When is Cody Ransom back?

I never thought I would ask this question, but when is Cody Ransom back? That’s right, Arod is so bad without steroids, that I want the 30 year old career minor leaguer back. Now why can’t the Yankees sue Arod for fraud? The guy got a $250 million contract based on what he was able to do while on steroids. Without steroids, Arod is a .210 hitter, so basically a lighter hitting version of Cody Ransom. I have no idea why the Yankees or any other team cannot break a contract with a player who used steroids to get a huge contract. Now, if I wrote a bunch of jokes for someone that  Itook from a no name deceased comic, would that be fraud, and wouldn’t I be sued?

Nash was back to his slow moving Nash today. It has been a very frustrating day. We go to the vet tomorrow for his ear infection follow up, as it has been three weeks. I plan to talk to her about his lethargy during his routes. Not sure if she will know the answer, or if I will have to contact Guiding Eyes, but it gets very frustrating when you can move a lot faster than the dog.

Also, on the frustration front, the air conditioning is basically useless in my apartment, and it is hot. I will get the handyman to look at it, but he will do what he does every year, spray some frion, and say it is fine. Really, so you are telling me that a working ac only is supposed to cool what is standing right over it? Damn I miss central ac. I am cranking two fans in here, and have the windows open, as why should I pay the electric for an ac that is warmer than it is outside. I am also still dealing with my internet problem since Nash knocked it out. The wireless conection still doesn’t work, so you have to have a LAN line plugged in. This is not a problem for the desktop, but is a problem for my laptop and tivo. My tivo connects wirelessly, and updates the cable lineup, and I can connect to netflix and other services. Well, the lineup is almost up, and I cannot find the one ethernet cable I have to plug into the router. Luckily, I seem to be able to hijack one of my neighbors networks, so I can at least keep the tivo service updated. Hey, six years living here, and a neighbor finally did something for me. Ha!

The Yanks are getting shutout again, where is Steinbrenner. At least fire the awful hitting and pitching coaches. If leaving runners on base was how you told score, the Yankees would never lose.

Well, hopefully tomorrow will be better than today, as today was pretty bad. I guess you can say it was one of those days where nothing went right. Of course the whole time I was trying to find the cable, and was under the desk trying to fix the router, Nash keeps following me around and licking me. Not very helpful Nash. At least it’s good to see he still feels well, as he is sitting in his usual place, giving me the two feeter right now. I guess the Yankees, the ac, the router, and no wireless internet connection are bothering Nash.

2 Responses to “When is Cody Ransom back?”

  1. Lona Says:

    ok so let’s give you another problem. why is it when I answer your blog on my blackberry it does not work? anyway, hope to get into city soon and see you. Hope the fan I got you helps. Love ya Aunt Lona

  2. blindgator Says:

    Not sure why the blog doesnt work on the blackberry, as I have not tried to access it on my blackberry. The fan has been great, and it would be unbearably hot without it, so thanks again. Nash seems to like it, and surprisingly is not afraid of the fans.

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