sure if my vision is getting worse, or if I was just having a bad day. My eyesight is not good on days when I do not get enough sleep, or if I am really tired, and I did not sleep well the previous night. Strange how retinitis pigmentosa affects people, and how it is different in every case. There is no constant, and can be quite frustrating on the days when you can’t see as well. What really sucks is they have begun the human testing of gene therapy, and even though my blood has been all around the world for genetyping, and they still have not been able to detect what gene is defective in me. Frustrating stuff.

3 Responses to “Nash is a blanket hog!”

  1. Barbara Fischler Says:

    Nash–this note is for you—give Brian a few extra licks (but not on his face, he doesn’t like those so much) and give him some extra love….sounds like he needs it…and the Yankees lost.Love you guys.

  2. lona Says:

    Hey hope at least Nash has decided to be a Yankee fan. You r amazing so try not to get too frustrated. I think u r amazing

  3. blindgator Says:

    We are still working on Nash becoming a Yanks fan. He is not a big fan of tv, and I am, so we may have to reach a compromise,

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