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Nash, some privacy please.

June 29, 2009

Living alone in a alcove studio apartment, you tend to get into some habits, especially when you are legally blind. You like to know where everything is, as everything has a place. You always put your beverage in the same place, that way you don’t knock it over. The remote control stays in the same place, that way you know where it always is. Your wallet and keys stay in the same place. That way you can leave your apartment in a timely manner. Pre-Nash, the cane stayed in the corner by the door, again so you can leave your apartment in a timely manner. Your behavior is almost like Rainman, you have your routines, and they don’t change. Of course, out of town company can throw some wrinkles into the equation. You can only tell them so many times not to move anything, but it happens. And forget about a cleaning lady, especially since so few of them speak English very well. Try explaining to them that you need everything to stay where it is or you will not be able to find anything. I had a cleaning lady that loved to rearrange my fridge, lets just say a lot of stuff got spilled. Anyway, back to Nash.

You would think that Nash would like some privacy every now and then, and I certaintly do. Well, living alone, every time I use the bathroom, I leave the door open. Nash loves to follow me around everywhere, and be right next to me. Most of the time, I am in there trying to do my business, and I hear clippy clop, and in comes Nash. The worst is when I don’t hear him coming, and all of the sudden, I am on the bowl, and Nash starts licking my leg. Not very pleasant. Or, he will walk in and plop down on both of my feet. Now how am I supposed to go to the bathroom? I’m like, “Nash, not now, privacy please, privacy please.” Nash looks up at me, and I know exactly what he’s thinking, “Hey dude. if you’re going to stand over me everytime I go to the bathroom, I’m going to do the same to you!” I guess turn about is fair play. And for those of you who say, well, why don’t you just close the door? Well, I tried that, and sometimes I forget about it, and walk right into the door, and now that it has gotten hot in NYC, the bathroom becomes a sauna with the door closed. I guess I will take the company over a sauna any day.

Here are some pictures that my Aunt Lona took of Nash in his bed. Some times I think he really likes the camera.I have also been working on a blog of my 25 favorite actor’s, so expect that soon.

What's this guy doing in my bed!

What's this guy doing in my bed!

Why's that lady always taking pictures of me?

Why's that lady always taking pictures of me?

Give me some paw dude!

Give me some paw dude!

Can you guys leave, I need to take a nap.

Can you guys leave, I need to take a nap.

Just chillin

Just chillin


Nash is a junkie!

June 27, 2009

Over the last few days, I have been trying to have a little movie marathon during all the rain we have been having in NYC, and I realized something. Nash is a junkie! He is an absolute attention junkie. If you have been reading my blog regularly, you know that I can see a little, so I have been trying to catch up on about 400 movie and tv episodes. I know the only way I will ever get caught up is with a lengthy bed ridden hospital stay. I will be watching a movie, and all of the sidden, I will hear a little groan, I will turn the light on, and there is Nash sitting far enough away where I cannot touch him, but close enough where he is staring right at me. At first, I thought this meant he had to go to the bathroom, or that he was hungary, but since it seems to happen late at night every day, I have come to realize that Nash needs constant attention. I’ve tried telling him come on Nash, watch the movie, but this does not work, and we will have a good stare off. I will tell him to come over to me, and he doesn’t, he sometimes groans again, and sinks belly to the floor, all spread out. I have come to realize the Nash has junk in the trunk, because his big butt sticks up in the air. Nash is not fat, butwhen he lies on his belly, for some reason he reminds me of Babe Ruth. Big middle section, and these thin muscular legs. It is pretty funny. I know that I am not supposed to go to him, as we are in a battle to determine who the alpha is in the apartment, but he is so cute, and sometimes I can’t help myself. What I have discovered works best is ignoring him, getting off the couch, and going to the computer, and most of the time he will come over and lie on my feet. Needless to say, at this rate I will get caught up on the movies when the polar ice caps melt, but hey, according to scientists, that could be in a few years. Moral of the story, if you come over to watch a movie, don’t expect to get get rhrough it without several pauses, and know I don’t have a baby whose diaper needs to be changed, it’s just Nash being Nash.

