Listen to your Guide Dog!

Nash and I went for a nice walk today, and his pace was the best it has been in a long time during the first leg. Nash had a nice bounce in his step. We crossed over 57th heading torwards Columbus Circle. Since even sighted folks get lost in Columbus Circle, i avoid it like the plague. Nash and I went to head right on 58th street, and he hesitated, then he headed a little right, and I thought he was going forward, but he actually walked me into a store that was under construction, as the door was wide open. I was a little annoyed at Nash, and got him back outside, and was all set to give him a leash correction, and I leaned down to him, and the brim of my hat bumped a pole. I am assuming that Nash walked me into the store, as it was the only way to avoid the pole, so no correction. I told him, “ok Nash, you will get away with that one.” We then got to 57th street heading torwards Times Square. Nash would not cross the street when I was telling him to go forward. I then told him in a stronger voice, forward, and Nash leaped off the sidewalk, as I stepped down right into a huge puddle. The moral of the story, llisten to your guide dog, as he is probably trying to tell you something and right.

During our route, we got several “aww, how cute,” and I gave my pattened “who, me or the dog?” I am not a rocket scientist, but I think the comments are for Nash.

I spoke to JoAnn from my guide dog class yesterday, and it seems like things are going pretty good for her and Macon for the most part. She to is having some serious sniffing distractions, with the dog. I obviously want to hear things are going fantastic with everyone and there dog, but honestly, it is good to hear what issues other people are having, as it helps me understand that Nash and I are still a work in process, and that we have only been together for two month’s, and guide dog work is not a perfect science, so there will be good days and bad, but hopefully more good.

3 Responses to “Listen to your Guide Dog!”

  1. Barbara Fischler Says:

    definitely sounds like there are more good days. It is good to know that other guide dogs are sniffing. Yeah for Nash leading you away from poles and puddles. I think that gets him an extra treat!! (Grandmas are for spoiling).

  2. Lorraine Says:

    Hi Brian,
    I love your snappy comeback, “Who me or the dog?” What kind of responses do you get?

  3. Lona Says:

    I tghink the comments are for you (ok so I am prejudice) but he is sooo cute!!! good for Nash watching those puddles. Now the question is was he watching out for you or did he not want to want to take the big leap? As your mom said it is nice to know others are in same situation as you it is a work in progress and both of you are doing great. Love Aunt Lona

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