Things you take for granted

I just spent the better part of my morning trying to plug my desk lamp into a power strip that is pretty full. I am not sure people with sight even think about something like this. A fairly menial task which would taken even the biggest dimwit twenty seconds, took me a good while. Here’s something you can try at home on a rainy day. Blindfold yourself, then try putting a desk lamp together, passing the cord through the opening on the top of the desk, finding it under all the computer and other wires underneath the desk, then make sure it has enough wire to reach, find the power strip that you have no clue if it has any openings, and then try and plug it in, not knowing which way it needs to be plugged in. You sightees have no idea how eay you have it. Oh yeah, the whole while you need to have constuction drilling underneath your floor and shaking the entire apartment. And here’s the best part. While, I am grateful for the Lighthouse giving me a desk lamp that may help me see a little better, they gave me a lamp with no bulb, and no instructions, so I have no clue what kind of bulb the lamp takes. I called over to the Lighthouse store to inquire about the lamp, and here’s the best part, they don’t even sell this lamp anymore. They suggested a 60 watt bulb, so we shall see what happens.

I like most people am have asleep before two cups of coffee.In the morning, I wake up, park myself, feed Nash, and then take him out to park. So this morning, I get to his usual spot, and there are two huge construction trucks sitting in the road where he normally goes. There was enough room between them for him to go. I get the harness off, and let Nash get into the street, and then a bunch of construction guys start yelling at me. I’m like, he has to go to the bathroom, and one of them says, “you have to go to the bathroom?” I said, “no the dog.” Well, the idiot in the second truck gets a guy to tell me to move, and all he does is inch up to the spot Nash was in? What the hell was the point of moving 5 inches? You couldn’t either let the dog just do his business, or wait a minute? They were told assholes, and I thought that they would at least be happy to have a job. Go figure.

This afternoon, I plan to take Nash up to the park, probably will not go into the park, but want to get him going on a nice long walk. Will be nice to be out of the shaking apartment. They better not be doing the construction on the weekend. I did go up to higher floors to see if the noise was less up there, but it is still pretty loud. This lobby better look like the Sisteen Chapel. Oh wait, why do I care, I am blind!

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