I wanted to get Nash some good exercise today, so we headed West, as we usually go North or South. I wanted to get him some nice long avenues. It was the furthest West Nash has been as we went over to 11th Avenue. Nash had some nice long stretches with no obstacles, and wide sidewalks, so I imagine the route was not as stressful, as there was also not a lot of people over there. At one point Nash did say to me on 11th Ave, “Are we in the country?” It is amazing how different only three aves away in NYC could be. My shoulder did hit a pole on the way there, and on the way back, I did trip a little over a stoop, so those both got left hand leash corrections. Nothing to severe though. Other than that, Nash was pretty good. For the first part of the route, Nash had a very good pace, but on the way back, he was a little tuckered out. We hit his bathroom spot, and then were headed back to the apartment, when someone who knows my dog better than me had to come up and say, “Your dog looks thirsty, and tired.” Well, he better be, he just did a nice long route to get his exercise, and it is a little warm out. I love people who feel the need to tell you things about your dog that they think you do not know. I was polite to the woman, and just said, “yes, he is, and we are going home.” I guess people expect a dog to never be thirsty or tired. How come when I walked with the cane no one ever came up to me and said, you look thirsty and tired, can I buy you a beer?

Listen to your Guide Dog!

June 26, 2009

Nash and I went for a nice walk today, and his pace was the best it has been in a long time during the first leg. Nash had a nice bounce in his step. We crossed over 57th heading torwards Columbus Circle. Since even sighted folks get lost in Columbus Circle, i avoid it like the plague. Nash and I went to head right on 58th street, and he hesitated, then he headed a little right, and I thought he was going forward, but he actually walked me into a store that was under construction, as the door was wide open. I was a little annoyed at Nash, and got him back outside, and was all set to give him a leash correction, and I leaned down to him, and the brim of my hat bumped a pole. I am assuming that Nash walked me into the store, as it was the only way to avoid the pole, so no correction. I told him, “ok Nash, you will get away with that one.” We then got to 57th street heading torwards Times Square. Nash would not cross the street when I was telling him to go forward. I then told him in a stronger voice, forward, and Nash leaped off the sidewalk, as I stepped down right into a huge puddle. The moral of the story, llisten to your guide dog, as he is probably trying to tell you something and right.

During our route, we got several “aww, how cute,” and I gave my pattened “who, me or the dog?” I am not a rocket scientist, but I think the comments are for Nash.

I spoke to JoAnn from my guide dog class yesterday, and it seems like things are going pretty good for her and Macon for the most part. She to is having some serious sniffing distractions, with the dog. I obviously want to hear things are going fantastic with everyone and there dog, but honestly, it is good to hear what issues other people are having, as it helps me understand that Nash and I are still a work in process, and that we have only been together for two month’s, and guide dog work is not a perfect science, so there will be good days and bad, but hopefully more good.

Michael Jackson is Dead!

June 25, 2009

I did not believe this at first, as Michael was known for his publicity stunts, and it sounds like a lot of people did not believe this at first, but the L.A. coroner just confirmed it, Michael Jackson has died. Not to be too self indulgent, but now I really feel old, as Michael Jackson was a large part of my childhood, and not in the bad way. I remeber in the third or fourth grade, we did Thriller as our class play. I remember parachute pants and moon walking. I remember Billie Jean, Say Say Say, Thriller, and Beat It. I remember We Are the World, and a simpler time. Now that I think back to my childhood, the jaded adult that I have become really hopes that Michael was not guilty of child molestation charges, but the jaded adult still can’t understand why all of these people flock to the hospital and outside the Neverland Ranch, and the people who are being interviewed who didn’t know Michael, and are crying uncontollably, that is something the jaded adult in me will never get, but at least the kid in me can find a way to say rest in peace, Kindg of Pop,

Good thing that wasn’t the bus from Speed!

June 24, 2009

Nash and I had his vet follow up this morning. Nash gets fed before he goes out for his morning walk, as I have no clue how fast his food runs through him, and better to caution on the safe side. Well, today we had to leave right after Nash ate, and I told him to drink his water because we weren’t going to be back for awhile. Of course, he didn’t listen. I gave him extra time to drink his water, as I wanted Nash to be hydrated for our trip to the vet.

