The Universe is aligned

Well, at least for one day, as the Yankees are in first place, where they belong. Went to the Broadway Comedy Club with Nash last night. I was not performing, but I wanted to see how Nash would handle the comedy club atmosphere. I was just at the downstairs bar area where my buddy Troy bartends, and Nash was very well behaved. He laid on my feet for a little, and when he was on them, he was right in front of them. I had Nash on the long leash, so as my hands were resting on the bar, I wasn’t accidentatly giving him a leash correction. The only problem was a lot of people wanted to pet him. Troy actually had to tell people not to pet him as he is a guide dog. I don’t know what people think the harness is, or I guess they don’t think, as their first instinct is to come up and pet him. The entire staff knew not to pet him, but the customer’s did not realize that Nash is a working dog. Nash was a huge hit with the staff at the Broadway Comedy Club, as they were used to seeing me walk with a cane. One of the waitress’es, Christy. has a five year old son who is visually impaired. I believe he walks with a cane, and I do not recall what disease he has. She just got involved with the American Federation of the Blind, and seems to be pretty happy with them. It is truly amazing how many different diseases there are that can cause blindness, and how many organization’s there are raising money for research.

The next step will be taking Nash to a club when I am performing. I will probably do my first show in a week, and I need to get cranking on some new material. No construction today, so I am enjoying being in my apartment. Got Nash’s first vet visit set up for Wednesday. It is on the other side of the city from me at the Animal Medical Center, but they do treat guide dogs for free. This is just a wellness intro, so the vet will see Nash when he is healthy, and for me to get to know them. No big plans for the rest of the weekend. Just some route work, and still catching up on all my shows that I missed  and have on tivo.

One Response to “The Universe is aligned”

  1. lona Says:

    Glad he was good at ub. People do not know any of guide dog rules unless they k now someone so don’t get annoyed or frustrated. U have to educate people.

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