You’re not going to to die today, you’re not going to die tomorrow, but you could die the next day!

Last night I started having real difficulty breathing. Since I despise going to the doctor, I figured I would sleep on it, and see how it was today. Of course, with my luck, it wasn’t any better. I have to take these really deep breaths to breathe. I finally called over to the doctor, and made an appointment. Of course, a million things were running through my head. Ends up the doctor thinks it is allergies. Nash was really well behaved at the doctor’s office. I brought his tie down with me, and when I went into the exam room, I tied him down to the bed. He was amazing, as he just sat there, and looked up at me the whole time I was on the examination table. The doctor popped the thermometer in to my mouth, and I think Nash was thinking, “hey, that’s not where they stuck it when we went to the vet! No fair!” They also tested my oxygen, breathing, and heart, and everything seems normal. So, if I do in the next few days, you will all know who to sue. Kidding. To quote Ivan Drago, from Rocky IV, “If he dies, he dies!” Amazing that big Russian guy, Dolph Lundgren did not become a huge actor with lines like that.

They gave me some allergy medicine, and of course, the stuff knocks me right out, so now my hours are way off, as I have slept for most of the day, and the breathing is still abnormal. Nash and I took the subway to the doctor’s office, as I have more time than money. I think it was only our third time on the subway, and it was very bright out today, and considering how I was feeling, he did a great job navigating, and I think he went right to the subway turnstile when I told him to. I was disappointed as the the escalators in the subway stop were not working. Hey, you’re having difficulty breathing, so why don’t we make you have to clumb as many steps as possible. I was looking forward to Nash getting to take the escalator, as you do not work the guide dog on to the escalator, you heal him with the leash. Nash did great at the school, but we have not gotten to use an escalator since we have been back in the city. Nash seemed to enjoy the subway, as we were only a few stops, and it was not crowded, so we stood right by the door, and Nash didn’t even try and lick the floor, which is something I do NOT want him to do on the subway.

It was pretty hot out on our entire journey to the doctor’s, and when we got home, I was looking forward to sitting in between both of my fans, and of course, as soon as I walked in, I walked right into the new fan my Aunt just got me, knocked it over, and it broke. The blade tried to fly out, and kill me, as it came off the roller it is on, and now is useless, and the AC in my apartment is good for one thing, running up the electric bill without cooling the apartment. You mean to tell me you don’t plan to stand right over the AC the entire time it is on? Well, tomorrow better be better. I am not sure I can get better living in an Indian sweat lodge.

One Response to “You’re not going to to die today, you’re not going to die tomorrow, but you could die the next day!”

  1. Barbara Fischler Says:

    I hope that Nash is taking care of you….the way you take care of him. Feel better..Love, Mom

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