We got off the bus on York, and some how I got all turned around, so I asked a guy which way is 62nd Street? Obviously he was not from NYC because he said “East 62nd?” Would it really make a difference if it is East 62, or West 62nd, 62nd is going to be in the same place no metter if it is East or West. Amazingly, we got to the Animal Medical Center, and I had brought a granola bar with me for breakfast.  Unlike Nash, I cannot eat right when I wake up. I am standing on the corner eating my granola bar, and Nash is staring up at me with those big puppy eyes like he had never eaten before. I kept saying, “Nash you already ate, this is people food.” Good thing no one saw us, as they would have thought that I was starving Nash.

We were early for our appointment, and again we were seen early. Definitely a lot quicker going to the vet than to my doctor’s office, and neither of us seem to get a lollypop at either place. Nash’s ear infection is all cleaned up for the most part, so no more drops for now, just the normal ear cleaning. The floppy ear king got a clean bill of health, as I had the vet check out his joints since Nash has been walking slow. Ends up Nash is probably just easily distracted which I guess is better than being sick. Nash is also down to 66 pounds from 69. I thought if anything Nash might gain weight. The vet thinks Nash is fine at 66 and does not need to put any weight on. I guess he is getting enough exercise. Nash’s mass shedding is also normal for this time of year, so if you come over, expect to be covered in Nash hair when you leave. Overall, a very positive visit, and it is good to see that I am keeping Nash nice and healthy. Now if only I could lose weight as quickly as Nash!

On the way home, I asked someone if I was standing at the bus stop, and I was. The bus pulled up, the doors opened, and I said to the bus Nash. Nash complied. Only problem was, it was the rear doors for the bus, the ones that are for exiting the bus only. Good thing it wasn’t the bus from Speed of I could have been blown up! Nash, I don’t mind a free ride, but I am pretty sure that everyone saw us come on to ths bus, and if not, I am sure they will notice us. We headed to the front of the bus, and I couldn’t contain my laughter. I swiped my metro card, and said to the bus driver, “that’s never happened before.” We sat in the front of the bus, and took it back all the way across the city. When we got to 7th avenue, a woman getting off said, “your dog is very well behaved.” Yes Nash is, and cute too!

When is Cody Ransom back?

June 23, 2009

I never thought I would ask this question, but when is Cody Ransom back? That’s right, Arod is so bad without steroids, that I want the 30 year old career minor leaguer back. Now why can’t the Yankees sue Arod for fraud? The guy got a $250 million contract based on what he was able to do while on steroids. Without steroids, Arod is a .210 hitter, so basically a lighter hitting version of Cody Ransom. I have no idea why the Yankees or any other team cannot break a contract with a player who used steroids to get a huge contract. Now, if I wrote a bunch of jokes for someone that  Itook from a no name deceased comic, would that be fraud, and wouldn’t I be sued?

Nash was back to his slow moving Nash today. It has been a very frustrating day. We go to the vet tomorrow for his ear infection follow up, as it has been three weeks. I plan to talk to her about his lethargy during his routes. Not sure if she will know the answer, or if I will have to contact Guiding Eyes, but it gets very frustrating when you can move a lot faster than the dog.

Also, on the frustration front, the air conditioning is basically useless in my apartment, and it is hot. I will get the handyman to look at it, but he will do what he does every year, spray some frion, and say it is fine. Really, so you are telling me that a working ac only is supposed to cool what is standing right over it? Damn I miss central ac. I am cranking two fans in here, and have the windows open, as why should I pay the electric for an ac that is warmer than it is outside. I am also still dealing with my internet problem since Nash knocked it out. The wireless conection still doesn’t work, so you have to have a LAN line plugged in. This is not a problem for the desktop, but is a problem for my laptop and tivo. My tivo connects wirelessly, and updates the cable lineup, and I can connect to netflix and other services. Well, the lineup is almost up, and I cannot find the one ethernet cable I have to plug into the router. Luckily, I seem to be able to hijack one of my neighbors networks, so I can at least keep the tivo service updated. Hey, six years living here, and a neighbor finally did something for me. Ha!

The Yanks are getting shutout again, where is Steinbrenner. At least fire the awful hitting and pitching coaches. If leaving runners on base was how you told score, the Yankees would never lose.

Well, hopefully tomorrow will be better than today, as today was pretty bad. I guess you can say it was one of those days where nothing went right. Of course the whole time I was trying to find the cable, and was under the desk trying to fix the router, Nash keeps following me around and licking me. Not very helpful Nash. At least it’s good to see he still feels well, as he is sitting in his usual place, giving me the two feeter right now. I guess the Yankees, the ac, the router, and no wireless internet connection are bothering Nash.

