Nash is singing in the rain

Well, maybe not singing, but hopefully was peeing. Had our first walk in the rain this evening. At least it is not winter, as pre-Nash during the winter, if it was raining, I did not go outside. I guess that will change this winter. It’s funny because every time Nash wakes up, he shakes his entire body, and you can hear his chain rattling. I call it a “Brumsky”. They are really cute. Well, as soon as we got in from the rain, in my lobby, he gave himself a brumsky. IF there would have been anyone standing by, they would have been wet. I did have a woman ask to pet him when I was in the lobby, so  let Nash off duty, had him sit, and told her it was ok. So many people ask throughout the course of the day if they can pet him. I guess that’s what you have to expect with such a cute fella as Nash. He is making me jealous, as no one ever asks to pet me? Maybe in the future, I should say sure, but you have to pet me first.

A few years ago, a production company was making a documentary about my stand up comedy, and dealing with going blind from retinitis pigmentosa. They just loaded the three minute trailer up on facebook, and you can view it here

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