Who needs to join a gym

Guiding Eyes for the Blind was very kind to give us 8 pounds of dog food when we left. Well, Nash has gone through it pretty quickly, as he gets three cups a day, down from 3 1.2 when we were at the school.

They just aired that commercial for Continental where the morons are actuing like the plane is a newborn. If you haven’t seen it, they tell their friends that their plane is 14,000 pounds, and the friends gush like the plane  is a baby. I hope the ad exec that came up with that one is on the unemployment line. It isn’t cute, and it isn’t funny. The only dumber commercial is the one for Pizza Hut, where they blindfold a couple, pretend they are taking them to a nice restaurant, and actually serve them Pizza Hut in their own kitchen, and they have no clue that they are eating Pizza Hut in their own kitchen. First off Pizza Hut sucks. Second, what kind of idiot’s can’t tell the difference betwen a home and a restaurant? Spealomg on hehalf of the blind, we are not stupid, just visually challenged. I have never bought a product because of a commercial that I have seen, but have avoided products because a commercial pissed me off. I think that it is safe to say, that I will not be flying Continental, or eating Pizza Hut.

So, Nash and I headed off to Pizza Hut, I mean, the petstore yesterday. This was a new route to us, and Nash did seem a little distracted. It could have been because there were a ton of people out, as it was a gorgeous day. We got to the petstore, and of course as soon as we walk in, a dog starts barking at Nash. Nash did move a little torwards the dog, but did not bark at all. I stood off to the side with Nash until the other dog left the store. We got Nash ten pounds of lamb and rice, and began the trek back to my apartment. I am working with Nash in my left hand, and carrying the dog food in my right, the hand that I use to give Nash directions, and leash corrections. It got me to thinking, how does a one armed blind guy shop? Or how does a one armed blind guy give the dog signals? I should have asked that one when I was in class. I guess that I am lucky to be a two armed blind guy. Well, the walk home was pretty difficult, as we weaved in and out of all the pedestrians. I guess my right arm is going to get a lot stronger. I should get a dumbell to keep in the apartment to work out the left arm, and no, I am not talking about the ad exex of the Continetal commercial!

2 Responses to “Who needs to join a gym”

  1. lona Says:

    U realize ,ash will gob throiugh the food real quick. Erica says there r places that deliver dog food but she felt they charge too much. I hate that pizza hut commercial too. I’d like to think I can tell real italian from p. Hut.

  2. Barbara Fischler Says:

    Well I am home and all caught up on your blogs. It was a treat to read 4 in a row…..So interesting. Everyone in Betheseda thought Nash was sooo cute. They were pleased to have him as a new member of the family. Rhonda was especially happy that you have a guide dog and seem to be bonding so nicely. We talked about Nash for quite a while. Well tired now.. Will speak to you tomorrow. Have a fun dinner with Aunt Lona.. Love, Mom

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