It’s your duty to vote for the Major League Baseball All Star teams

June 22, 2009

Ok, so maybe I am confusing voting for the MLB All Star team with Presidential elections, but at least this one, you get to do from the comfort of your own home. As long as Florida doesn’t screw up the All Star voting, we should be fine. Nash and I are getting ready to go out for our afternoon walk, and we seemed to be in a lot of agreement here, but I think he may have wanted Youkilis at first base, and I tried to tell him that we don’t vote for Red Sox’s, unless they are having a crazy ridiculous season, and we have to vote for them. Here is the link to vote for the All Star team, and who Nash and I voted for.

American League

First Base: // <![CDATA[// Teixeira, M., NYY
Second Base:// <![CDATA[// Kinsler, I., TEX
Third Base: // <![CDATA[// Longoria, E., TB
Shortstop:// <![CDATA[// Jeter, D., NYY
Catcher:// <![CDATA[// Mauer, J., MIN
Outfielder:// <![CDATA[// Cruz, N., TEX
Outfielder:// <![CDATA[// Granderson, C., DET
Outfielder:// <![CDATA[// Jones, A., Balt

National League

First Base:// <![CDATA[// Gonzalez, A., SD
Second Base: // <![CDATA[// Utley, C., PHI
Third Base:// <![CDATA[// Reynolds, M., ARI
Shortstop:// <![CDATA[// Ramirez, H., FLA
Catcher:// <![CDATA[// McCann, B., ATL
Outfielder:// <![CDATA[// Braun, R., MIL
Outfielder: // <![CDATA[// Dunn, A., WAS
Outfielder:// <![CDATA[// Ibañez, R. PHI

Date Night On the set

June 21, 2009

James, Jillian, Nash, and me went to dinner at some Greek restaurant on 42nd street in Times Square last night. Nash did a good job of weaving in and out of the tourists, and especially at avoiding the gigantic puddles. It was nice to have dry shoes for a change. When you walk with a cane, you seem to step in every puddle, so another point in the Nash column. Well, after dinner we decided to head back to my place on the West side of 8th avenue since there were less tourists. We rounded the corner on 42nd, and  I just let Nash lead the way. Well, Nash did not realize they were shooting a movie, and had the entire block crossed off. Nash was not fazed by any of this, unlike the tourists who I guess have never seen a movie being filmed. I have never understood what is so intriguing about seeing a movie being filmed, and it was not like they were actually filming right now. they were just setting up the scene. They weren’t letting anybody down the street, but let Nash, James, Jillian, and me right through the set of Date Movie, a movie with a hell of a cast that includes Tina Fey, Ray Liotta, James Franco, Steve Carell, Mark Wahlberg, and Mila Kunis. With that cast, I might actually have to check out Date Movie, but it looks like it will not come out to 2010. Unfortunately, we did not see any of the cast, not that I would have seen them anyway, and we just walked through the set fairly quickly, but it was Nash’s first movie set, and he was not star struck!

Even though Nash didn’t say it, he did send me a very cute animated Happy Father’s Day card with puppies on it. It was nice of him, but I think my Mom may of had something to do with it!

I may have to start doing my “I hate Arod bit” again. It was very popular in NYC a few years ago. I just read that Arod did not play the last two games, and asked out of the lineup because he fatigued. Well, he is hitting .212 so he probably needs his rest. Well, the scum bag was spotted out in South Beach on Friday night with Kate Hudson at 230 in the morning. This guy just does not get it, and I am sure his teammates must have been thrilled that AFraud was too tired to play, yet he was ablt to go out partying to 230 in the morning. I will give him kudos for the hanging out with Kate Hudson. I mean afterall, how many .212 hitters get to party with Kate Hudson?

Nash’s first slumber party

June 21, 2009

My friends James and Jillian are in the city, and they stayed over Friday and Saturday night, and although we are all grown adults, I have a very tiny apartment, so them staying here felt like Nash’s first slumber party. Nash has been on excellent behavior while we have guests, and has taken a real liking to Jillian, and has allowed her to give him a belly rub. Not to worry though, Nash still likes me best, as we were sitting around my apartment, and Nash got out of his bed to join us, and took his usual place, plopping down on both my feet.

