Nash is a junkie!

Over the last few days, I have been trying to have a little movie marathon during all the rain we have been having in NYC, and I realized something. Nash is a junkie! He is an absolute attention junkie. If you have been reading my blog regularly, you know that I can see a little, so I have been trying to catch up on about 400 movie and tv episodes. I know the only way I will ever get caught up is with a lengthy bed ridden hospital stay. I will be watching a movie, and all of the sidden, I will hear a little groan, I will turn the light on, and there is Nash sitting far enough away where I cannot touch him, but close enough where he is staring right at me. At first, I thought this meant he had to go to the bathroom, or that he was hungary, but since it seems to happen late at night every day, I have come to realize that Nash needs constant attention. I’ve tried telling him come on Nash, watch the movie, but this does not work, and we will have a good stare off. I will tell him to come over to me, and he doesn’t, he sometimes groans again, and sinks belly to the floor, all spread out. I have come to realize the Nash has junk in the trunk, because his big butt sticks up in the air. Nash is not fat, butwhen he lies on his belly, for some reason he reminds me of Babe Ruth. Big middle section, and these thin muscular legs. It is pretty funny. I know that I am not supposed to go to him, as we are in a battle to determine who the alpha is in the apartment, but he is so cute, and sometimes I can’t help myself. What I have discovered works best is ignoring him, getting off the couch, and going to the computer, and most of the time he will come over and lie on my feet. Needless to say, at this rate I will get caught up on the movies when the polar ice caps melt, but hey, according to scientists, that could be in a few years. Moral of the story, if you come over to watch a movie, don’t expect to get get rhrough it without several pauses, and know I don’t have a baby whose diaper needs to be changed, it’s just Nash being Nash.

I wanted to get Nash some good exercise today, so we headed West, as we usually go North or South. I wanted to get him some nice long avenues. It was the furthest West Nash has been as we went over to 11th Avenue. Nash had some nice long stretches with no obstacles, and wide sidewalks, so I imagine the route was not as stressful, as there was also not a lot of people over there. At one point Nash did say to me on 11th Ave, “Are we in the country?” It is amazing how different only three aves away in NYC could be. My shoulder did hit a pole on the way there, and on the way back, I did trip a little over a stoop, so those both got left hand leash corrections. Nothing to severe though. Other than that, Nash was pretty good. For the first part of the route, Nash had a very good pace, but on the way back, he was a little tuckered out. We hit his bathroom spot, and then were headed back to the apartment, when someone who knows my dog better than me had to come up and say, “Your dog looks thirsty, and tired.” Well, he better be, he just did a nice long route to get his exercise, and it is a little warm out. I love people who feel the need to tell you things about your dog that they think you do not know. I was polite to the woman, and just said, “yes, he is, and we are going home.” I guess people expect a dog to never be thirsty or tired. How come when I walked with the cane no one ever came up to me and said, you look thirsty and tired, can I buy you a beer?

2 Responses to “Nash is a junkie!”

  1. Lona Says:

    Hey, can I buy you a beer? Ok, so the aunt in me has to say bring his water bottle on long walks then those annoying people won’t bother you as both of you can take a sip. Sorry no beer in bottle, bad for both of you. ha ha Love ya aunt Lona

  2. Michelle and Troy Says:

    Hi, I’m a guide dog user and I know where you’re coming from lol! I seriously wish someone would come up and ask me if I’d like a drink! As if my dog was much more precious and important than me! lolololol!!

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