Ever wonder why traffic is so far backed up in NYC?

Nash and I headed out for his afternoon bathroom run, and I took him off the harness, and let him into the street where he does his business. Nash went number one, then he started doing that lab dance back and forth, which usually means they are getting ready to poop. Since it was a very overcast and rainy day, I could see a little, and all of the sudden, I noticed that there was a street cleaner that must have been coming up the street soon after Nash went into the street. It was just sitting there waiting for Nash to do his thing, but then all of the sudden, I hear a lot of cars honking. Nash kept doing the lab dance going back and forth, trying to find that perfect spot, and thankfully, the street cleaner just sat there, and let all the cars behind him continue to honk. Hey, I would rather the streets of NYC be backed up, then for Nash to be backed up. So the next time you are sitting in traffic, think before you honk, because there could be a blind guy up ahead letting his guide dog go to the bathroom.

Nash was back on stage with me tonight, and I usually like to hold the mic, as I would have one hand on the cane, and one hand on the mic, as I like to move around while I am doing my stand up, and some of my material does require a lot of movement, not to be confused with the Nash kind of movement, we call it an act out. Well, since I have been going on with Nash, and no cane, and Nash has been walking all around the stage at times, taking the audience’s attention away ,I tried something new tonight. I just stood with the mic in the stand, and had Nash sitting right next to me. Nash was perfect, as he just sat there through my entire set, instead of walking around. So, it looks like at least for the immediate future, I may have to become a stationary comic, will have to see how that will affect the material that requires a big act out, as if I do not hold on to the mic stand, I could end up not knowing where it is, and that would definitely disrupt the act, but it would be better than what happened one time, as I was walking around, Nash just kind of plumped down and started yawning. Of course, I did not know about the yawning until after my set, and a few ot the other comic’s told me. Hey, if your guide dog doesn’t look interested in your act, then why should the audience pay attention? Of course, Nash has already heard the material several times, as I do practice it out loud at home, so mayne he is just tired of hearing it. You know, this whole thing would be a lot simpler without the damn blindness.

2 Responses to “Ever wonder why traffic is so far backed up in NYC?”

  1. Barbara Fischler Says:

    I agree…but then where would poor Nash be….

  2. Lorraine Says:

    Good thing it wasn’t Nash who was backed up!

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