We went to dinner Friday night at the Eatery. They have the best mac and jack I have ever had, and the blackberry margaritas aren’t bad either. Nash was very well behaved at the bar, and at the table. We had a bizarre experience, as I had to go to the bathroom, and James led me to the bathroom, and I healed Nash. That means Nash is not working, I am leading him by his leash which is a good thing to do in a crowded restaurant when you have a sighted guide. Well, we got to the very tiny bathroom, and Nash was adamant about not going in. Not sure if it was the size of the bathroom, or maybe some aroma, but Nash was not moving. This was the first time I did this, I handed James the leash and said just hold him, as I really had to go. I will have to call Guiding Eyes to ask what to do in case something like this happens in the future. Maybe I should have afraid to go into the bathroom too!

Most interesting Celebrities I have met

June 18, 2009

I love making lists, I have loved making them since I was a kid. This one is a little self indulgent, but I thought it would be interesting, as working in Hollyweird, and being a stand up comedian, I have gotten to meet a lot of interesting people. I have been to the Academy Awards twice, 2 World Series Games, 2 Baseball All Star games, and several Yankee playoff games, comedy shows, movie premieres and parties. In this list, there are multiple people on some entires, as I met them together. A lot of the people in honorable mention, I met real quickly, so no great story behind the meeting, just cool to meet them.

Honorable mention: Jack Nicholson, Leonardo DiCaprio, Tim Burton, Sandra Bullock, Kevin Costner, Andy Garcia, David Duchovny, Vince Vaughn, Phil Collins, Benicio Del Toro, Robert Klein, Lewis Black, Andrew Dice Clay, Sarah Silverman, Greg Giraldo, Nick DiPaolo, Rich Vos, Bob Costas, Marv Albert, Derek Jeter, Halle Berry, Train, Willie Mays, Hank Aaron, Pam Anderson, Helen Hunt, Paulina Porizkova, Salma Hayek, Chris Rock, Ving Rhames, Michael Biehn, Fred Savage, Keanu Reeves, Paris Hilton, Gary Marshall. Summer Sanders, Artie Lange. Stuart Scott,

20. Luke Perry, Jason Priestly, Tiffani Amber Thiessen, and Tori Spelling

I was an extra on Beverly Hills 90210, and looking back, I never thought I would be able to say I was on the good 90210! Perry and Priestly were very cool, and we were all smoking cigarettes off stage. Tori Spelling was the only unfriendly one, so yes, that is me making the white man bop infamous on 90210. Every now and then I get a call from someone who just saw it in reruns.

19. Marcua Allen

Was at Bar Marmont in L.A. the bar of the hotel where Belushi died. We ran into Marcus Allen, he was really cool. The funniest part of the evening was some guy kept bothering Marcus, saying, please call my Dad, please call him, he’s your biggest fan. Marcus finally agreed to call him on the guy’s cell, but before he did, he asked the guy, “Got any sister’s?” It was hilarious.

18. Derek Jeter

One night, I was walking home with my cane and a handful of groceries, and a guy comes rushing out of a bar, and slams into me. He was apologizing, and all of the sudden, I start hearing, “Jeter we love you.” I look up, and the guy who ran in to me says, “Got to go.” It was Derek Jeter. Thank God he didn’t trip over my cane, or I would have been the Bartman of New York!

17. Whoopi Goldberg

Met her at the reopening of the Improv. We talked for a bit, and she kissed me good night when I left.

16. Ronald Reagan

He had an office right about Davis Entertainment’s in the Fox Towers in L.A.Fox Towers is the building they used in Die Hard, so just working there was cool. Secret Service would take Reagan to his office, and I would see him all the time. He looked pretty sick, and they would never let you ride the elevator with him, but one day, I got to ride the elevator with just him, and secret service. It was weired, he was pretty gone with Alzherimer’s, and I was just awe struck, as the two of us stared at each other the whole time.

15. Charlize Theron

Met her the first time I went to the Academy Awards in 2000, I had just started walking with a cane, and I walked in torwards the bar, and accidentatly stepped on her foot. She made a huge scene, and made me feel real bad, so I really disliked her for years. Well, last year, Charlize made it up to me, as she donated some autographed DVD’s for the silent auction at Laugh For Sight. That’s right, were good Charlize.

