Date Night On the set

James, Jillian, Nash, and me went to dinner at some Greek restaurant on 42nd street in Times Square last night. Nash did a good job of weaving in and out of the tourists, and especially at avoiding the gigantic puddles. It was nice to have dry shoes for a change. When you walk with a cane, you seem to step in every puddle, so another point in the Nash column. Well, after dinner we decided to head back to my place on the West side of 8th avenue since there were less tourists. We rounded the corner on 42nd, and  I just let Nash lead the way. Well, Nash did not realize they were shooting a movie, and had the entire block crossed off. Nash was not fazed by any of this, unlike the tourists who I guess have never seen a movie being filmed. I have never understood what is so intriguing about seeing a movie being filmed, and it was not like they were actually filming right now. they were just setting up the scene. They weren’t letting anybody down the street, but let Nash, James, Jillian, and me right through the set of Date Movie, a movie with a hell of a cast that includes Tina Fey, Ray Liotta, James Franco, Steve Carell, Mark Wahlberg, and Mila Kunis. With that cast, I might actually have to check out Date Movie, but it looks like it will not come out to 2010. Unfortunately, we did not see any of the cast, not that I would have seen them anyway, and we just walked through the set fairly quickly, but it was Nash’s first movie set, and he was not star struck!

Even though Nash didn’t say it, he did send me a very cute animated Happy Father’s Day card with puppies on it. It was nice of him, but I think my Mom may of had something to do with it!

I may have to start doing my “I hate Arod bit” again. It was very popular in NYC a few years ago. I just read that Arod did not play the last two games, and asked out of the lineup because he fatigued. Well, he is hitting .212 so he probably needs his rest. Well, the scum bag was spotted out in South Beach on Friday night with Kate Hudson at 230 in the morning. This guy just does not get it, and I am sure his teammates must have been thrilled that AFraud was too tired to play, yet he was ablt to go out partying to 230 in the morning. I will give him kudos for the hanging out with Kate Hudson. I mean afterall, how many .212 hitters get to party with Kate Hudson?

3 Responses to “Date Night On the set”

  1. Barbara Fischler Says:

    actually Nash called and asked me to arrange for the card…A very clever dog…that thinks he is human. Happy Father’s Day. Love, Mom

  2. Lona Says:

    oops ,forgot to wish you a happy fathers day. so happy day to you. um I think nash need his own cell phone you know the one that has 5 buddies he can call. this way he can call grandma and ask her to do things for him. Grandma’s are suckers for those things trust me i know I have a grandpup. Oh course his mom won’t spend the money on a cell for him. I jsut don’t get it. anyway, glad he is not star struck,. funny how they let you guys through ther film sight. Miss you Aunt lona

  3. blindgator Says:

    Nash is to young for a cell phone, and he is so friendly that he would go over his minutes!

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