Please forward my mail to Starbucks

Nash and I left my building for our afternoon walk, as I was leaving the narrow passageway that used to be my lobby, a guy behind me said in an annoyed tone, “Hello, there’s someone behind you!” I said, “Hello, I’m blind and walking with a guide dog, asshole!” Between the construction guys this morning, and this guy, I guess JoAnn from my Guide Dog class was right, as she would say, “isn’t it amazing that there are more assholes than ass’es in the world!” What an unbelievably true statement, especially today.

Nash and I jeaded up Broadway, and he was doing pretty good, although he did walk me through a giant puddle, and I felt at times, he was a little distracted, so we stopped for some puppy pushups. Nash became more focused, and we headed on our way, this time crossing 57th, heading torwards Central Park. I met a woman who is a puppy raiser here in NYC. While she does not work with Guiding Eyes for the Blind, we had a very nice conversation. I asked her about places to PARK Nash, and she started to tell me about a place where I might be able to let him off the leash and run around a little.  I assumed when you asked someone about PARKING your dog in the guide dog world, that it meant letting them go to the bathroom, not a place for them to run around. I then asked if she knew of a good place where I live to let Nash go to the bathroom, and she said because of all the construction in the area, there are actually very few places. Foiled again!

Nash sat calmly by my side for the entrie 30 minutes we talked, and then we proceeded on our way. We were off to my new daytime home, Starbucks. Since my apartment is unlivable during the day, I decided to turn to the evil empire. I got my coffee, and sat down, preparing to work on some new ideas, and read through the rest of the take home guide.

A gentleman sat down at my table, and was paying Nash a lot of compliments, but then things started to get weird. He told me how he was involved with brining down Bush, and that he was involved with Al Gore, that Bush was responsible for 9/11, and that the Muslims had nothing to do with it, and that he had run for Congress in Florida. The whole time, I am just nodding my head saying, “uhuh, yeah, uhuh, yeah.” and thinking what is such an important man doing wasting his time in Starbucks talking to me. Then it got even stranger, as he started asking about my eyes. I told him that I have retinitis pigmentosa, and of course he started on a diatribe about how the government has the technology to cure my eyes. Funny, but I think I will take the advice of my doctor of 22 years who is one of the leading scientist’s in gene therapy, over some loon that I just met in Starbucks. I was wearing a Florida Gators t-shirt, and I guess he supposedly ran for office in Florida, then he mentioned that he could have played in the NFL. Wow, this guy has been involved with everything. I was waiting for him to tell me that he was the second shooter on the grassy knoll in Dallas. Sorry buddy, but I don’t believe anything I hear, especially not in the middle of the day at a Starbucks.

After Mr. Everywhere and Everything left, two elderly women asked if they could sit down, and I said sure, and we began to talk about all the construction in the city, technology, the economy, local shops, and of course Nash. Before I knew it, it was time to go home, and  had not gotten any of the work done that I had planned to. I enjoyed speaking with the women, just wish they would have been in my age bracket. Well, I guess I will be back at Starbucks on Monday, as I only have six more month’s left of the loud lobby construction. I might head over to the Broadway Comedy Club tonight to see what’s going on, and introduce some of my friend’s over there to Nash.

2 Responses to “Please forward my mail to Starbucks”

  1. lona Says:

    Ugh somehow I hit wrong key and there went my blog resonse. Well I followed your instructions and found blog. Hey that guy must have a real high powered job since he knows so much. Ugh much for a dog trainer and parking.

  2. blindgator Says:

    I should have checked to see if anyone escaped from Bellville yesterday, because I probably found the guy!

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