Good thing that wasn’t the bus from Speed!

Nash and I had his vet follow up this morning. Nash gets fed before he goes out for his morning walk, as I have no clue how fast his food runs through him, and better to caution on the safe side. Well, today we had to leave right after Nash ate, and I told him to drink his water because we weren’t going to be back for awhile. Of course, he didn’t listen. I gave him extra time to drink his water, as I wanted Nash to be hydrated for our trip to the vet.

We got off the bus on York, and some how I got all turned around, so I asked a guy which way is 62nd Street? Obviously he was not from NYC because he said “East 62nd?” Would it really make a difference if it is East 62, or West 62nd, 62nd is going to be in the same place no metter if it is East or West. Amazingly, we got to the Animal Medical Center, and I had brought a granola bar with me for breakfast.  Unlike Nash, I cannot eat right when I wake up. I am standing on the corner eating my granola bar, and Nash is staring up at me with those big puppy eyes like he had never eaten before. I kept saying, “Nash you already ate, this is people food.” Good thing no one saw us, as they would have thought that I was starving Nash.

We were early for our appointment, and again we were seen early. Definitely a lot quicker going to the vet than to my doctor’s office, and neither of us seem to get a lollypop at either place. Nash’s ear infection is all cleaned up for the most part, so no more drops for now, just the normal ear cleaning. The floppy ear king got a clean bill of health, as I had the vet check out his joints since Nash has been walking slow. Ends up Nash is probably just easily distracted which I guess is better than being sick. Nash is also down to 66 pounds from 69. I thought if anything Nash might gain weight. The vet thinks Nash is fine at 66 and does not need to put any weight on. I guess he is getting enough exercise. Nash’s mass shedding is also normal for this time of year, so if you come over, expect to be covered in Nash hair when you leave. Overall, a very positive visit, and it is good to see that I am keeping Nash nice and healthy. Now if only I could lose weight as quickly as Nash!

On the way home, I asked someone if I was standing at the bus stop, and I was. The bus pulled up, the doors opened, and I said to the bus Nash. Nash complied. Only problem was, it was the rear doors for the bus, the ones that are for exiting the bus only. Good thing it wasn’t the bus from Speed of I could have been blown up! Nash, I don’t mind a free ride, but I am pretty sure that everyone saw us come on to ths bus, and if not, I am sure they will notice us. We headed to the front of the bus, and I couldn’t contain my laughter. I swiped my metro card, and said to the bus driver, “that’s never happened before.” We sat in the front of the bus, and took it back all the way across the city. When we got to 7th avenue, a woman getting off said, “your dog is very well behaved.” Yes Nash is, and cute too!

2 Responses to “Good thing that wasn’t the bus from Speed!”

  1. Barbara Fischler Says:

    glad today was a better day. Even happier that Nash got a clean bill of health. I’d like his weight loss secret too. Love, Mom

  2. Lona Says:

    of course he is well behaved and cute he is my nephew!!!! And you are cute too!!!! Glad Nash got a clean bill of health. Miss you lots aunt Lona

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