14. Cindy Crawford and Bill Maher

Both used to rent videos at a store that I worked at in Westwood. One day, it was just Bill and me in store, and I said to him, “I just wanted to tell you, I am a big fan,” and he said, “don’t ever fucking talk to me again.” Lets just say that was the last day I ever watched anything with Bill Maher. To this day, he is the biggest asshole I have ever met.

13. Rachel Weisz and Helena Bonham Carter

Met them the second time I went to the Academy Awards. I was standing next to them for twenty minutes, and they were both wearing low cut evening gowns, and being a blind guy, I got away with staring at them, just going back and forth, it was very pleasant!

12. Henry Hill

For those of you who do not recognize the name, he is guy that Ray Liotta portrays in Goodfellas, I have met him a few times, did research for one of his books, and am thanked in it, He gave me an autographed Goodfellas poster that says, “To Brian, Don’t be a Wiseguy, Henry Hill.” The name of the book that Goodfellas is based on is Wiseguy.

11. Bill Cosby

I did a commercial with Bill Cosby as a kid. I was a cute kid, it has been all down hill since, and then in 1999 before a Bill Cosby show, I got to go backstage and spend some time with him. One of the nicest classiest people I have ever met. I got a picture of me as a kid sitting on his lap, and got it autographed when I saw him in 1999.

10. Harrison Ford and Liam Neeson

Met them both at the Premiere party for K 19 at the Russian Tea Room. I only got to shake hands with Harrison, and say a quick hello, but got to drink with Liam. I have a great picture of the two of us, and Liam has had a little too much to drink.

9. Gene Hackman, Bo Jackson, Faye Dunaway, and Chris O’Donell

Met them all while working on the movie The Chamber. Chris O’Donell was a prick when I ran into him in a bar a few month’s later. I got to sit next to Bo Jackson at the premiere, that was really cool.

8. Eddie Murphy

Met him while working on Dr. Doolittle, the last movie I worked on before leaving L.A. because I was losing my vision. Got to deal with Eddie giving a ride to a transvestite hooker, and lets just leave it at that.

7. Mickey Mantle

I was 12, and my Dad let me skip school to go out to where all the old time Yankee’s were having a camp. I was the only kid there, and when Mickey walked up, I had three things for him to sign. I said, “Mr. Mantle, can I get your autograph, you were my Dad’s hero.” Well, Mick ripped the ball out of my hand signed it, and said to Moose Skowron, “I’m sick of this shit!” and threw the ball back at me. My Dad almost had to deck his hero, and that was the first time I met the Mick. Each time I met him, he was drunker and drunker!

6. O,J, Simpson

I interned for NBC at the 92 Barcelona Olympic’s, met O.J. several times, and a bunch of us went out drinking one night, and O.J. picked up the tab. Seemed like a nice enough fella. Amazingly, we had moved to L.A. right after the murders, and we actually got run off the freeway by the cops during the chase!

5. Bon Jovi

Met Bon Jovi when he started out acting and he came in to the production company I was working at, Davis Entertainment. He was really cool, and we talked about playing poker, of course, he played in a little bit higher stakes games then me.

4. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Shaq

Met them both in 1994 at Planet Hollywood in NYC. We just happened to be having lunch there, and a bunch of the Orlando Magic came in the celebrate Shaq’s 21st birthday. The funny thing was our table was right next to there little private area. I had my picture taken with Shaq, and instead of shaking my hand, he is actually holding it. I have pics of Arnold and Shaq together, and then I saw Arnold again that summer when he put his hands in concrete at Mann’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood.

3. Brad Pitt, Dennis Quaid, and Meg Ryan

I met them all at a fashion party in 1994 in L.A. This was right before Brad Pitt became huge. Actually spoke to Dennis Quaid the most, and drank with them for awhile. They were all super nice.

2. Al Pacino

Met him at his directorial debut premiere, Looking For Richard. He was the last person I ever met, and was star struck. I just shook his hand, and said, “You’re Amazing.” He said thanks with a raspy voice like he smokes five packs a day.

1. Kevin James and Ray Romano

I got to do two shows with them, and hang back stage with them all night. They could not have been more down to earth and friendly. They treated me like one of the guys, and a friend. Funny thing is I know several comedians who have not had the success of these two, but act like it, and treat people poorly.